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Here are the top stories from this past week's Day in Rock report

Early Guns N' Roses Biopic In The Works
(hennemusic) The 2008 biography, "Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction", is in talks to become a movie. Co-author Marc Canter shared the news in the unofficial Guns N' Roses website,, telling fans, "It's been on the works for about 4 months."

An amateur photographer and the owner and general manager of the legendary rock 'n' roll hangout Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, California, Canter frequently crossed paths with Guns N' Roses in its formative years.

His close ties to the band give Canter the personal history and credibility to assist with helping guide his biography onto the big screen. "If I'm involved in a Guns N' Roses project, then you know I have their backs," writes Canter. "There is a great story about the birth of the band which I was very much involved in. This has nothing to do with where the band is today. The history is very important and that's why Axl was the one who was most supportive of me documenting what they were doing when they first started out."

"The people I'm working with are the best ones to do this project," he continued. "There is so much detail in the way it all came together that tells the killer rock n' roll story of the best band around. Why hide it? I have all the resources to help make it right."

"I'm not making the movie," he clarifies. "The book Reckless Road is being made into a movie by people that will do it right. No short cuts, it will be very detailed. I do have a big say so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool. I am going to see that everyone in the cast is doing their job and doing justice to the band. Since I was there, I know what the dialogue was between the band for many of the events that took place."

"When you find out who is making the movie, you will then understand that it will be very cool," adds the author. Read more here.

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Jon Bon Jovi Says Richie Sambora Quit Band
(Classic Rock) Jon Bon Jovi says he has no hard feelings towards Richie Sambora but hints he won't be returning to the line-up. The guitarist disappeared from the band last year fuelling rumors of a feud between him and the Bon Jovi frontman.

Sambora then broke the silence, revealing he was told he could either tour or quit when he asked for time off from group. It was a choice which left Sambora hurt but he remained hopeful he could rejoin the band in the future.

And while Bon Jovi has no bitterness towards the axeman, a reunion doesn't seem to be on the cards. He tells Showbiz 411: "He quit. He's gone. No hard feelings. Being in a band isn't a life sentence." Read more here.

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AC/DC's Angus Young Discusses Malcolm's Dementia
(hennemusic) AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is sharing details regarding his brother Malcolm's history with dementia, revealing that his symptoms had existed for a number of years before being made public months ago.

"It's something that had actually been happening for a long time," Angus tells Rolling Stone as promotes the band's new album "Rock Or Bust." Malcolm's symptoms - lapses in memory and concentration - "had surfaced even before the last project," AC/DC's 2008 album, "Black Ice."

But Angus says Malcolm was "still capable of knowing what he wanted to do. I had said to him, 'Do you want to go through with what we're doing?' And he said, 'Sh*t, yeah.' " Malcolm, Angus points out, "liked to finish what he started."

Angus also reveals that Malcolm was already in treatment during his last tour with AC/DC, from 2008 to 2010. "He got good help, good medical care," Angus says. Malcolm had to "relearn a lot of things."

Read more here.

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Pink Floyd's New Album Tops UK Chart
(hennemusic) Pink Floyd have landed their first UK No.1 album in almost 20 years with "The Endless River." The band last topped the list in 1995 with the live double album, "Pulse."

The Official Charts Company reports the project sold 139,000 copies in its opening week to debut atop the chart. With the feat, Pink Floyd achieved two other milestones: "The Endless River" is the group's sixth UK No. 1 while also becoming the third fastest-selling album of the year.

A spokesperson for the band tells, "Pink Floyd is both thrilled and surprised at the level of international interest in this their final album." Read more here.

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Evanescence Not Over Says Amy Lee
(TeamRock Radio) Evanescence singer Amy Lee insists Evanescence have not split - they're just not working on anything at the moment. Following the birth of her son Jack earlier this year, she said she had "no plans" to work with the band in the foreseeable future.

Now she says she gets frustrated when fans post online comments insisting the group are through. She tells Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx: "It's frustrating sometimes when you read the Internet.

"I get a little frustrated when I say, 'No, the band is not over, we're just not doing it now.' And then every response is, 'Evanescence is dead.' It's like, 'That's not what I said. Why do you have to make drama?'

"I'm totally open-minded. I don't know, I would just get bored doing the same thing forever. There's more to me than that." Read more here.

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AC/DC Rock Or Bust Album Listening Party Event Announced
(hennemusic) AC/DC will be launching their new studio album, "Rock Or Bust", with a special listening party for fans at Webster Hall in New York City on November 18.

The event will see fans get an exclusive preview of the band's new CD, with special cocktails and rare prizeswhile previewing the new album two weeks before its North American release on December 2.

All attendants will receive a limited edition commemorative t-shirt, as well as a chance to win prize packages including a signed Angus Young guitar. Read more here.

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KISS Team With Japanese Pop Band For New Release
(hennemusic) KISS and Japanese idol pop band Momoiro Clover Z will release a collaboration single on January 28. Each group will issue their own versions of the to-be-announced song.

The KISS edition of the release will present three newly recorded tracks including a lead track and each off vocal version in a package totaling six tunes.

The Momoiro Clover Z edition will feature two newly recorded tracks including a lead track and each off vocal version, plus a music video of the lead track.

The two groups teamed up recently in Las Vegas to shoot a music video and take part in a photo shoot for the single's cover. Read more here.

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Peter Criss To Be Honored By Cancer Fund
(Classic Rock) Cancer survivor Peter Criss is to be honored by the Cancer Research & Treatment Fund. Founding Kiss drummer Criss was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 after noticing a lump on his chest. He had the tumour successfully removed through surgery.

He will be inducted into the Cancer Research & Treatment Fund's Hall Of Fame as this year's Cancer Survivor Honoree. The ceremony takes place at New York's JW Marriot Essex House on November 18.

Criss urges men not to be held back by their "macho" personalities if they expect something is wrong. He says: "Don't sit around playing Mr. Tough Guy. Don't say, 'It's going to go away.' It might not and you might not see life anymore and how beautiful that is." Read more here.

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Dave Grohl On Spotify Controversy: Just Listen To The Music
( If you ask an elder statesman of rock a question, be prepared for their bite. At least, that's been the takeaway from this year's interviews with Gene Simmons, Billy Corgan and now Dave Grohl, to name a few.

Grohl, who's developed a reputation as one of rock's nice guys, has been on somewhat of a grumpy roll as of late, taking down one-album anniversary tours and, now, anyone who's complaining about Spotify.

When asked by Digital Spy about Taylor Swift's recent decision to remove her catalog from Spotify-which she explained thoroughly in her TIME cover story-Grohl made it known that he doesn't share her thoughts.

"Me personally?" he said. "I don't f**king care. That's just me, because I'm playing two nights at Wembley next summer. I want people to hear our music, I don't care if you pay $1 or f**king $20 for it, just listen to the f**king song. But I can understand how other people would object to that."

Grohl is much more concerned about giving his fans the best live show possible, believing that's the best way to hear music. Read more here.

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Paramore's Hayley Williams To Receive Billboard Trailblazer Award
( Paramore's Hayley Williams will be the recipient of the first-ever Billboard Trailblazer Award at this year's ninth annual Billboard Women in Music Awards, which will take place on Dec. 12 in New York City.

According to Billboard, the Trailblazer Award "honors a standout female artist who breaks from convention to make a unique mark in music and pave the way for other talent."

"I can remember a time when I would've been made fun of for doing things differently," Williams said of the award. "Now I'm getting an award for it? This is too much. I'm so excited! There are women in this industry who totally bulldozed walls down for the likes of me to come along and do what I believe in. I want to be that for even one girl in the future. I can't wait for the event next month and to high-five some of my sisters in music." Read more here.

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Ministry Reveal Tour Lineup
(TeamRock Radio) Industrial metal outfit Ministry have announced their lineup ahead of their 2015 tour. Joining mainman Al Jourgensen, guitarist Sin Quirin and bassist Tony Campos are guitarist Monte Pittman, drummer Aaron Rossi and keyboardist John Bechdel.

Shortly after they finished recording their From Beer To Eternity album in 2012, guitarist Mike Scaccia died following a heart attack. Jourgensen then split the band before announcing a 2015 tour earlier this year.

He said: "We will be touring the From Beer To Eternity album - the set will be the album in its exact order and a few oldies for an encore. It won't just be America and Europe this time, we'll see you Down Under as well as in South America and Japan." Read more here.

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Ace Frehley Kicks Off Space Invader Tour
(hennemusic) Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley launched his Space Invader tour on November 13 at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey and video of several songs from the show have been posted online.

Frehley's 21-song set featured a mix of material from his new album, "Space Invader", solo tracks and 8 KISS classics. The guitarist's first US shows in four years sees him working with guitarist Richie Scarlett, bassist Chris Wyse and drummer Scot Coogan.

The rhythm section took turns handling lead vocals on a few KISS tracks, with Coogan performing "Love Gun", "King Of The Night Time World" and "Strutter", and Wyse featured on "Strange Ways."

Read more and watch the video here.

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Former Testament Bassist Greg Christian Having Money Troubles
(Classic Rock) Former Testament bassist Greg Christian has revealed he has less than $150 to his name and is waiting for an unemployment payment. He quit the band earlier this year as he said he was tired of never being paid. He's since launched another verbal attack on his former bandmates as a result of money issues.

Now he says he has hardly any money left and he's waiting for cash from the government. He says on Facebook: "I've been on a bit of a sabbatical and wasted the better part of this year trying to save the un-savable. C'est la vie.

"Anyone that's tried to call me, my dumb ass ran over my iPhone a couple days before Halloween. I still haven't replaced it yet and have less than $150 to my name until my next EDD (unemployment) payment comes in, so my email has become my main communication."

He also reveals he's currently working on a couple of musical projects. Read about that here.

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The Who To Conclude 50th Anniversary Tour At Hyde Park
(TeamRock Radio) The Who will play London's Hyde Park for the fourth and possibly final time next year. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have previously appeared three times in their own right, and once as part of the Live 8 charity show.

Now they've been confirmed as headliners at next year's British Summer Time festival. They'll appear on Friday, June 26, with special guests Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs and Johnny Marr, with more to be announced.

It's to be the last date on their 50th anniversary tour, which hits the UK later this month. A final album could also be in the works. Singer Daltrey says: "Hyde Park is always a good gig. It has nice grass, beautiful trees. I've got memories of doing it with a patch on my eye, holding my eye in. That was a nightmare - we had a quarter of a million people coming and I had a fractured cheekbone. How we ever did that show…" Read more and see the dates here.

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Souza Needed Break From Exodus
(Classic Rock) Returning Exodus frontman Steve 'Zetro' Souza has revealed that being away from the band for 10 years was exactly what he needed. He was with the group from 1986 until 1993 and then from 2002 until 2004. He returned to the fold earlier this year and recorded their 10th album Blood In, Blood Out, which launched via Nuclear Blast in October. And he says the break did him good.

He tells AXS: "I think that 10 years, I needed. It seasoned me, and I'm back, I'm ready and it's great. This is just like a present I can't wait for everybody to open! It's just awesome, so I'm ready to go."

He also reveals he only had a few days to learn the tracks from Blood In, Blood Out and it was a frantic period of activity for him and the rest of the band.

He continues: "I only had three days to listen to it before I had to start recording. I auditioned on a Thursday, they listened to it on the Friday and we talked later that day." Read more here.

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Mick Fleetwood Says Fleetwood Mac Reunion Not About Money
(Classic Rock) Mick Fleetwood says Fleetwood Mac couldn't perform together if they weren't friends. On the day that the band added two more London dates to their 2015 tour, the drummer laughs off suggestions that relationships remain strained within the group and says they could never pretend to get along for the sake of a pay check.

Fleetwood Mac recently welcomed Christine McVie back to the fold after 16 years. Fleetwood tells the Guardian: "That whole 'extreme fear and loathing' thing is a load of bollocks. It's boring when I have to explain why we still want to be doing this. Some bands admit they don't like each other, but they can sign a piece of paper and walk on stage. Nothing wrong with that, but we can't do it. We have to have some emotional credibility to what we're doing.

"Elton John and Eric Clapton work more than us, and they certainly don't need the money. Have you ever thought that we actually like doing what we do?" He also shared a colorful story about a visit to the White House, read about that here.

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Drowning Pool Guitarist Discusses Next Album
(TeamRock Radio) Drowning Pool aim to return to the studio early next year. The Texas rockers say they have a bunch of new material written for the follow-up to 2013's Resilience.

Guitarist CJ Pierce tells Metalholic: "We have more songs written now than our entire back catalog. We have so many songs. In the dressing room today, I was working on some music. Now it's a matter of, what kind of record do we wanna make?

"We have heavier songs, lighter songs, some traditional-sounding Drowning Pool songs, and we have what I call Drowning Pool evolved songs. We wanna get in there sooner than later - hopefully March or April at the latest - to record the next CD and then keep going." Read more here.

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Slipknot Headlining Download Festival
(TeamRock Radio) Slipknot are the first headline act to be announced for next year's Download festival. They'll play the main stage at Donington on Friday, June 12, following Judas Priest. Black Stone Cherry will close proceedings on the second stage, while Five Finger Death Punch complete the first batch of bands to be revealed.

Slipknot are riding high on the success of their new album 5: The Gray Chapter, which topped the charts in the US and Canada and landed at no.2 in the UK. Frontman Corey Taylor says: "Being invited back to Download always feels like coming home. Headlining for the third time feels like the culmination of a life's dream - it's an honour and we're all looking forward to it."

Judas Priest, who played the first Monsters of Rock in 1980, first appeared at Download in 2008. They say: "We're thrilled to be performing at Download 2015 as the band continues its 40th anniversary Redeemer of Souls World Tour, bringing us home to hear the roar of our Priest family." Read more here.

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Steven Wilson Announces Another Bass Communion Show
(Prog) Steven Wilson will make his second live appearance under his Bass Communion banner in the Netherlands next month. The ambient side-project has amassed 10 albums since 1994, but he's only taken the concept on stage once before, when he performed with Pig in Mexico City in 2008.

Now Wilson reports: "This time it will be in collaboration with Thomas Koner, the 'godfather' of isolationist music. His 1992 album Teimo - using the sounds of gongs recorded underwater - is one of my all-time favourite ambient records.

"The concert is part of an event called Brombron that takes place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Each time, two musicians work in a small studio for a few days, followed by a concert to present the results." Read more here.

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Dee Snider To Rock 2015 Harley Show
(hennemusic) Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider will perform at the 2015 Harley Show in Montreal, Quebec on January 24. Snider will be joined by openers The Dawn Truth and Eagle Tears at the 36th Harley Show, which will see over 50 Harley-Davidson and custom motorcycles riding around in the Bell Centre, a presentation of the most spectacular custom bikes in America, and the 2015 Harley-Davidson apparel collection.

The event's house band will complete the bill performing rock classics of Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Scorpions and many more.

Snider is currently performing "Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale" at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place in Chicago, which runs through January 4. Read more here.

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Dropkick Murphys Involved In Fatal Traffic Incident
(TeamRock Radio) The Dropkick Murphys were involved in a fatal traffic incident on Sunday night in Texas, when a person ran in front of their tour bus in a suspected suicide.

They've thanked fans for understanding after being forced to cancel their show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while they deal with the aftermath of the tragedy. The Celtic punks say in a statement: "We were en route to Dallas airport to drop off singer Al Barr, who's flying home for the funeral of a lifelong friend.

"Just north of Austin a pedestrian suddenly ran onto the highway in front of our tour bus. Police suspect a suicide. We were left with a driver who's been severely shaken up, and a bus too damaged to continue." Read more here.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Vs. Gene Simmons
(Classic Rock) Corey Taylor has urged Gene Simmons to "get out more" while once again hailing the current rock scene as alive and very much kicking. The Slipknot frontman says he's thrilled with the success of his band's latest album .5: The Gray Chapter, but insists he doesn't always believe success relates directly to sales.

Taylor points to the success of the recent Knotfest festival as a true indicator of the thriving rock and metal scene. He was responding to Kiss star Gene Simmons' controversial comment that "rock is dead," which sparked a string of musicians to defend the genre.

Taylor tells KLAQ: "I think people put too much on sales, because that doesn't relate to how many people hear it. In this day and age it's more about getting people to hear the music.

"I love the fact that we had the highest sales in the first week for a metal band the whole year, in a long time. I'm proud of that. But at the same time that doesn't relate to how many people have heard it and bought specific songs.

"We had three million views for the Knotfest live streams and you don't get awards for that. We had so many million views of The Negative One video and The Devil In I video, and you don't get awards for that.

"Just the fact that we had almost 70,000 people over the Knotfest weekend proves something. You don't always need a platinum album to relate that to success so, with all due respect to Mr Simmons, he needs to get out more." Check out the full interview here.

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Malcolm Young Hasn't Heard AC/DC's New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Retired AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young hasn't heard the band's upcoming album Rock Or Bust, says brother Angus. And the health issues that caused his retirement began appearing before they'd made 2008 record Black Ice, reveals the only remaining original member.

Malcolm's family confirmed in September that his dementia had advanced to a stage that meant his career was over. Rock Or Bust was recorded with nephew Stevie Young in his place.

Angus tells Rolling Stone: "It's something that had been happening for a long time. The symptoms had surfaced even before the last project. He was still capable of knowing what he wanted to do.

"I said to him, 'Do you want to go through with what we're doing?' And he said, 'Sh*t, yeah.' He liked to finish what he started." Read more here.

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Goo Goo Dolls Sued By Former Member
(Classic Rock) Former Goo Goo Dolls drummer Michael Malinin has filed a lawsuit against his two former bandmates over money he believes he's entitled to, according to reports.

He took over from original drummer George Tutuska in 1995 and left the band in 2013 after 19 years with founding members John Rzeznik and Robby Takac.

At the time he said on Twitter: "Got some news today. Just wanted to say thank you to the fans who've supported me for 19 years. Best of luck and happy travels to the band."

The following day he issued the message: "Thanks for the kind words and support. To clarify, it was not my decision to leave the band. But no grudges held. I wish them all the best."

But he's now issued his former bandmates with a lawsuit, claiming he was fired mid-tour when he took time off to see his wife Krista who was in labor with twins. Read more here.

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Marilyn Manson Announces Hell Not Hallelujah Tour
Marilyn Manson has announced that they will be launching a North American tour early next year in support of his forthcoming studio album "The Pale Emperor."

Manson has dubbed the trek the Hell Not Hallelujah Tour and it is scheduled to kick off on January 21 in Washington, D.C. and will be concluding in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day.

"The Pale Emperor," Manson's ninth studio album and the follow up to 2012's Born Villain, is set to be released on January 20th, the day prior to the tour kick off. Check out the tour dates here.

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Malice Guitarist Mick Zane Has Brain Tumor
(TeamRock Radio) Malice lead guitarist Mick Zane has been diagnosed with a small brain tumor. He was taken ill in Los Angeles last week during studio sessions and was rushed to hospital in Burbank, California.

He was due to undergo surgery on Monday to remove the tumor. He explains to KNAC how it was discovred, "I went to see Judas Priest at the Nokia Theatre last Tuesday night.

"I left the show with a terrible headache, and the next day I got sick in the studio. They had to call emergency medical technicians and rush me to the emergency room." Read more here.

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Machine Head Almost Broke Up
(TeamRock Radio) Robb Flynn has given more details on Machine Head's acrimonious split with sacked bassist Adam Duce. The frontman recalls he, drummer Dave McClain and manager Joey Huston all said they were going to quit the band - before realising they had to fire Duce to keep the show on the road.

Just weeks after Machine Head released their new album Bloodstone & Diamonds, Flynn says in a new blog post: "Two years ago I never thought this feeling of releasing a new album would ever happen again. On December 14 we played the last show on Dethklok tour at the Roseland Ballroom (RIP) in New York City.

"It was a disastrous day and a disastrous ending to disastrous tour. At that point in time the tension in the band was so thick you could've tried to cut it with a knife, but the f***ing thing probably would've broke your hand. Dave McClain walked off stage and said to me, 'That's the last show I ever play with Adam Duce.'

"I was talking with Dave and our manager Joey, and at one point Dave threw out that he was serious about New York, he wasn't playing with our bassist ever again, or he was quitting the band. Joey laughed and said, 'Oh no you're not, cause I'm f***ing quitting the band.' I laughed and said 'F*** you guys, because I'm quitting the band.'

"We all laughed for a minute, laughed that all three of us had just quit the band. Read more here.

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Allman Brothers Band Release Classic Concert Online
(Classic Rock) The Allman Brothers Band have released a video of their 1970 Fillmore East, New York performance on YouTube channel Music Vault. It was originally filmed as part of a TV special titled Welcome To Fillmore East which featured short sets by the Allman Brothers Band, the Byrds, Van Morrison, the Elvin Bishop Group and Sha-N-Na.

The band played four tracks on the night: Don't Keep Me Wonderin', Dreams, In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed and Whipping Post and came six months before their Live At Fillmore East double album.

The performance features the original lineup of Gregg Allman, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks, Jai Johanny Johanson and Tom Doucette. Read more and watch the concert here.

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Jeff Loomis Joins Arch Enemy
(TeamRock Radio) Arch Enemy have hired Jeff Loomis as their new guitarist - replacing the outgoing Nick Cordle. Former Nevermore man Loomis joins the Swedish group ahead of their European tour, which kicks off on November 26.

Loomis says: "I'm very excited to be playing with Arch Enemy. Michael Amott and I have stayed in contact over the years since we toured together when I was playing in Nevermore.

"Not only do I admire his guitar playing and songwriting, but I also consider him a close friend. To be able to share the stage with Michael, Sharlee, Daniel and Alissa is something I'm really looking forward to."

Arch Enemy have been on the road in support of recent album War Eternal. They moved quickly to replace Cordle, who is leaving to work on other projects. Read more here.

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Bruce Springsteen Launches Archival Concert Series
(hennemusic) Bruce Springsteen is launching a new archival concert series with the release of a 2012 live set from New York's Apollo Theater. The March 9, 2012 show was the opening night of Springsteen's tour in support of "Wrecking Ball."

The event also marked the singer's first show without saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who passed away June 18, 2011 at the age of 69 following complications from a massive stroke.

The Apollo concert was originally broadcast live on SiruiusXM's Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio channel. Springsteen is making archival concerts available as high-resolution 24-bit downloads, MP3s, or lossless CD-Quality downloads. Read more here.

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Bush Launching North American Tour
(hennemusic) Bush have announced dates for a North American tour in support of their latest album, "Man On The Run." The band will be joined by Theory Of A Dead Man and Stars In Stereo for the 6-week trek, which starts January 30 in San Francisco.

Prior to the tour's launch, Bush will perform a string of select shows in St. Louis, Detroit, Tulsa, Chicago, Nashville and Los Angeles; the latter will see them joining Linkin Park and System Of A Down at the L.A. Forum for KROQ's Almost Acoustic Xmas.

"Man On The Run", the band's sixth release, was produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Mastadon) at Studio 606, the Northridge, California-based studio owned by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

The project is follow-up to 2011's "The Sea Of Memories", the group's first record in a decade. Check out the tour dates here.

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Dan Lilker Considered Joining Metallica After Cliff's Death
(TeamRock Radio) Former Anthrax bassist Dan Lilker has revealed he considered the possibility of joining Metallica when Cliff Burton died. The bassists had been friends until the tour bus tragedy that killed Burton in 1986 - and other contacts and colleagues had noticed a similarity in their musical styles when Metallica began looking for a replacement.

Lilker tells Songfacts: "People came up to me, saying with a wink, 'Dan, you joining Metallica?' But I never got a call about it." And he's not sure if he'd have enjoyed working with James Hetfield and co because of the way the band is set up.

"Who knows if I would have lasted?" he says. "That's a band where two dudes make all the money and they pretty much dictate exactly what they want to do. Most of the bands I've been in, I'm one of the main songwriters and direct the nature of the music.

"And that first Metallica album that came out after Cliff died, that had Jason Newsted on it - there's no bass on it at all." Read more here.

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Dokken Made 'Crazy Money' For Chicken Commercial
(Classic Rock) Don Dokken says his band were paid "crazy money" for their appearance in a Norton Internet Security commerical. Dokken were filmed in a huge warehouse and portrayed as a computer virus which was attacking a PC - represented by a chicken.

The bizarre advert was only ever shown online, but Dokken says the band were paid a small fortune for it. He tells Inside Metal: "A friend of mine, Ryan Ebner, was actually staying in my Beverly Hills house, and I had a guest house. And he says, 'I'm doing this commercial and one of my bands pulled out. Do you wanna do a commercial?'

"I said, 'Yeah, I'll do a commercial.' He's, like, 'It'll be you and the chicken.' And I went, 'No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not gonna punk myself.' And then he told me how much he'd pay me. And I went, 'Really?' He goes, 'Dude, it's Norton Antivirus.' I said, 'For that kind of money, I'll wear a chicken suit. I will be the chicken. I will flap my wings and I will cluck.'" Read more and watch the funny ad here.

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Prog Pioneers Lucifer's Friend Return After 20 Years
(Prog) German prog rock pioneers Lucifer's Friend have announced their comeback - which will be launched with a career-spanning compilation. Awakening will include some of their biggest hits as well as new material.

The band released their debut, self-titled album in 1970 but suffered a blow when singer John Lawton left to join Uriah Heep. After splitting in 1982, they briefly reformed in 1994 and released ninth album Sumo Grip.

Twenty years on, they are back, with Awakening due out in March 2015 and available now for pre-order via Cherry Red Records. They have been lined up to appear at Sweden Rock Festival in June next year. Read more here.

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Joe Lynn Turner Says Fans Deserve A Rainbow Reunion
(TeamRock Radio) Rated X frontman Joe Lynn Turner would love a Rainbow reunion - to allow the band to go out in a "blaze of glory." Singer Turner has his hands full with supergroup Rated X, but he feels Rainbow still has a lot to offer fans and says he would be open to a reunion.

Turner still performs Rainbow songs live, as do fellow former Rainbow singers Graham Bonnet and Doogie White. Bonnet replaced Ronnie James Dio in the band in 1979.

Turner - who also fronted Deep Purple for a spell - tells Metal Forces: "In my opinion, for Rainbow it would be one last shot and then going out in a blaze of glory so to speak. I think the fans deserve it, and to honour all of the members of Rainbow, past and present.

"I always feel that in my sets, I play Rainbow, Purple, and things like that because no-one else is doing it. I play Ronnie's songs and all that stuff, Graham's, whatever - I have no compunction about doing that material." Read more here.

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Guitarist Concerned About Bret Michaels' Health
(Classic Rock) Bret Michaels' guitarist Pete Evick says he finds it hard to watch his boss fight through illness onstage. Evick has given another road update on Poison frontman Michaels' solo US tour. Michaels has suffered a series of health scares this year, most recently resulting in him undergoing kidney surgery.

He has been taking painkiller Dilauded and anti-inflammatory Prednisone to help get him through the shows. And while Michaels "killed it" at a gig in Florida on November 13, ahead of a second Florida show, Evick said he wishes the singer would take a break.

Evick says: "Most people take weeks to heal from stuff like this and he should as well. Offstage I can tell he's still hurting, but he killed it last night and I suspect tonight will be exactly the same." Read more here.

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Entombed AD Frontman Talks Split With Alex Hellid
(TeamRock Radio) Entombed AD frontman Lars Goran Petrov says the band's split with guitarist Alex Hellid had to happen. The fallout from the lineup change led them to alter their name from Entombed, and they finally released their album Back To The Front earlier this year - seven years after previous outing Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments.

Petrov tells RevolutionMusic (via Blabbermouth): "It had to be done. There was too much bullsh*t, crying and whining about things. Some people are comfortable staying at home.

"We did what bands should do - release an album and go on tour, and that's what it's all about. We added two letters, but it's still the same band, only without people that want to stay at home or take millions of years over a riff." Read more here.

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Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Thought He Would Crash and Burn
(Classic Rock) Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx says he expected to crash and burn at a young age. And he reveals the reason he threw himself into music and the accompanying hedonistic lifestyle was because he didn't have a stable family life and never thought he'd make it through the other side.

He tells The Guardian: "I never had a template of what a family was. I never really thought I would ever make it to that place in my life. I thought I'd be one of these crash and burn kids.

So I threw myself headlong into music and that lifestyle - I never really figured I'd get out of the other side. A few years later, when I got sober and was able to become a father and have a family, that was when some of the greatest lessons came." Read more here.

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Muse and Marilyn Manson Added As Download Headliners
(Classic Rock) Muse have been confirmed as the Saturday night main stage headline act for download 2015. Their set will follow Faith No More at Donington on Saturday, June 13 next year.

Also confirmed in the second batch of acts to be announced for the festival is Marilyn Manson, who will headline the second stage on Saturday. Making up the second batch of acts to be announced are pop punk heroes A Day To Remember. Yesterday, festival bosses revealed Slipknot, Judas Priest, Black Stone Cherry and Five Finger Death Punch were set to play on Friday.

Muse's appearance will be their first ever set at Download. The band say: "We're really looking forward to Download. We've never played the festival before so it's going to be really special." Read more here.

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Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Lands Role In Upcoming Film
(TeamRock Radio) Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has landed a role in upcoming music drama Geezer. He'll also write and perform new tracks for the film which also stars Judy Greer, Fred Armisen and Selma Blair.

The movie focuses on the mid-life crisis of a husband and father who revisits his punk past by throwing a lavish party. Here, he comes face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend and former bandmates who have all moved on with their life.

And director Lee Kirk reckons Armstrong is a perfect fit for the role. He tells Variety: "Billie Joe Armstrong brings an exciting authenticity to the film. He's a dad, a musician and an incredible talent." Read more here.

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AC/DC Singer Challenges Gene Simmons
(hennemusic) AC/DC are the latest rockers to challenge a recent claim by KISS bassist Gene Simmons that rock is dead. Singer Brian Johnson addressed Simmons' controversial claim in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

"With all respect to the lad," says Johnson. "I think he's terribly wrong for a start. I really do. I don't think anybody should have the nerve to stand there and just say that a certain genre of music has just ff-- disappeared overnight.

"It's not because 'I [Gene] say so,' OK," he added. "Well, I'm here to tell you, Gene, you're wrong. And I'm saying it's alive and kicking. My name's Brian. How do you do?"

AC/DC made the remarks as they prepare to release their latest album, "Rock Or Bust", on December 2. "For performers who are also songwriters - the creators - for rock music, for soul, for the blues - it's finally dead," the 65-year old Simmons told his son, Nick, during a recent interview, repeating verbatim comments he's made over the past year. "Rock is finally dead."

Read more here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Vs The Machines
(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne can live with his voice letting him down on stage - and he'd much rather run that risk than "hide behind a machine." The Black Sabbath singer tries to stay away from modern technology at all times, and says he's not impressed at the way it's affected his work.

Ozzy tells Consequence Of Sound: "My job is to get the audience having fun - but now you don't have to do that. I saw that Michael Jackson hologram on TV today. That was scary, that was. I said to my wife, 'I could just send my hologram on tour.'"

He continues: "You can't be just a live band. A friend of mine said recently, 'Nobody knows their craft any more; nobody is an artist. They just do it on machines now.' On the last Black Sabbath tour one of the support bands was going on, and I remember thinking to myself, 'They sound really good.' And they were lip-syncing to machines. That ain't cool, you know - that's phoney."

And he refuses to be tempted to resort to technical backup. Read more here.

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Nirvana Classic Gets American Horror Story Treatment
( This season of American Horror Story: Freakshow has been chock full of unexpected cover versions of classic rock songs, with the most recent episode delving into the early '90s grunge years with a take on Nirvana's 1992 single, "Come As You Are."

Originally found on the band's legendary Nevermind album, the track was performed by Freakshow cast member Evan Peters during a customarily bizarre sequence that finds actor Michael Chiklis beating up a bartender and Jessica Lange serving up quite the scary face.

This take on Nirvana joins previous Freakshow versions of songs by David Bowie ("Life on Mars"), Lana Del Rey ("Gods and Monsters") and Fiona Apple ("Criminal"). According to EW, next on the docket is Kathy Bates offering up what's sure to be an interesting take on Hole's "Doll Parts."

"We decided we only were going to highlight musical artists who at some point in their career had identified themselves as feeling like freaks or misfits or outcasts, which our people are going through," said the show's creator and writer, Ryan Murphy.

Hear the full studio version of the Nirvana cover in the video here.

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Metallica Rock For Whom The Bell Tolls On Late Night TV
(hennemusic) Metallica performed their 1984 classic, "For Whom The Bell Tolls", on the third night of their week-long residency on CBS-TV's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Wednesday.

The track originally appeared on the band's sophomore album, "Ride The Lightning", which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The album is one of two projects Metallica are working on as they prepare deluxe reissues of their first two albums, 1983's "Kill 'Em All" and "Ride The Lightning."

The group are asking for fans help as they put the packages together. "We want it all!," posted the band. "Did you manage to sneak a video camera into a show long before they fit in your pocket? Maybe your old instamatic camera for some snap shots? A cassette Walkman with a microphone?

"We're looking for anything and everything... audio, video, photos, fliers, ticket stubs, the set list you picked up off the floor, and in general any mementos you may have from that around that time."

Read more and watch the performance here.

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Soundgarden Stream Unreleased Song Kristi
(hennemusic) Soundgarden are premiering an unreleased song, "Kristi", as a preview to their forthcoming collection, "Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path."

Originally recorded during sessions for 1996's "Down On The Upside", it's one of two previously unissued songs featured on the 3-disc, 50-track rarities compilation of original B-sides, instrumentals, covers and demos curated by guitarist Kim Thayil.

Due November 24, the package's three discs breakdown as follows: Disc 1, dubbed "Originals", is filled with Soundgarden songs - mainly B-sides - in addition to two unreleased tunes, "Kristi" and "Storm."

Disc 2, "Covers", presents covers of tracks by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Ramones, Devo and others.

Disc 3, "Oddities", offers instrumentals, remixes and demos, including Steve Fisk's unreleased "The Telephantasm (Resurrection Remix)", "Twin Tower", and "Night Surf", an instrumental performed by bassist Ben Shepherd.

Check out the song here.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Says Fans Need To Unplug and Enjoy The Show
(TeamRock Radio) Corey Taylor says he tries to pour water on anyone who uses their mobile phones at Slipknot gigs. The singer hates seeing fans filming gigs on their phones - and he'll do whatever it takes to stop it from happening.

Taylor tells 101 WRIF: "I see it every once in a while. People don't do it so much at our shows, and if they do, they do it from quite a way back, because I empty whole water bottles into people as soon as I see them staring at their phone or tweeting or whatever.

"There was this one poor girl, and God bless her, she was a fan, but at the same time, she wasn't being very covert about it. So I emptied four bottles on to her, and it had to have broken her phone. And then she was just bummed for the rest of the night, and I just kept shrugging at her, going, 'Hey, it's a live show. Pay attention, or don't be here.'

"People need to unplug and realize they're missing their lives. It's sad. And that may be me just being an old jerk, but I don't care." Read more here.

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Bob Seger Kicks Off North American Tour
(hennemusic) Bob Seger launched his North American tour in support of "Ride Out" on Wednesday in Saginaw, Michigan and several videos of his performance have been posted online.

Opening with 1982's "Roll Me Away", Seger and The Silver Bullet Band performed a number of tracks from his new album alongside old time favorites and classics as they played a double-encore, 23-song set lasting more than 2 hours.

The tour's first leg wraps December 19 with a show at New York's Madison Square Garden, while the second leg - with recently added dates - fires up in Toledo, Ohio on January 20.

Seger will join Jason Aldean for the next edition of CMT's "Crossroads" series, with the episode premiering on November 28. Watch video of the tour opener here.

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Rush's Neil Peart Gives Video Tour Of His Drum Set
( If you've had the experience of seeing Rush live in concert, or perhaps you've just seen them on one of the many live performances included on their recently released R40 box set, you may have thought to yourself, "Wow, Neil Peart's drum set sure has a lot of drums." Or you may have wondered, "Does he really need all of those drums?" Or, "What are they all for?"

Well, in a new video posted by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Music, the rarely interviewed Peart discussed his kit. Yes, there are a lot of pieces in his kit. But, no, he said, he doesn't really need all of them.

"I've played on rental sets," he said, mentioning that he occasionally goes to Drum Workshop, "and I'll tell them just to set up any old thing. I like to play on unfamiliar drum sets. I could make a record on any old drum set."

That said, he doesn't make a record, or play Rush concerts, on "any old drum set." In his tour of his kit, he discussed his cymbals in detail (made by Sabian)-"it's quite a medieval craft, the making of cymbals"-and noted that his cymbals were made specifically for him. He also explained how he uses electronic drums, acquiescing the point that in the early '80s, electronic drums "had a pretty lame sound."

He revealed that back then, his electronic drums sampled his own voice, singing the sounds that he wanted each drum to make. Read more and watch the video here.

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Northlane Releases First Song Featuring New Singer
(TeamRock Radio) Following a public audition that saw nearly 2000 hopefuls apply to front Northlane, Marcus Bridge came out on top and new single Rot is the first official release, which they are streaming online.

Northlane released an official statement following the appointment of Marcus that said "We vowed to find the most unique talent we could, and someone that could help us expand on our sound. Northlane has always been about progression, and we saw our situation as an opportunity. This was never going to be easy, but we took a leap of faith and made the only decision that felt right. And we feel the results will show you just how good our music can be."

Bridge now has the task of a mammoth 21-show tour across Europe supporting metalcore powerhouse Parkway Drive. Check out the tour dates and the new song here.

More on Northlane - Northlane Music, DVDs, Books and more - Northlane T-shirts and Posters - Northlane Tour Dates/Tickets

Issues Streaming New EP
(TeamRock Radio) Issues have created a YouTube playlist of their recent Diamond Dreams EP. It features eight songs, most of which are reworked versions of tracks from their 2012 debut Black Diamonds.

The EP is also included as part of the deluxe version of the band's self-titled debut album, originally released in February."We had a lot of fun making this record, being able to reimagine songs and show that we aren't just metalcore kids, or whatever you want to call us", say the band.

"We are multitalented, and we aren't set on one taste of music - we respect and appreciate all variations." Issues will be supporting Bring Me The Horizon, alongside Young Guns and Sleepwave, at Wembley Arena on December 5.

Check out the stream here.

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Opeth Happy With Change In Direction
(TeamRock Radio) Opeth's Fredrik Akesson says it's 'cool' that the band were able to change their sound as not many groups are able to do the same. He joined the band in 2008 during the writing process of Watershed which featured Mikael Akerfeldt's screaming vocals. And he says while he was happy to play their old style of music, he's proud of the way their sound has evolved.

He tells Guided By Metal: "I got to do the death metal thing before the change. But when we took that decision to change it up a bit on Heritage, it took me a while to get used to. But I think it was a cool thing that we did that, because it's kind of bold.

"Not many bands can experiment as much as we do, and we're a bit fortunate in that way." And Akesson responds to those who have criticized their decision to change their sound. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Battlehooch's Taking Kate For a Drive
Today AJ Mckinley from psych-pop n rock group Battlehooch tells us about the song "Taking Kate For a Drive" from their brand new EP "Wink," which is being released tomorrow (November 22nd). Here is the story:

Let me tell ya a little something about our new song, "Taking Kate For a Drive". It all starts with the ART two channel tube pre amp.... About a year ago, we decided to start building a recording studio in the basement of my house in San Francisco. One of the first pieces of gear that we purchased was the previously mentioned preamp. Eager to see what this new piece of gear could do, we decided to do a little impromptu recording project called "Taking ART For A Drive". We recorded a couple tracks using an old Casio keyboard and a Roland 505 drum machine and were thrilled at how sweet everything sounded. We added a couple vocal melodies, and some dreamy guitar parts, and before we knew it we had a finished song! In the long run, we ended up booking some proper studio time to record some of the other instruments (drums, bass, etc.) but the core of the song is still made up of recordings done within the first 5 minutes of trying out the ART.

We noted that the dreamy quality of the keyboards sounded like a song by one of our heroes, Kate Bush, so we changed the title of the song to reference her. In addition to Ms. Bush, you can also hear the strong influence of other bands on this track. For instance, we wanted the drums to have a huge, blown out sound reminiscent of The Flaming Lips (or really any band that Dave Friedman has done production). The sax parts are meant to sound like they could be taken from the extended coda of an early Roxy Music tune. The bass is straight dub reggae.

Like the other songs on our new EP, Wink, "Kate" is more about a general feeling than a specific topic/subject. The lyrics talk about the euphoric release one gets when they can temporarily break free from the grind of everyday life and spend time with someone they care about. It could mean spending a day hanging with friends, driving down the coast with a lover, whatever. It basically says "It feels so good to be HERE with YOU, right NOW."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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• Flying Lotus Debuts Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Collaboration (top story)

• Beyonce Song In Latest Fight Shades Of Grey Trailer (top story)

Latest B-Sides News

• AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Boosted By Phil Rudd's Arrest (top story)

• Fugazi Streaming Their Entire First Demo Online (top story)

• Judas Priest 'Already Piling Up' Riffs For Next Album (top story)

• The Who Release Virtual Reality App (top story)

• AFI Offshoot XTRMST Release First Video (top story)

• Robert Plant BBC Radio 6 Interview Goes Online (top story)

• Jethro Tull Streaming Ward Child Reissue Track (top story)

• Steven Tyler Performs Aerosmith's Amazing At Rehab (top story)

• The Safety Fire Unplug For New Wide Hands Video (top story)

• New Arcade Messiah Song Streaming Online (top story)

• Peckham Cowboys Release Bromley Girls Video (top story)

• Metallica Hit The Lights On Late Night TV (top story)

• Jimmy Page Explains Title Of Led Zeppelin IV (top story)

• Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Become U2 On The Tonight Show (top story)

• Joe Walsh Jams With The Foo Fighters (top story)

• AC/DC Praise Fans In New Behind The Scenes Video (top story)

• Prince Releases Funknroll Clip (top story)

• Billy Corgan Covers Joy Division Song with Peter Hook (top story)

• Radiohead's Philip Selway Releases Around Again Video (top story)

• BTBAM's Thomas Giles Releases Siphon The Bad Blood Video (top story)

• Former Iron Maiden Singer Hated By Fans? (top story)

• Nothing Release Chloroform Video (top story)

• AC/DC Release New Song Rock Or Bust (top story)

• Ice-T Gives 'Turn Down for What' A Metal Makeover (top story)

• Foo Fighters Cover Jane's Addiction With Perry Farrell and Joe Walsh (top story)

• Billy Idol Previews TV Special (top story)

• The Smashing Pumpkins Release New Song Tiberius (top story)

• Wayne Coyne Relives Armed Robbery In Animated Clip (top story)

• The Defiled Tribute Fans and Lost Loved Ones In New Video (top story)

• Nightingale Streaming New Song On Stolen Wings (top story)

• Osada Vida Release Sky Full Of Dreams Video (top story)

• Sammy Hagar Guest Judge On TV Series On The Menu (top story)

• Scott Ian Reacts To Former Anthrax Singer's Criticism (top story)

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