Mother's Day Gift Guide Part 1

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Mother's Day 2024 falls on Sunday, May 12 this year and you may already have plans to celebrate with mom by treating her to a nice meal. There may be a bouquet of flowers in mom's future too but Mother's Day is always a good time to surprise mom, and with that in mind we offer you our gift guide with our picks for presents that we're pretty sure will top off Mother's Day perfectly. Here in Part 1 of our gift guide we look at wearables for mom including some very cool shoes.

The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip

The Comfy

Mom may have been wanting one of these ever since she saw it on Shark Tank where shark Barbara Corcoran made a deal with the entrepreneurs at The Comfy. And what a perfect name for a company as proven by The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip, a wearable blanket that will keep mom warm and comfortable and yes, looking cute as a teddy bear. Made of 100% polyester in a sherpa style (pile on one side, flat on the other), The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip is an oversize, poncho-like garment that comes complete with a hood and a pouch for mom's hands and a zipper that runs, as the name says, a quarter of the garment's length that allows mom to adjust depending on how warm she wants to stay. If you thought mom was cuddly before just wait until she snuggles into The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip! It's a one-size-fits-all garment so no worries there; you'll just need to choose a color that mom might prefer: Blush Teddy, Lapis Blue, Cucumber, Black or Light Gray. Order mom's The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip and see all the other wearable blankets the company has to offer here.

NORTIV 8 Footwear


Everybody loves a new pair of shoes and mom will no doubt be thrilled when you give her footwear from NORTIV 8 for Mother's Day. NORTIV 8 makes a wide range of HOKA-style shoes and mom will be feeling good and looking stylish in a pair of their Cloud Soft Women's Comfortable Athleisure Sneakers. And they're not kidding about them being Cloud Soft; they're plush and comfortable with a foam insole and a skin-friendly Lycra mesh lining. They feature a knitted upper and a lightweight IP outsole that combine to offer exceptional breathability meant to prevent discomfort and odors during prolonged wear. And forget about struggling to get the shoes on; NORTIV 8's Cloud Soft Women's Comfortable Athleisure Sneakers are slip-ons so mom won't even have to bend over to put them on. Available in white, pink or purple, these sneakers have a 30-day return warranty. For the more active mom NORTIV 8 offers Cloud Harmony Women's Athleisure Sneakers that with their grippy tread pattern, high rebound EVA midsole and reinforced heel are the perfect shoes for walking, running, playing tennis or for a light workout. Comfortable and stable, Cloud Harmony sneakers also feature a non-slip outsole. Available in black, white, mint green and purple, these sneakers also carry a 30-day return warranty. Very stylish and priced not to break the bank, NORTIV 8 footwear is sure to put a smile on mom's feet, er, face! See the entire NORTIV 8 line here.

Coalatree Baseline Midlayer


Mom is going to fall in love with the Coalatree Baseline Midlayer the moment she sees it! The sharp-looking hoodie has lots of features she'll appreciate including three hidden secure (zippered) pockets, a full-length zipper so she can wear it open if she wants to and double-reinforced stitching. But get this: Coalatree is known for making eco-minded goods and the Baseline Midlayer is actually made from spent coffee grounds and recycled plastic that are spun into a new yarn. So yup, while mom is looking good and staying warm she's also helping out the planet! The Coalatree Baseline Midlayer is water-resistant and antimicrobial, gives off no micro waste when washed, is stain-resistant, made with waterless dye and features honeycomb fabric that will keep the fabric feeling like new. Available in sizes X-small to XX-large, the Baseline Midlayer comes in several attractive colors: Gold, Green, Brick and Charcoal. Perfect for hanging around the house or activities out and about, mom's Coalatree Baseline Midlayer is waiting here.

The SPIbelt Crossbody Bag


Mom may be an international woman of mystery but SPIbelt isn't for spies (or is it?); the SPI in SPIbelt stands for "small personal items." And mom will be able to carry a bunch of those in her SPIbelt Crossbody Bag, a small bag that can be worn on the waist or over the shoulder that's as at home when the wearer is doing active things like running, hiking, horseback riding, skateboarding, weightlifting, cycling and gymnastics as it is for mellower things like yoga, shopping, going to concerts and other live events, tailgating or exploring a theme park. In short, mom will find that she'll want the SPIbelt Crossbody Bag with her almost all of the time. There are three zippered pockets in the SPIbelt Crossbody Bag and most importantly, mom can fit her phone in any of them. The main compartment has lots of room for keys, a wallet, medication, gum and mints, eyeglasses and sunglasses and you name it. The main compartment also has two small and one large mesh compartment for the smaller of her small items. A wide belt keeps the SPIbelt Crossbody Bag secure so it won't bounce around when she's in active mode. Oh, and just in case mom actually is a spy, the SPIbelt Crossbody Bag comes with a camouflage design that can be had in cobalt or peaks, a design with simulated mountain peaks on the belt. The SPIbelt Crossbody Bag is the newest in the extensive SPIbelt line; see all designs and order mom's here.

Xplorer Maps Fleece Blanket

Xplorer Maps Fleece Blanket

Does mom travel a lot, or perhaps she's more of an armchair traveler? For sure she likes to stay warm and snuggled up whether she's on a plane, in the car or cuddled up on the couch in front of the television. Xplorer Maps has just the thing for all of these situations: the Xplorer Maps Fleece Blanket. As to keeping mom warm and comfy, the Xplorer Maps Fleece Blanket is made with 50% Berber fleece and 50% microfiber fleece that'll keep her toasty when she's wrapped in it. And getting wrapped in it will be easy for her since it is a giant 58" X 50" blanket. As to the travel aspect of the fleece, blankets are available with designs printed on one side and there are over 50 designs to choose from including a world map, a USA map, a London map and designs for many states. If mom loves national parks you can get her an Xplorer Maps Fleece Blanket with designs featuring Grand Canyon National Park, Olympic National Park, Acadia National Park, Denali National Park, Capitol Reef National Park or many others. Each features very attractive illustration (the Grand Teton National Park design has bears!) Blankets can be machine washed but should not be put in the dryer or ironed. Xplorer Maps makes dozens and dozens of items featuring map designs so if you want you can get mom a very cool coffee mug that will match her blanket. See all the Xplorer Maps Fleece Blankets and everything else here.

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