Road Trip Essentials

It's that time of year when road trip fever hits! We know you're just aching to take to the highway for some out-of-town fun so here we recommend some items to take with you that'll make you safer, healthier, and in the case of some very special sunglasses, the envy of all.

Lucyd Audio Sunglasses

Lucyd eyewear

Yes, you read that right, audio sunglasses! Lucyd Smart Sunglasses connect with your device via Bluetooth to enable you to hear your music (and phone calls) through speakers built-in to the sunglasses frames. How awesome is that? No more worrying about keeping track of earbuds as you hit the beach or go for a jog! We tested Lucyd's Eclipse XL Audio Sunglasses and we love them. First off, they are very stylish, and available with a choice of many different frames that come in lots of different colors. Lenses are good and dark in a polarized UV400 black gradient. Using the audio feature is easy and very similar to how wireless earbuds work. Two discreet buttons on the inside of the frame stems control how you start and stop your playlist, adjust volume and answer phone calls. The buttons also allow the wearer to access a voice assistant to send a voice message or text to someone in your contact list, speed dial a contact, check text messages, get the current time, find local restaurants and even send money via Venmo or Apple Pay. All Lucyd sunglasses are already charged when you get them and one charge lasts up to 12-hours. So unless you wear your sunglasses at night (and with these you'll want to!) one charge has you set for the day. If you wear prescription glasses the folks at Lucyd have partners that can fix you up. See the vast number of Lucyd Audio Sunglasses and order yours here.

KeepGoing First Aid GoKit

Keep Going First Aid kit

It seems like there's no such thing as a minor irritation when you're traveling. Something as mundane as a mosquito bite or sunburn can really drive you crazy. But minor irritations won't hold you back when you travel with a KeepGoing First Aid Kit that's packed with items to help you, well, keep going! KeepGoing makes kits of different sizes with differing amounts of items inside but you'll be all set with their 60-piece First Aid Mini GoKit. It contains an assortment of 40 bandages, gauze pads, non-stick tape roll, sting relief pads and non-sting cleansing wipes, alcohol prep pads, nosebleed plugs, lip balm, triple antibiotic ointment, first aid burn cream and hydrocortisone cream. Also included are stainless steel scissors, metal tweezers, a splinter remover, a tick remover tool with instructions on how to use it properly, a finger splint, disposable thermometer, a first aid guide and more. The items are compact and so is the attractive case the KeepGoing First Aid Mini GoKit comes in, about the size of a small camera bag, which includes a sturdy carabiner so you can attach it to a backpack, purse, tote bag or even a belt loop. The KeepGoing First Aid GoKits are also available with 130 or 270 pieces and you can choose from multiple solid color cases or specialty designs like Star Spangled or The Traveler. There are also lots of GoKits with designs for children. And hey, they're all TSA approved! Order your KeepGoing First Aid GoKit here.

Purggo Natural Car Air Freshener


I know, we hate to see it go too, but you need to get rid of that cute pine tree-shaped air freshener that's dangling from your car's rearview mirror. You won't need it anymore once you start using the Purggo Natural Car Air Freshener that works by absorbing odors, not masking them. And Purggo Natural Car Air Freshener is simple to use; just attach it to either of the headrests in the front seat so that it hangs in the backseat. That's it! The Purggo is filled with 100%
bamboo charcoal that absorbs odors passively and that will be effective for a full year or more. The bamboo charcoal is all natural and non-toxic, allergen and fragrance free and is completely asthma and allergy friendly. It is so safe in fact that even if the case is somehow ripped open and the bamboo charcoal is ingested by a child or a pet no harm will come to them; activated charcoal has long been used like Pepto Bismol in many countries. But removing odors from your car, RV, or bus (if you're the Partridge Family) is Purggo's main job and it does it well. Those food, smoke, pet and people odors that can be so embarrassing will have a limited lifespan in the vehicle that has a Purggo Natural Car Air Freshener in use. Order yours here.

Alarmee Personal Alarm


It's not a nice thing to think about, but on a road trip or at any other time situations can arise that somehow threaten your personal security. With that in mind it's nice to have something at hand that can give you a bit of an edge and that's exactly what an Alarmee Personal Alarm offers. The Alarmee Personal Alarm is very small so it's easy to carry anytime/anywhere and can be quickly attached to a keychain, purse or backpack strap, belt loop, etc., so it's perfect for walkers and joggers, hikers, dog walkers and bicyclists. As the device's name indicates, it holds a loud alarm that can be used in the case of an attack or something like being lost off-trail; it'll get help on the way to you quickly. The alarm is activated by pulling out a ring at the top of the Alarmee; don't worry it's in tightly enough that it won't be pulled out accidentally. Additionally Alarmee has a very bright LED light that, with the push of a button, can be used steady on or flashing. Alarmee Personal Alarm comes with a charging cord (USB) and one charge will power the alarm for 70-minutes or the LED for 240-minutes (300-minutes flashing.) Light and unobtrusive, you won't even know that Alarmee is there until you need it. Available in five colors. Order your Alarmee Personal Alarm here.



It's important to always stay hydrated. But sometimes it'd easy to forget that, especially when on a road trip or otherwise traveling. Vitapod to the rescue! The folks at Vitapod, inspired by the lush waterfalls of Glencoe, Scotland, have come up with an easy way for you to stay hydrated while you're on the go. First off there's the Vitapod GO, a stainless steel bottle that's available in 22-ounce or 32-ounce sizes and lots of colors. The Vitapod GO will be responsible for dispensing the goodness from a Vitapod into the water in your bottle. The Vitapod GO has two tops, one of which is used with a Vitapod; that one works when you simply insert a Vitapod, dispense its contents and shake it a bit. Then, leaving that top in place you can drink from the attached spout by pouring. If you'd prefer to drink your beverage through a straw, just change out to the other included top and you can do that. As to the Vitapod flavors, they are many and they are delicious! For simple hydration there's lemon lime, pineapple coconut, blueberry pomegranate, watermelon and (yum!) cotton candy flavors. For sports hydration there's green apple and "arctic blast;" there's also a raspberry hibiscus for beauty, orange zest for energy, blackberry mint for immunity and a peach flavored iced tea flavor. Each Vitapod is loaded with everything you need to stay hydrated and healthy: vitamins and antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients and much more. That's the "vita" in Vitapod! A visit to the Vitapod website will give you access to complete ingredient lists. You can purchase Vitapod by your chosen flavor or in a starter pack, bundled with the Vitapod Go, so you can try them all out. Vitapod will also take back your used pods for proper recycling. Order here.



There's one thing about road trips: You can't always access soap and water when you need it. And sometimes you really need it! You can solve this problem by keeping Handzies Soap+Water Wipes at the ready, and that's very easy to do. Handzies are available in 30-count packets that dispense one wipe at a time or in bags holding 18, 24 or 100 individually wrapped wipes. The cleaning power of Handzies comes from olive oil-based Castile soap; combined with water and essential oils the wipes leave you squeaky clean, no sink required! Handzies are vegan, cruelty free and leave no sticky residue or chemical smell. They're dermatologist tested, free of alcohol, dyes and parabens. So don't worry about a little mess; Handzies has got you! We really like the Free & Clear variety of Handzies but if you'd like a little bit of a fruity aroma to your wipe they are also available with a tangerine scent. Besides your road trip needs, maybe you want to order some Handzies for the kids; put them in their lunch box and backpack. And don't forget some for your gym bag. Yes, once you get some you'll realize just how handy Handzies are. Order here.

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