Father's Day Gift Guide Part 2

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Still need gift ideas for Father's Day? We've got plenty! Here are some ideas for gifts that we think dad would really enjoy. Father's Day 2024 is June 16.

GUNNAR Eyewear

GUNNAR Assassin's Creed

It's a known fact that too much exposure to the blue light emitted by computer screens and other devices can cause eye strain that can lead to headaches, disruption of circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and any number of other maladies. You can help dad avoid all of this by gifting him a pair of glasses from GUNNAR Eyewear, the folks who pioneered and patented the optics behind digital eye strain relief nearly 20 years ago. As such GUNNAR Eyewear is the market leader in this category and they offer a large and varied line of glasses with a style suitable for every dad. If dad wears prescription lenses you probably have an idea of what style he likes and that may be something along the lines of the GUNNAR Cupertino, a handsome frame made of premium acetate with G Shield premium lens coating and of course the famous GUNNAR technology that blocks blue light and 100% of UV light. The Cupertino style also comes with a set of magnetic interchangeable lenses so dad can adjust his view depending on what he's doing, looking stylish every time. For dads into gaming and pop culture GUNNAR has styles that tie into Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, World of Warcraft, Stark Industries and for the trickster dad there's even a Loki Asgard edition. All of these come with special cases and/or cloth bags that make them truly collectible. There are options for the dad who need readers too, including the Vertex and other designs which are available in lens powers from +1.00 to +3.00 (GUNNAR can make prescription lenses too.) There are frame color and lens color options for every pair of GUNNAR Eyewear. To pick out a pair of two of GUNNARs for dad and to learn more about the digital optical protection that they offer go here.

Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Super Spray

Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Super Spray

It often falls on dad to take care of fix-it jobs around the house and to do that he needs to have the right tools. And one tool that dad will never want to be without is a can of Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Super Spray! Infinity Lube Super Spray is aptly named as there seems to be an infinite number of uses for the spray. Dad can use it to loosen rusted nuts and bolts and lubricate joints and squeaky hinges. It prevents corrosion, case hardens metal surfaces, removes adhesives and tars and asphalt on the car and will keep asphalt from reattaching. And it is not harmful to any seals or protected coatings. So Infinity Lube Super Spray is not just an indispensable tool for dad to use around the house, it is also a great help in the garage and on all sorts of vehicles. A definite upgrade to that "other brand" of spray lubricant that dad probably has on hand, Infinity Lube Super Spray has the advantage of being non-flammable and non-toxic as it is, incredibly, 100% plant based! It is propelled out of the can by air and uses no aerosols. That's kind of amazing for a spray lubricant --- safe, effective and good for the planet. And most of all, dad will realize that you're a genius for gifting him some. Available in 2.5, 8 and 14-ounce cans (and wow, a 5 gallon pail!) Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Super Spray can be ordered here.

Manmade Boxer Briefs

Manmade Boxer Briefs

Don't be hesitant about buying dad underwear for Father's Day, especially when you're getting him a gift of Manmade Boxer Briefs. You might think that by this point in time that there are no new innovations to be made when it comes to skivvies. Manmade Boxer Briefs prove that notion to be incorrect as the guys at the company have designed the Mansack, a pouch that maximizes the ergonomic efficiency for the crotch area. The fly (opening) is at the top of the Mansack rather than being at the side as it is on much men's underwear, and believe us this is an incredible convenience that also does away with constant adjusting. Each pair has a silky-smooth anti-itch waistband and they're otherwise made utilizing plant-based modal fabric that makes them "ridiculously soft!" It's pretty much for certain that dad has never had boxer briefs like these before and he will become a fan instantly. Why not line him out with some other Manmade products too; the company also offers T-shirts, baseball caps, crew socks and low cut crew socks, with bundles being available for certain items. Order Manmade Boxer Briefs and see everything else Manmade offers here.

"Pickleball: Match Tracker" Book by Trey Sizemore

Pickleball Match Tracker

Is dad in on the pickleball craze, or is he thinking of trying out the sport? Either way he'll find this handy guide penned by pickleball enthusiast, podcaster and coach Trey Sizemore to be indispensable. Importantly the book has a glossary of pickleball terms so that dad will be able to refer to things properly on the court, knowing just exactly what a "poach" is, what "around the post" means and where the "kitchen" is located (hint: it's not at the snack bar!) Of course it is also important to know all the pickleball rules and play by them and those are laid out in easy to understand language at the beginning of the book. But the bulk of "Pickleball: Match Tracker" is a place for dad to make notes on the day's play. Each of these two-page trackers feature a place to note the date of and final score of each match, what the weather was like, game start and end times and where the game was played. There's a space to note who was on each team and places to note match highlights, match challenges, the cooldown situation and if there were any player injuries or discomfort. Perhaps most importantly, dad will have a chance to evaluate his play, noting on a scale of 1 to 5 how he felt about his mental game, endurance, mobility and teamwork. Further to that end dad can also rate himself on seven different technical skills. Meant to be taken with him to the court, "Pickleball: Match Tracker" has a soft cover and is small enough to fit easily in dad's gear bag. Order "Pickleball Match Tracker" from Adams Media/Simon and Schuster here.

NORTIV 8 Footwear

NORTIV 8 Cloud Walker

Dad will get a real kick out of a new pair of kicks when they come from NORTIV 8! Dad will feel like he’s walking on air when he has on a pair of NORTIV 8’s AllSwifit 2.0 sneakers that utilize NORTIV 8’s Cloud Cushion that have a thick EVA foam midsole for exceptional shock absorption and energy-return that means each step is cushioned to provide dad the utmost comfort. Enhanced stability is provided by the X-shaped TPU torsion plate, while the lightweight, breathable 3D mesh fabric upper ensures effortless strides. With a patterned rubber outsole for non-slip traction, these sneakers are versatile for any activity. Engineered with advanced arch support and high shock absorption, they're the perfect choice for active dads seeking all-day support and relief from common foot issues. And dad will look great in these stylish athleisure sneakers! NORTIV 8 offers lots of other styles too; maybe dad would prefer the Nimbus Clear innovative lightweight running sneakers. They offer the same cushioning and durability as the AllSwifit 2.0 and are enhanced with ice-cool fabric uppers to keep dad’s feet always feeling cool and comfy. They’re designed for easy on/easy off too which dad will really appreciate. NORTIV 8 footwear is economically priced as well and there are special deals available for the AllSwifit 2.0.

Adirondack Fragrance Farm

Adirondack Fragrance Farm

The awesome aromas of the products from Adirondack Fragrance Farm were all inspired by the life that company founder Sandy Maine began living when she moved to a farm in the Adirondacks at the age of 22 (she cleverly calls it her "fragrant story.) She's now been at that farm for more than 30-years and she and her husband Lou have a whole line of natural products that'll bring the spirit of rural living to anyone, including dads everywhere. This Father's Day is the perfect time to transport dad's mind to the Adirondacks with Adirondack Fragrance Farm goodies like the Cedar Soap Bar that features the woodland scent of Adirondack Cedar while also having natural antibacterial properties. Then for throughout the house Adirondack Fragrance Farm offers Balsam Lavender, Balsam Fir and Balsam Cedar candles and the delightful Mountain Air Room Spray which the company describes as being like "sunshine and white pine trees on a fragrant forest path." We couldn't have said it better! And speaking of forest paths, if dad is the outdoorsy type he'll appreciate the Adirondack Fragrance Farm Bug Repellent Spray, a concoction of essential oils that'll keep mosquitos and black flies at bay, naturally. And by the way, Adirondack Fragrance Farm products are not sitting around waiting for you to order; each product is lovingly hand-crafted when an order is placed so everything is completely fresh. See all available Adirondack Fragrance Farm items and order dad's gift here.

Shaker & Spoon Craft Cocktail Boxes

Shaker & Spoon

Does dad like cocktails and fancy himself as being a budding mixologist? If so then here's a gift he'll definitely say "cheers" to! Shaker & Spoon is a subscription service that offers boxes of ingredients, recipes and instructions on how to mix delicious and exciting cocktails that use a particular alcohol (alcohol, glasses and barware are not included in any of the boxes although Shaker & Spoon sells barware separately.) There are boxes for fans of vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon, Irish whiskey, cognac and many others including themed boxes like the Speakeasy Box, Pisco Inferno and Puttin' on the Spritz. A favorite that is often a "starter" for subscribers is the Rum-Believable Box which obviously is for fans of the tropical golden nectar. Like all of the Shaker & Spoon boxes, the Rum-Believable box comes with a booklet that tells dad how to make three cocktails, specifically the mango-centric Go, Man, Go!, Doctor's Orders and Brown Fashion. Each recipe is thorough in explaining not only how to make the drink but also lays out what barware dad will need and what type of glass he should serve the libation in. Again, the box includes no alcohol, but the Rum-Believable box otherwise includes two cans of spicy mango margarita mix for the Go, Man, Go! along with other needed ingredients like Super Lemon Lime Juice, falernum syrup, browning syrup, smoked ginger lemongrass syrup, orange oil, orange bitters, Colorado cherry cocktail bitters and dehydrated lotus root, also for the Go, Man, Go! You can order just one box to see if dad likes the idea or better yet, sign him up for a subscription so he gets a box on a monthly basis. And be a sweetheart; get dad a bottle to go along with his Shaker & Spoon box. Order here.

ohsnap! Snap 4 Luxe Phone Grip


There have probably been numerous occasions over the years when dad felt it necessary to tell you to "get a grip." Well now you can turn the tables and tell him to get a grip, on his phone that is! Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the ultra-thin and amazingly durable ohsnap! Snap 4 Luxe Phone Grip is an easy to attach phone grip and is the newest grip from ohsnap! Magnetic and compatible with MagSafe Charge-Thru for all phones, the magnetic feature lets dad stick the phone on common items like a fridge but the folks at ohsnap! point out that if dad is standing next to a guy in a suit of armor it'll stick to him too! The actual grip is comfortable on the fingers and can be grabbed in numerous ways, or dad can pop out the "kickstand" feature and not have to hold the phone at all. Pair dad's Snap 4 Luxe with the Snapmount 2.0 Magnetic Wall Mount (sold separately) that he can mount by his bed, desk, or anywhere he'd like to magnetically attach his phone for easy access. The Snapmount 2.0 has a very powerful adhesive so it's not going to move until dad wants it to, and then it can be easily reused, just wash the adhesive, let it dry and then reattach. Yeah, dad will thank you for helping him get a grip! Order the ohsnap! Snap 4 Luxe Phone Grip here.

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