Happy 420!

by Kevin Wierzbicki

It's only right that the week that's full of stress due to the tax filing deadline also holds a day for relaxing, especially for fans of cannabis. That's 420 Day which of course always falls on April 20. Here we review a couple of cool gift items from Blazy Susan, the leaders in premium smoking accessories.

Blazy Susan Black Backpack

Blazy Susan black backpack

Here's something you'll really like about the Blazy Susan Black Backpack: It is smell-proof! That's right, a special carbon lining has been used in the backpack so you can tote your stickiest, stinkiest bud and no one will have a clue as to what you're carrying as no odors will escape the backpack. And that's not the only "security" feature that the Blazy Susan Black Backpack has; there's a combination lock feature that'll keep any meddling hands at bay. And of course there's plenty of room for all your smoking gear and otherwise; there's room for a laptop and a rolling tray and whatever else you might want to carry in the main part of the backpack or in one zippered and one Velcro pocket, both of which are deep. And there's an additional zippered pocket on the outside as well as an open pocket that's the right size for a phone. The outer pocket and the entire inside of the backpack feature cool Blazy Susan graphics, but don't worry, they won't give away the fact that you may have smoking materials within. Perfect for on-the-go rollers or movers and shakers of any sort, the Blazy Susan Black Backpack will be a "hit" on 420 or any other day. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and will arrive at your home in discreet packaging.

Blazy Susan Secret Box Batteries

Blazy Susan secret vape

Vape fans will love Blazy Susan's Secret Box Batteries that let the cannabis user take their tokes on the down low. The secret box vapes will accommodate up to 2g carts and can be set to any one of five different intensity settings to make sure that just the right amount of vapor is delivered. Blazy Susan's Secret Box Batteries have haptic feedback and a full LED screen dashboard and are powered by a 1,000 MAH battery that's recharged via a USB-C port (cable not included.) And while the idea here is to vape on the down low, the Blazy Susan Secret Box Batteries are very attractive when you are able to show them. Designs include Purple Icons, Pink Clouds, Miami Vice, Roses, Plant Life and Step & Repeat which is a design featuring the ever popular Blazy Susan logos. This super discreet vape offers variable voltage and has a preheat feature, and just like the Black Backpack has a 30-day money back guarantee.

These are just a couple of products on offer from Blazy Susan; check out their full line of rolling trays, rolling papers, dab trays, wraps, pre-rolled cones, filter tips, grinders, Grateful Dead branded items and many other 420-friendly goodies here.

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