Valentine's Day Gift Guide

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Candy is always a nice thing to give or receive on Valentine's Day but we offer here some "sweet" ideas for gifts that are completely calorie free! Your Valentine will surely love one or more of these.

Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag

Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag

It's right there in the name; this attractive bag is made for the person who likes to have a stylish and functional bag for travel. The Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag messenger bag will thrill your jet setting Valentine, even if they just use it to travel to work and back most of the time. But the Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag is made to ease air travel and getting through TSA inspections. At 3 1/2 pounds the bag is lightweight and it fits perfectly under the seat on the plane. It has 12 pockets, seven of them secured by zippers (the others are internal and one external for a water bottle) and altogether they provide a space for just about anything you'd want in your carryon. Taking a closer look at those compartments, two are large and ready to handle a laptop and a tablet along with travel documents, magazines, newspaper and other things of that size. Three zippered pouches on the Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag's front offer space for things like a camera or other small electronic devices, chargers, medication, snacks, eyeglasses case and sunglasses, pens, a bag of your TSA-approved size liquids, you name it; if you want it with you on the plane there's a place for it. And just when you think that the Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag couldn't possibly get any better, we've saved it for last to tell you about a mind-blowing feature! Inside one of the big zippered compartments is a detachable, TSA-approved multi-purpose cushion; protect your laptop in this padded, zippered portfolio or, wait for it, use it empty as a seat cushion. Oh how many times we've needed both of those features! The bag has lots of different options for where to stash you phone but there is also a phone-sized compartment on the shoulder strap that opens and closes with Velcro for easy access. As frequent travelers we can tell you that we love our Conmigo ULTI Travel Bag and have set aside our well-traveled computer bag in favor of this awesome accessory. Available in black and a very sharp-looking blue. Get one for your Valentine here.

"Enchanting Paris: The Hedonist's Guide" - By Helene Rocco with photos by Sophia Van Den Hoek

Enchanting Paris

Wouldn't you love to take your Valentine to Paris? Maybe you're not quite ready yet for a trip to the most romantic city in the world but you and your Valentine can visit the capital of France vicariously through this informative and lushly illustrated book that's crammed full of information that'll be helpful in planning a visit. Firstly, the book is broken into eight chapters which focus on parts of the city like Central Paris, The Eastern Left Bank (and the Western), The High-End Districts and so on. Then each of those chapters is further broken into sub-chapters with each following a similar format. In the Central Paris chapter for example the reader will find information on the famed Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, currently being rebuilt after a devastating fire, and a delicious stop for the hungry, Enfants-Rouges Market, the city's oldest food market with fresh products stall and restaurants. There's a list of must-try restaurants and a profile of pastry chef Maxime Frederic, a section devoted to architecture of the area and a guide on where to find some of the city's covered passageways when it's time for a scenic stroll. And pages and pages of photos will inspire as well. Other chapters guide the reader to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, famed cabaret Moulin Rouge, unusual churches, the catacombs, parks and gardens and so much more. Great for armchair travelers or, if your Valentine has already been, a wonderful way to reminisce. Order here.

Grams(28) Vertical Sling Leather Bag


Wow! Here's an accessory that's just as handsome as your Valentine is! The folks at Grams(28) have long been suppliers of stylish leather bags like their best-selling City Pack, their awesome briefcase that's perfect for carrying a MacBook Pro 16" and/or an iPad Pro 12.9" and the Travel Wallet Sling for your Passport, camera, business cards and iPad Mini. Now there's a brand new addition to the Grams(28) line and it is a gorgeous piece of work! Called the Vertical Sling because it slings over the shoulder and presents vertically, the fashionable bag has a compartment just for your phone that is secured with a very sturdy buckle; that phone isn't going anywhere until you want it to. You can, of course, put whatever you want in the main portion of the Vertical Sling, but Grams(28) suggests your wallet, Air Pods, compact camera and other essentials, so it is perfect for the traveler. There are four little pouches inside the Vertical Sling, one would be just right for the camera, two will hold business cards, perhaps one for the owner's cards and the other for cards they collect with the final pouch being for items of the user's choice. The Grams(28) is stunning in basic black but also is available in pebbled black, dark blue and moss green. Made with top quality full-grain Italian leather, the unique design of the Vertical Sling is sure to become iconic, just like your Valentine. Oh, and there's a lifetime guarantee. Order the Grams(28) Vertical Sling here.

FactorFive Skincare

FactorFive Gel Cleanser

When it comes to skincare everyone wants products that'll help to maintain a youthful appearance. And the folks at FactorFive are the leaders when it comes to fighting the five signs of aging. FactorFive products minimize the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmented spots, make skin look tighter, make skin look firmer and make skin look smoother and healthier. How does it work? FactorFive skincare products utilize the power of human stem cells which resupply skin with cytokines and growth factors, things that skin produces less of as a person ages. That promotes skin renewal and boosts the production of elastin and collagen, restoring skin cells and ultimately resulting in skin that looks more youthful. Wow, easy right? Actually the scientists at FactorFive have been studying the proven results for a long time. But FactorFive is as easy to use as any skin care regimen. Their newest product is FactorFive Gel Cleanser that works its magic with two applications a day; just gently massage it into a wet face and then rinse it off. The cleanser compliments the other FactorFive skin care items which include Regenerative Serum, Night Retinol Cream, Anti-Aging Cream, Nourishing Silk, Eye/Lash Cream, Lash/Brow Growth Serum and Soothing Facial Mask. Your (more youthful looking) Valentine will love you even more when you give a gift of FactorFive! To order and read more about FactorFive + human stem cell factors go here.

Classy Chargers

Classy Chargers

Whether you live with your Valentine or just visit on occasion it can sometimes be confusing when it comes to device chargers; is that one mine or yours? Of course you share but you wouldn't want to accidentally take your Valentine's charger home or to work, leaving them without. Classy Chargers solve this problem by offering a fun line of chargers that can be personalized with your Valentine's name, pet name, or whatever you choose. That's not all, the personalization also includes a design of your choice, and great for Valentine's Day are the Lots of Kisses design (lips), Hugs and Kisses (symbolic Xs and Os), Hearts of Mine (hearts) and Conversation Hearts (like the candy). Other designs that your Valentine may like include paisley, stripes of various colors, pink tie dye, leopard print, shamrocks, rainbow stripe, football skin, surfboards, horses, teeny bikini, pink giraffe and dozens of other designs. You can purchase these without a monogram (name) if you want; if you do want to have a name on the charger you have a choice of fonts. Okay that's the fun part, now the business! Three types of Classy Chargers are available: Single USB Charger, like the kind that comes with a new device, Dual USB Charger for charging two phones or tablets at the same time, and Quick Charge Dual USB C and USB A Port for putting a faster charge to two devices at once. If you also would like to purchase a cable (sold separately) to go with the charger Classy Chargers has MFI Apple Certified Lightning Cables, three kinds of Type C Cables and three types of 3-in-1 cables with Type C, Micro and iPhone adaptors. All cables come in various lengths and colors. Show your Valentine that you "get a charge out of them" by ordering from Classy Chargers here.

Lumineux Whitening Products


You have to admit, your Valentine has a beautiful smile. And if you give them a Valentine's Day gift of teeth whitening products from Lumineux they'll have their brightest smile ever! Having white teeth is a real confidence booster for many and the folks at Lumineux understand this. To that end they offer a full line of products as a way to whiter teeth, beginning with Lumineux Whitening Strips which are so effective and popular that they are the #1 whitening product on Amazon. They are enamel safe and peroxide free, don't cause sensitivity and can be used daily. Utilizing ingredients like Dead Sea salt and coconut oil, Lumineux Whitening Strips also taste good for the 30-minutes they need to do their thing. There's also Lumineux Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Mouthwash to add to a whitening regimen, and to top it all off there's the Lumineux Bright2 Pen, so named because it does two things. Brush it on before drinking things like red wine or coffee to prevent staining, and leave it on for 30-minutes to whiten teeth. Lumineux considers the groundbreaking Bright2 Pen to be their most important contribution to the science of teeth whitening yet. All Lumineux products are clinically proven, dentist formulated, certified non-toxic and can be purchased individually or in kits that have multiple products. And of course Lumineux can't say such a thing but your Valentine will end up with a mouth that's much more kissable! Think about that while you order here.

Jivome Hair + Nail Support


At Jivome they've been busy redefining an approach to holistic health. Their concept (and where their name is derived from) is that Jiva (your vitality) and Biome (your body's ecosystem) are what make each person unique. For their Hair + Nail Support Jivome has "bottled" the concept and put it into a vegan formula that revitalizes hair and nails, enhancing natural beauty from within. And of course your Valentine has plenty of that natural inner beauty to begin with! Jivome Hair + Nail Support formula contains only high-quality ingredients that have been selected for their efficacy and superior absorption, all of which allows the body to fully benefit from their transformative properties. All ingredients are natural and 100% drug free. Says Raja Sivamani MD, co-founder of Jivome, "There are a number of different factors that impact who you are and what you're feeling. These factors can be internal or external, but all are equally important in determining how to find that balance of the mind, body and soul. Jivome's solutions are entirely customized, connecting to key aspects of your mind, body and soul and Jivome's Hair + Nail Support embodies a path to complete well-being." Who wouldn't wish that for their Valentine? And all they have to do is take two of the Jivome Hail + Nail Support capsules every day. A special discount is offered on an initial order here.

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