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Its road trip season and we're always on the lookout for cool items to help make your time on the road go smoothly. Here we recommend things that you'll want to consider having on hand for your next cross-country jaunt, camping trip, hiking excursion, international adventure or staycation. And we start our list off with something to light your way no matter where you're going!

Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Rechargeable Lantern

Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Rechargeable Lantern

We've been using this awesome lantern around the house and we can't wait to take it with us on our next road trip. Manufactured by the mighty Duracell, the Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Rechargeable Lantern is just what you've always wanted in a portable lighting device. The lantern has the familiar shape that lanterns have had for decades but it is a thoroughly modern device complete with a solar panel on top so you can charge it during daylight hours without having to plug it in to a power source. That's a valuable feature especially if your road trip takes you out into the wilderness. The Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Rechargeable Lantern also charges via USB-C cable and you can use the lantern like a power bank to charge your iPhone or other device too via its USB-A cable (USB cable with C and A connectors included.) And Duracell makes some of the most reliable batteries available; pop four D cells into the lantern's base and those will keep it running (batteries not included and you should remove them when the lantern is not in use.) And 2000 lumens? Yes you'll be able to light your way with no problems. In a situation where you don't need that brightness you can set the device to either of two lower settings and the lantern has a flashing red light setting too to warn of hazards. A flip up handle makes the Duracell 2000 Lumen Tri-Power Rechargeable Lantern easy to carry from place to place. Find yours at Costco.

Lay & Stay Beach Towels

Lay & Stay Beach Towel

Beach towels have always had a problem with staying in place. They tend to want to blow away on days with any significant wind and they can refuse to lay flat when the user gets on and off them. Well no more! Thank the folks at Lay & Stay Beach Towels for coming up with one of those "why didn't I think of that?" items. Lay & Stay Beach Towels come with four "securing stakes;" just push them into the sand through the grommets at the corners of the towel and you'll have no problems with your towel moving around. And Lay & Stay Beach Towels are not just for use at the beach; use them for picnics, camping outings, outdoor yoga and a lot more. But if you do use them at the beach, know that Lay & Stay Beach Towels are sand free; in other words sand is not going to stick to them. Towels measure 70" X 35," are super absorbent and quick drying, lightweight and reversible and come packaged in a drawstring bag for ease of transport. A dozen designs are available including the whimsical Tuti Fruiti, the flowery Aloha and nautical-themed designs like Harbor and Marina. Other designs include Sunset, Under the Palms, Summer Breeze and Lost in the Rainbow. See them all and order yours here.

iLive Truly Wireless Earbuds with ANC

iLive earbuds

Sometimes you need a bit of quiet in your life. Or a whole lot of it. This can be especially important when indulging in a road trip and wishing to enjoy your tunes in peace, clearly hear a podcast through any racket going on around you or trying to get thoroughly immersed in the story being told in an audio book. You can do all of these things by listening with iLive Truly Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds. Distractions, at least the audible kind, will be a thing of the past when you connect your iLive earbuds to your phone or other device using Bluetooth. Besides listening to the program of your choice you can also use iLive Truly Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds to answer phone calls or to reject them if you don't want to be bothered. On a full charge, which takes about two hours, the earbuds will go for 7.4 hours if you listen at 50% volume. All the controls you need to change the volume or skip a song in your playlist or reach a voice assistant are just a finger tap away, and of course if you want to you can turn off the noise cancelation feature. Charging case/docking station and USB charging cord are included. Order your iLive Truly Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds here.

NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket

Taking a road trip with children can be challenging. Sure they're going to be excited about visiting a theme park, the beach or a roadside hamburger stand, but still there are going to be times in between when you'll need to keep them entertained. That's where the NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket comes in handy.
This 100% kid-powered activity set is easy to set up and easy to use. Once an adult shows the child how to attach the launch tube and launch pad with air hose to the launch stand the youngster will be able to do it themselves after that. After attaching a spacecraft (the NASA set includes models of the Saturn V rocket, an SLS rocket and the Space Shuttle Atlantis) the child simply gets a running start and jumps ("stomps") on the launch pad, sending their rocket soaring. The launch angle can be adjusted too so kids can have fun sending them flying in different trajectories (it is, of course, advised not to launch them at people or animals or too close to trees, roofs or moving cars.) While totally fun, the NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket can be used for STEM learning too where kids can figure out things like if the rockets fly farther if the stomp is harder. For ages five and up. Make your purchase and get ready for liftoff here.

OX SOX Odorless Socks

Ox Sox

Get out of here you stinker! Foot odor can be embarrassing and many folks who experience smelly feet probably figure there's not much they can do about it. But there is a remedy and that is to wear OX SOX Odorless Socks. OX SOX work their magic by employing a natural, science-backed formula that breaks down odor causing bacteria, allowing feet to remain odor free in situations like a strenuous workout at the gym or merely running errands. So worrying about your feet stinking up the place at work, during a date night or in a confined space like the car on a road trip is a thing of the past. We can tell you that these socks are very soft and comfortable and they are durable too; they may very well last longer than your favorite pair of sneakers! OX SOX are available as ankle socks or crew socks, in black or in white, and made either of cotton or nylon. Available in a single pack or packs of three or six and there's also an OX SOX Odorless Socks subscription service where you can have them auto-shipped once a month or every three, six or 12-months. We've been wearing ours regularly and our feet smell like ... nothing! Go stink-free and order your OX SOX Odorless Socks here.

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