Foo Fighters Film To Debut at SXSW

(Gibson) James Moll, who directed the Oscar-winning documentary The Last Days, has just finished his first foray into rock and roll. Moll will debut a new documentary on the Foo Fighters at this year's SXSW festival. The film chronicles the band's 16-year history, rising from the ruins of Nirvana to become one of the greatest stadium acts of the last two decades.

Dave Grohl recalled in the press release, "In October of 1994, I walked into Robert Lang's Seattle studio with a guitar, a drum set, a bass, and 14 songs I thought nobody would ever hear. Five days later, I walked out with the first Foo Fighters record. 16 years and seven studio albums later, with the help of Academy Award-winning director James Moll, we're finally able to tell the story of how that one demo cassette turned into the band that we are today. This is our side of the story. From the first rehearsal, to the completion of our new album, it's all there."

He continued, "Through hours of interviews with all members of the band, past and present, we tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. So help us Lemmy. Giving James mountains of never seen before footage, and unlimited access to the recording of the new record, the film presents an insight to the band never seen before (even to some band members!) and shows the process of making our new album, in my garage, totally analog, to 24-track tape machines. No computers. No auto-tune. No drum machines. Just real rock and roll. For me, it's like watching my life flash in front of my eyes except with a mouth full of popcorn and Hot Tamales. Hope you dig it. It's been a wild 16 years...here's to 16 more."

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