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Asking Alexandria Reveal New Singer, Release New Song
(TeamRock Radio) Asking Alexandria have named former Make Me Famous frontman Denis Shaforostov as their new frontman. The band have released their first track with Shaforostov "I Won't Give In".

Shaforostov replaces Danny Worsnop, who quit in January to concentrate on We Are Harlot. AA lead the launch with a quote from US war hero Ryan Pitts: "Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to move forward in the face of it."

Shaforostov had been front-runner since Worsnop announced his departure. The day before the news went public, Shaforostov wrote on Instagram: "There's such thing as karma and magic in this world. The hardest work will always pay off no matter how many of these f***s have ever tried to bring you down on your way.

"You never know when and how but trust me, your door will open and the future will be yours for the taking - just wait and see." Listen to the new song here.

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Slipknot Announce Knotfest 2015
Slipknot will be bringing back their Knotfest this year. The band revealed the initial details for the 2015 installment of the festival which will be returning to Southern California in October.

The band announced on Tuesday that Knotfest 2015 will once again be taking place at San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, Ca. This year it will happen on October 23rd, 24th and 25th.

More details are expected to be announced on June 29th, which is the same day that tickets will go on sale. While this year's lineup remains a mystery, last year's Knotfest featured an impressive roster including Slipknot, Anthrax, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, Black Label Society, Hatebreed, Testament, Fear Factory, Tech N9ne, Atreyu, Hellyeah, Carcass, In This Moment, The Devil Wears Prada, Danzig, Of Mice & Men, DevilDriver, Veil of Maya and more.

See the event's Facebook page here.

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Metallica's Lars 'Needs A Good Slap Sometimes' Says Sharon Osbourne
(Classic Rock) Sharon Osbourne has described Metallica as "family" to her and Ozzy - even "big mouth" drummer Lars Ulrich. Bassist Robert Trujillo was a member of Ozzy Osbourne's band before moving to Metallica in 2003, as detailed in documentary movie Some Kind Of Monster. But the organisations had been close since touring together in 1986.

Sharon tells SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth): "I feel like we're their parents. We've known them from when they were so young, seeing them all grow up, have their own families.

"And since Robert joined them, we're even more connected with them. It's family. We have so much respect for Metallica - I just personally love each and every one of them."

She adds light-heartedly: "Lars is a bit of a big mouth. He needs a good slap sometimes - but we love him." Read more here.

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Megadeth and Anthrax Stars 'Finalizing' New Joint Project
(Classic Rock) Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and his Anthrax counterpart Frank Bello are putting the finishing touches on their collaboration project Altitudes & Attitude, it's been confirmed.

The pair have been working on a full-length album for the last six months and Ellefson says they've recorded "some great tunes." He tells White Line Fever: "We are finalizing, probably in the next two weeks, getting the vocals and final bits done on it. I'm excited about it. There are some great tunes."

The project was devised when the pair were doing bass clinics together and rather than just play Megadeth and Anthrax material, they decided to write fresh music instead.

Ellefson continues: "This other spirit soars when the two of us get together, get in a room and start writing songs together. They just fall off our guitar necks. And it's a beautiful thing.

"What's cool about it is we haven't left our bands. And that's the beauty of it because we have this whole other side of us that gets to be exposed. So it's very genuine, very pure, and I think that really comes through with the music." Read more and check out a performance from the project here.

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Scott Weiland Left Stone Temple Pilots Long Before Firing Says Chester
(Classic Rock) Stone Temple Pilots new singer Chester Bennington says former frontman Scott Weiland had departed the job long before he was officially fired. The Linkin Park vocalist was brought in by STP to replace the sacked Weiland in 2013 and has so far featured on one EP, High Rise, and is writing new material with the band. But Bennington says he doesn't see the transition as him filling Weiland's shoes.
He tells The Columbus Dispatch: "For me, it wasn't inserting myself in someone's shoes. I felt that position had been vacant for a long time. Even though Scott was there, honestly, I don't think he had 'been there.'

"In the initial conversation we had, I said, 'Why do you guys want to give up your legacy?' It's kind of a scary thing, but the music is too deserving, too good, to not have a chance to continue. People come to a lot of pre-judgments. A lot of them are going to be mad about it. But the idea of creating something new means you let the other thing go." Read more here.

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Fear Factory Recruited Journey Star For New Album Guest Spot
(Classic Rock) Fear Factory's ninth album Genexus will feature a guest appearance from Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, guitarist Dino Cazares has confirmed. He'll play on one track while Mike Heller will be behind the kit for the rest of the work, to be launched on August 7 via Nuclear Blast.

They used a drum machine on 2012's The Industrialist - a move that was slammed by former sticksman Raymond Herrera, who called the sound "stale."

And Cazares agrees that live drumming gives the record a more "natural feeling." He tells Horns Up Rocks: "Obviously, when you start recording, you can add and manipulate the sounds any way you want.

"It's a hybrid between organic and digital - that's what this record sounds like, and I think that's what makes it really good. Albums like Demanufacture and Obsolete were the same type of hybrid, and that was the approach we took on the drums on this record."

Cazares hasn't confirmed which track features Castronovo. But he believes the album title reflects its conceptual nature: "Genexus is 'genesis' and 'nexus' together. Genesis is obviously the beginning of time, and nexus is things coming together. So it's a combination of where we started from and where we are now." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Asia Singer John Wetton Recovering From Tumor Surgery
(Classic Rock) Asia singer John Wetton has revealed in a new statement that he is recovering from the removal of a tumor following an operation earlier this month.

Asia singer has thanked doctors who led the successful surgery, and he also thanked fans for their support. His team released the following statement on his official website:

"On May 16, John underwent surgery for the successful removal of a 1 kilo [2.2lb] malignant mass. John wishes to extend his thanks to Mr Chan and his team. John is also beyond grateful for the wonderful wishes and prayers received. John is recuperating." Read more here.

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Dave Grohl Joined Paul McCartney At Recent Concert
( Paul McCartney's list of hits runs deep, so it's not often that he deviates from the classics. But audience members at London's O2 Arena were treated to an even more special McCartney show when the former Beatle played a rare, unexpected song as part of the setlist.

Five songs into his set, Macca debuted "Temporary Secretary," a cut from his experimental, synth-heavy second solo album, McCartney II. The premiere was even more unexpected since it came after he played more obvious tracks like the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" and"Can't Buy Me Love," the Wings song "Listen to What the Man Said" and his solo track "Save Us."

That wasn't the only surprise during his 40-song set, though. When he was winding down his first encore with the Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There," Macca had help from Dave Grohl, who's recently become a pro at singing other artist's songs. Read more here.

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Jack White Not A Fan Of Performing Live Shows
(Classic Rock) Jack White has admitted that he doesn't enjoying playing half of the shows that he plays and expects to only play acoustic shows for the rest of his days. His latest comments come after he announced he'd be taking a "break from performing for a long period of time."

In an online Q&A session full of deadpans and one-liners, White says: "I'd say half the shows I play I'd rather not play. Festivals for example. But I have to make the best of it and try to get inspired. It's hard when the people who organize festivals basically control my life. I have to book shows around their offer that I can't refuse."

He adds: "It's very expensive to tour - people think that's how musicians make their money these days, but it's hard to go on the road no matter what size you are"

When asked "do you think when you play again you'll go back to theaters, or stick with arenas?" White responded, "Only seated theatres for acoustic shows for the rest of my days." Read more here.

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Art Garfunkel Slams Former Music Partner Paul Simon
(Classic Rock) Art Garfunkel says he "created a monster" after becoming friends with Paul Simon because he felt sorry for him. But even though they've spent 45 years apart, he's still living in hope of a reunion with the colleague who helped make his name.

The duo went their separate ways after the launch of 1970 album Bridge Over Troubled Water, the biggest-selling release of its time. Garfunkel tells The Telegraph the pair became friends at school because he felt sorry for the diminutive Simon. "That compensation gesture has created a monster," he says.

Talking about the split he adds: "It was very strange. I don't want to say any anti Paul Simon things, but it seems very perverse to not enjoy the glory and walk away from it instead. What I would have done is take a rest from Paul, because he was getting on my nerves. The jokes had run dry.

"A rest of a year was all I needed. I said: 'I'm not married yet. I want to jump on a motorbike and tour 'round Europe, chasing ladies.' How can you walk away from this lucky place on top of the world, Paul? What's going on with you, you idiot? How could you let that go, jerk?" Read more here.

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Senses Fail Reveal Two New Songs From Forthcoming Album
(TeamRock Radio) Senses Fail are preparing to release their sixth full-length Pull The Thorns From Your Heart next month, but Metal Hammer has unveiled two new tracks from the album "The Courage Of An Open Heart" and "Wounds".

Frontman Buddy Nielsen told TeamRock a little bit about each song. "The Courage Of An Open Heart": "The song to me represents my wish to live with radical openness towards all experiences. It embodies my wish to live a life that is full of joy, while embracing the darker more shadow moments and not running from them. It is reflective on my meditation experience, a willingness to sit with the to so pleasant emotions.

"It also speaks about hiding the truth of my sexuality for over fifteen years and how that impacted my willingness to want to be alive, I didn't have a lot of peace and this song reflects the darkness of living a life where there is no love for your own being. It also speaks of how love pulled me up and out of the the darkness. It is one of the heaviest songs we have ever written, I love it, I hope people enjoy."

"Wounds": "This song is in stark comparison to Courage Of An Open Heart. There is a duality to our life, moments of darkness, moments of light, we are constantly moving in and out of pleasurable and non pleasurable experiences. Wounds was my attempt at showing a softer more dream-like experience of that exploration. It speaks of moving beyond the limits of my addictive patterns and obsession, it urges everyone to look at the wounds in their life that haven't healed and in becoming aware of your own wounding, it gives us perspective to heal them." Listen to both songs here.

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Faith No More Score Top 10 Hit With New Album 'Sol Invictus'
(Gibson) Faith No More's comeback - which began with reunion shows in 2009 - has high a high point as the band's new album Sol Invictus begins to hit the album charts internationally, clocking in at Number 6 on the UK charts and Number 2 on Australia's ARIA charts.

The album's Billboard 200 debut position will be officially announced on Thursday. Vocalist Mike Patton told Billboard last week that when the band initially reunited there were no plans to write new material. But eventually the rest of the band began working on new music. "Those guys were working on stuff, and if the music wasn't so great I wouldn't have been a part of it," Patton said, "But it was incredibly great."

When asked whether he thought people wanted to hear new Faith No More music, Patton said "I have no idea! Who knows whether they will like it or not? I never wanted to be a 50-year-old guy making music [for] teenagers. I don't think any of us did. But all I can tell you is we're making good s**t. I don't care who listens." Gibson report here.

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Sebastian Bach Announces '18 And Life On Skid Row' Autobiography
(hennemusic) Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has announced that he will publish his autobiography, "18 And Life On Skid Row", on January 19, 2016 via Harper Collins.

Billed as an "uncensored, unfiltered memoir," the former frontman for Skid Row tells the story of his life and times - from joining Kid Wikked at 14 to selling more than 20 million albums with Skid Row to building a successful solo career.

Bach also developed a career as an actor, appearing on numerous television shows and on Broadway. From growing up in The Bahamas and small-town Canada to the world's concert stages, "18 And Life On Skid Row" is Bach's life story in his own words. Read more here.

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Max Cavalera Says New Soulfly Album Has 'Totally Different Vibe'
(TeamRock Radio) Soulfly's 10th album will have a "very exotic" feel, according to mainman Max Cavalera. Archangel will be released on August 14 via Nuclear Blast - and Cavalera states it's a departure from 2013's Savages.

He tells Rock Revolt: "It's a very biblical, very mystic, very exotic kind of album. This is a totally different vibe.There's songs like Sodomites, about the destruction of Sodom, Shamash about the Akkadian god of the sun, Ishtar, which is the Babylonian queen and Titanomachy which is about the war of the titans.

"So there's really more mystic, exotic sounds and songs and lyrics. So it's really cool. It's really artistic which I like about it." He previously said Archangel was "one of those records that comes out once in a lifetime" and called it "heavy as hell." Watch the full interview segment with Max here.

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The Darkness Streaming New Album 'Last Of Our Kind' Online
(hennemusic) The Darkness are streaming their new album, "Last Of Our Kind", ahead of release on June 1. "Last Of Our Kind" will be available on limited edition color vinyl, CD and digital download.

The follow-up to 2012's "Hot Cakes" was produced by guitarist Dan Hawkins and sees the debut of drummer Emily Dolan Davies, who replaced Ed Graham after a split last year.

Davies left the band last month, just weeks after she made her live debut with the group; she has since been replaced by Rufus Taylor, the son of Queen drumming legend Roger Taylor.

The Darkness will launch the album with a showcase concert at Dingwalls in London on June 3, followed by a series of UK festival appearances this summer. Stream the album here.

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Thin Lizzy Surprised At Success Of Song They Almost Rejected
(Classic Rock) Black Star Riders guitarist Scott Gorham has recalled how Thin Lizzy were astonished when The Boys Are Back In Town became their breakthrough hit - because they hadn't wanted it on their Jailbreak album.

The 1976 single has been listed in Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time, and in Q's 100 greatest guitar tracks. But Gorham tells Classic Rock: "We were playing in some club in the US when our manager came in and said, 'Well, looks like we've got a hit.' We were like, 'Which song?' Seriously, we didn't have any idea at all which song it was that had taken off for us."

He continues: "To tell you the truth, we weren't initially going to put The Boys Are Back In Town on the Jailbreak album at all. Back then you picked 10 songs and went with those because of the time restrictions of vinyl.

"We recorded 15 songs, and of the 10 we picked, that wasn't one of them. But then the management heard it and said, 'No, there's something really good about this song.' Although back then, it didn't yet have the twin guitar parts on it." Read more here.

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Metallica To Perform National Anthem At The X Games
(hennemusic) Metallica have announced that they have added a performance of the national anthem to their duties when they headline the 2015 X Games in Austin, Texas next month.

"Not only are we playing a show at the X Games," says the band, "but James and Kirk will also be performing 'The Star-Spangled Banner' prior to the Moto X Speed & Style competition on Saturday, June 6."

Metallica were joined by pioneering skateboarder Tony Hawk to make the announcement of their appearance at the June 4-7 event, which showcases the best in extreme sports. Read more here.

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Symphony X Reveal New Song 'Nevermore'
(Prog) Symphony X have released a lyric video for their track Nevermore. It's taken from their ninth studio album Underworld, to be released on July 24 via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Michael Romeo recently said that the band wanted to ensure the follow-up to 2011's Iconoclast was a "total listening experience from start to finish."

He added: "It's heavy and aggressive as f*** when it needs to be - yet soaring and emotional at other times. I think the balance is just right. It had to have all the elements of what we normally would do, just tweaked up a notch." Check out the video here.

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You Me At Six Guitarist Reveals Band's New Album Plans
(TeamRock Radio) You Me At Six will spend this summer working on the their fifth album, guitarist Max Helyer has confirmed. He says it's been two years since they got together to flesh out ideas - and he thinks the follow-up to 2014's Cavalier Youth will start a new chapter for the band.

Helyer tells Kerrang: "We have the Isle of Wight festival on June 12 and then over the summer we're going to record. We're going to jam and enjoy ourselves being musicians and find where our sound is going to take us.

"We've got ideas but we're very different people now and I think it's going to show the next progression of our band. We've done 10 years but what's going to be the next 10 years for You Me At Six and what are we going to bring?"

He adds: "I think we want to achieve higher levels and hopefully get another number one album." Watch the full interview clip here.

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Breaking Orbit Announce New Album 'Transcension'
(Prog) Breaking Orbit will release their second album on May 29, they've confirmed. Transcension will be available form digital outlets as well as in physical formats on the band's website.

Transcension is the follow-up to the Aussie prog outfit's 2012 debut The Time Traveller and was recorded at Sydney's The Grove Studios with producer Dylan Mitrovich. The nine-track record promises to take listeners "from the softest of instrumental breaks to the most complex and intense heavy moments."

Singer Matt Quayle says: "We have evolved alongside the creation of this album. It's not only a continuation of the story of The Time Traveller, it's a massive leap forward for us as well." Read more here.

More on Breaking Orbit - Breaking Orbit Music, DVDs, Books and more - Breaking Orbit T-shirts and Posters

Town Portal Release 'Yes Golem' Live Studio Performance Video
(Prog) Town Portal are premiering a video of them performing a live version of their single Yes Golem with TeamRock. Yes Golem is taken from the Danish instrumental post-rock outfit's second album, The Occident, out now.

On the track, Town Portal say: "The recurring opening riff of this song has been around since the early stages of writing The Occident. It has consistently been referred to as the 'Golem riff', and though I don't remember the original reason for this, we still find that the reference to this mythological creature resonates well with the brute, jagged and sort of clumsy nature of the riff.

"The Yes Golem then, is this manmade creation that will blindly agree to anything without consideration of the possible consequences. This creature holds a special place in The Occident. Prior to a UK tour in April we had the chance to visit our English label Small Pond, to record this live video session of the song. Enjoy." Watch the video here.

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ProgPower Europe Festival Final Lineup Revealed
(Prog) The lineup for this year's ProgPower Europe festival has been completed with the addition of Enchant. They'll appear at Baarlo, Netherlands, on the weekend of October 2-4 alongside Leprous, Pagan's Mind, Soen, Myrath, Caligula's Horse and others.

It's the US band's first performance in Europe for 10 years, and follows the launch of ninth album The Great Divide last year. ProgPower promoters say: "It's been a long-time wish to announce the addition of Enchant. With over 25 years of experience, we're looking forward to them playing. Adding them is the best way to complete 2015's lineup."

Last year guitarist Doug Ott told how "life got in the way" of the band's career, adding: "We never planned to take a break at all. People got married, people got divorced, people had children, jobs came and went.

"We got together and played a few here and there. But it wasn't until two years ago we started thinking we could actually make another record." Check out the full lineup details here.

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