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Review by Dr Fever

Label: Tool Dissectional/Volcano Entertainment

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Lateralus [HDCD] [PA] *
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What can be said about 'Maynard' Keenan? Is he a musical genius? Or is he a raving lunatic? Or, maybe, is he both? These are questions that, well, we really don't need answered I suppose.. but, I'll say this; the man knows how to make one hell of a record and this one is just more proof of that.

As we all know by now, about this time last year, Maynard released his side projects album (that of course would be A Perfect Circles' 'Mer De Noms'), which went on the garner huge praise and huge sales. Just think; this is something Maynard did BECAUSE HE WAS BORED (more or less). Good god, imagine what he can do when he's focused.. wait.. don't imagine, just listen to this album. The 'Rock and Roll Media Hype Machine' has been all over this thing for a while now, and for once, the hype machine got it right. Clocking in at 78:59, this is one hell of a long album, and it takes you all over the place musically. But, it does follow the typical Tool/Maynard pattern: Dark, Moody, Melodic, Heavy, Good as hell!

There isn't much else I can say about this album.. it's more or less left me speechless.. JUST GO GET IT. Nuff said.

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