Matisyahu - Hold The Fire

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Matisyahu makes a great spiritual connection through his music and he has an excellent talent for passing that positivity on to his fans, as he does on this five-song EP's leadoff track "Fireproof." The uplifting track, set to a gentle pop beat, is somewhat anthemic; many will deeply feel the vibe as they sing along to the song that's about overcoming the obstacles that life presents and being grateful for it. Put another way, Matisyahu is saying, "Wow, I made it through that and thank God" and that he feels fireproof, or immune to negativity, because of it. Also catchy is the reggae-informed "Fool's Gold," a cut about not being led astray by hype while "End of the World" is a slower cut that floats on a synth melody with lyrics reflecting a desire to enjoy the positive vibes with a partner and being patient all the while. Unlike the other cuts here "Love Supplier" is not cloaked in metaphor; the song is a joyous love song that celebrates a connection with a girlfriend that's set to bouncy reggae/pop. The EP closes with "Lifeline," another uplifting and spiritual track; here Matisyahu makes it clear that, while spirit will indeed make you fireproof, the process will not be easy. Clocking in at about 15-minutes, fans can enjoy the refresh and renewal that Hold The Fire offers whenever they need a quick spiritual boost or just want to jam to some fun music.


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