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Systematic � Somewhere in Between
Label: The Music Company/Elektra

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Somewhere in between
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This is the band could break Lars Ulrich's vanity label wide-open. We have a lot of bands out now that fit into the nu-metal category, but very few take that style beyond the confines that have been set by those who came before. Systematic takes classic metal and numetal to a new level with their auspicious debut, "Somewhere in Between". The guitars go beyond the down turned power chords and deliver some fine leads, but Systematic's secret weapon is vocalist whose aggressively melodic vocals bring to mind a young Chris Cornell, he displays an impressive vocal range and is not afraid to use it. 

One of the hardest aspects of reviewing new bands is comparing them to other artist the reader may be interested in, with Systematic they come across as a mix of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and pre RCA- Lit (their self released "Tripping the Light Fantastic" a much more aggressive sound then their major label debut). 

Having listened to this CD a few dozen times over the past few weeks I haven't been compelled to push fast-forward once, so in other words - it rocks from beginning to end. If you have been waiting for an exciting nu metal / post grunge band to take the scene by storm - the wait is over � Systematic has what it takes to climb straight to the top! 

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