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Slipknot Streaming New Album In Full
After previewing several tracks over the past few weeks, Slipknot have now released a full stream of their brand new studio album, ".5: The Gray Chapter" online.

The band released several individual track streams last week on their special website for the new album,, and now the band have released a full album stream ahead of the official release this week.

5: The Gray Chapter is the band's first album since the tragic death of founding member Paul Gray in 2010 and as the title suggest, the band are paying tribute to Gray with the new album. Listen to all 14 tracks here.

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Why Velvet Revolver Passed On Corey Taylor
(Classic Rock) Slash recalls how Corey Taylor came closest to being given the job of fronting Velvet Revolver after they parted ways with Scott Weiland. The band still haven't replaced Weiland after his dismissal in 2008, although Slash said recently he has not given up on the supergroup.

And now he says Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor was closer than anyone else to landing the role when they held auditions. Slash tells Rolling Stone Australia: "Probably the closest would have to be Corey, because everybody was rallying for him.

"And I love Corey to death, but something about it was just a little bit too - what's the word for it? You know how Corey sings. It's a very macho kind of thing. But it didn't have certain elements I thought it needed. So we just didn't go down that path. And that was the closest so far."

Find out what other named singer they considered here.

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Led Zeppelin Lose 1st Battle In Stairway To Heaven Fight
(hennemusic) Led Zeppelin's first challenge to dismiss a lawsuit over allegations they plagiarised portions of their iconic 1971 anthem, "Stairway To Heaven", from a song by the group Spirit has been denied by a Pennsylvania judge.

Last month, the band challenged jurisdiction in the case, writing "The individual defendants are British citizens residing in England, own no property in Pennsylvania and have no contacts with Pennsylvania, let alone ties sufficient to render them essentially at home here."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in response, the plaintiff amended the lawsuit with some emphasis on why a Pennsylvania judge should oversee the case: "Defendants are subject to specific jurisdiction in this district because they make millions of dollars from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania by directly targeting this district for the exploitation of 'Stairway to Heaven' through CD sales, digital downloading, radio and television play, advertising, marketing, concert performances, other performances, licensing, and otherwise targeting resident individuals and businesses to profit off the exploitation of 'Stairway to Heaven.'"

U.S. District Court Judge Juan Sαnchez has now denied the motion to dismiss or transfer without prejudice, meaning that the Zeppelin parties can still try again. Read more here.

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Fleetwood Mac Plan New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Fleetwood Mac have confirmed they are planning to record their new album in 2015. Following the return of keyboardist Christine McVie, the band - minus Stevie Nicks - spent two-months in a Los Angeles studio this past spring working on a batch of new songs by McVie and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Unavailable for the sessions because she was in Nashville recording her collection of lost tracks, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault, Nicks returned in time for the group's autumn North American tour, which has just been extended to next March.

However, she will be involved in the recording process for the new Fleetwood Mac album. Buckingham tells the Wall Street Journal that he's had a chance to work on more tracks based on piano and voice demos provided by McVie. here.

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Queensryche Frontman Suffers Personal Tragedy
(TeamRock Radio) Queensryche frontman Todd La Torre is mourning the death of his father, who took his own life this week. Chiropractor William La Torre, who was 73, was found dead on Thursday at the Florida health centre which he owned. Police have ruled his death a suicide.

Todd La Torre says via Facebook: "As many of you have become aware, my father is no longer with us. Although this is a very difficult time, this post is only to confirm that we will not be cancelling any shows.

"I have responsibilities to uphold, and will do whatever I can to perform to the best of my abilities considering the circumstances. Thank you for your support."

Read more here.

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Black Widow's Clive Beer-Jones Dead At 65
(Classic Rock) Black Widow multi-instrumentalist Clive Beer-Jones has died at the age of 65. Beer-Jones passed away at the Myton Hospice in Warwick on October 16 after a long battle with cancer.

Known for his saxophone and flute playing, Beer-Jones was a founding member of Black Widow. In later years, he worked with a number of prog rock acts.

Clive's civil partner, Kelvin Beer-Jones, says the couple were due to be married on December 10.

Despite his poor health, Clive was still a working musician until the end and just days before his passing he completed new track Flutotherapy with Masada. He also worked on the songs Laika and Drown for Sonisk Blodbad in the weeks leading up to his death. here.

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Primus Add 'Golden Tickets' Hunt To Wonka Album Launch
(Classic Rock) Primus will hide five golden vinyl versions of their new album - with those who find them winning free tickets to their gigs for life. Les Claypool's crew release concept record Primus And The Chocolate Factory on October 21 via ATO. The Willy Wonka-inspired album will be available on chocolate-coloured vinyl, with five of them in gold.

They will be randomly distributed with the regular chocolate versions, and like the golden ticket in the Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory film, those who find them will be given a reward. In this case, free Primus tickets for life.

Primus have released a new video teasing the release. A homage to the opening credits of the film, the video shows the records begin pressed and packaged in a factory.

Claypool tells Rolling Stone: "We need to make sure that kids in the future watch the original Willy Wonka and not the horrendous, horrible remake that came along and left the taste of feceas in our mouths."

Read more and watch the video here.

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Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Replacements Wear Same Makeup
(hennemusic) KISS frontman Paul Stanley is sharing his thoughts on the use of KISS makeup by non-original band members. The group has taken heat through the years for current replacement players Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer's use of original makeup designs by original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Now, Stanley admits mistakes were made in the past but that KISS will move forward with the band's original characters. "I think where we went astray is when we first replaced Peter and we decided we needed a new character," Stanley tells Joe Rogan of The Joe Rogan Experience. "And the problem with that kind of stuff is that it started to become - interestingly, I think - disingenuous. It took an air of 'fake' in the sense that it became a menagerie. I mean, we had a Fox [Eric Carr] and an Egyptian Warrior [Vinnie Vincent]. Next we would have the Turtle Boy and The Frog Man."

"So I think once we brought Ace and Peter back for the reunion tour," he continued, "which I hoped would go on forever… In other words, I hoped that everybody would get back together, everybody would see the error in their ways and we would move forward and stay together forever."

"But when that wasn't to be, I thought, you know, we really built these four images. And, arguably, you can go anywhere in the world and people know who KISS is, regardless of whether they know who those people are. So to give up that because we found that those guys were no longer either capable or wanted to give it a hundred percent, well, then who loses out? The fans. So, no. Those images are the images that will continue when I'm not here either."

More including the podcast where Stanley discusses other topics here.

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Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Addresses Recent Health Scare
(hennemusic) Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer is sharing some details regarding a health scare he experienced this summer. Aerosmith cancelled one show while Kramer stepped aside to undergo a "minor medical producer", the drummer missed a second show while recovering and had his son, Jesse, handle things in his absence.

In a new interview with Eddie Trunk, Kramer was asked what symptoms he experienced that made him consider medical attention during their summer Let Rock Rule tour with Slash.

"I thought that I had what they call acid reflux, and I kept getting this burning sensation in my chest, and that's what I thought it was," he explains. "So I kept taking antacids. And, finally, my GP [general practitioner] said to me, 'Just to make sure and rule out that it's anything cardiac related, go and take a stress test.'"

"So I went and took the stress test," Kramer continued. "I got through the echogram [echocardiogram] with flying colors. He said that my cardiovascular system looked like that of a 48- or a 50-year-old, and I'm 64. And then I got on the treadmill, and when I got on the treadmill, it started to bother me a little bit. And so he said he wanted me to go do what they call 'imaging,' and that's what showed the blockage. And then I had an angioplasty done, and they put two stents in my heart. And now I feel better than ever."

"And so, thanks to modern science, I'm back," he adds. "My 'recupe' time was, like, five days, and I took seven, and I was back on stage. And now it's better than ever. I feel great and the playing is great. And that's the story."

More including a full stream of the interview here.

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Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Pays Tribute To Rick Wright
(hennemusic) Guitarist David Gilmour is paying his own tribute to late keyboardist Rick Wright as Pink Floyd prepare to release their first new album in 20 years, "The Endless River", this fall.

"He is an integral part of the flavor of pretty much everything we've ever put out," Gilmour tells Absolute Radio, "and sometimes in all the noise that [former bandmate] Roger [Waters] and I tend to make - verbally, in the press, on the records - he tends to get slightly overlooked but his part has always been there on everything you hear. It's him, it's idiosyncratic, it's different to any other player and has that indefinable something that great players have."

Due November 10 (Nov 11 in North America), "The Endless River" serves as the band's tribute to Wright, who died from cancer in 2008 at the age of 65.

The project features material recorded by Gilmour, Wright and drummer Nick Mason during sessions for 1994's "The Division Bell." More including the video segment with Gilmour here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Timetable For New Solo Album
(hennemusic) Ozzy Osbourne has just released a pair of career-spanning "Memoirs Of A Madman" collections, but he's already sharing an update on the status of his next solo album.

"'Memoirs Of A Madman' was, because I've been not doing my solo stuff for quite awhile now, I've been touring with Black Sabbath, I just wanted to let everybody know I haven't stopped doing my solo stuff," Ozzy tells GMI Rock .

"It's like a bridge thing... So I'm gonna do one more Black Sabbath tour, one more album with Black Sabbath, and I'm in the process, as we go along, [of] collecting stuff that I'm writing. I've co-written about three songs so far for my own solo thing."

"It'll take about two or three years before I release solo stuff again," adds Ozzy, "so 'Memoirs Of The Madman' is just to say to the fans that I haven't stopped, y'know?"

More including a stream of the interview here.

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Ian Denies Anthrax Rift With Belladonna
(TeamRock Radio) Scott Ian blames Internet gossip for recent comments that were attributed to Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna in which he suggested the band weren't close friends.

Belladonna said earlier this year he wished the band would communicate more and added that they hardly ever hung out together. But Ian says Belladonna's comments were misconstrued.

He tells Mitch Lafon: "I texted him after my mother told me on the phone she just saw something online that, 'Joey Belladonna says you guys aren't friends.'

"And I said, 'That's kind of weird, because I'm texting with him right now.' And I wrote to Joey, 'Hey, what's going on? We're not friends?' And he was, like, 'What are you talking about?'" Read more here.

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Supertramp Expanding Crime Of The Century For 40th Anniversary
(TeamRock Radio) Supertramp will reissue their Crime Of The Century album later this year. Their third record was originally released in 1974 and this remastered version will mark its 40th anniversary. It launches on December 8.

The package features the original album, which has been remastered by Ray Staff, along with a live recording from the band's appearance at London's Hammersmith Odeon in March 1975. This disc has been mixed from the master tapes by original on-the-night engineer Ken Scott.

The album will be available on CD, 2CD, 180g vinyl, Blu-ray, digital formats and as a vinyl box set. The double CD package comes with a 24-page booklet featuring photos and interviews, while the vinyl box set includes an eight-page album-sized booklet, download code and two 10 x 8 prints.

More details here.

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KK Downing Felt Judas Priest Lost Their Spark
(Classic Rock) Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing says he misses being in the band, but doesn't regret his decision to leave. Downing, who had been with Preist since 1970, left the metal icons in 2011 and was replaced by Richie Faulkner.

And while his departure was put down to a breakdown in the working relationship with his bandmates, Downing now recalls not feeling "the spark" towards the end of his tenure.

He tells Digital Journal: "I felt that a lot of the spark wasn't there, for whatever reason, on stage. I felt I had it, but felt it wasn't what I originally signed up for. I always thought that Judas Priest should have been a high-energy outfit and ultra-sharp, but I wasn't enjoying it as much on stage as I should have been." Read more here.

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Metallica Made Big Impression On Volbeat Frontman
(TeamRock Radio) Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen has praised Metallica for the way they treat other artists. Poulsen's band have supported the thrash giants across Europe and the US and he says it's always an honor to hit the road with them.

He tells ArtistDirect: "We first met them in 2007. Metallica hadn't been in Denmark for a long time and they were about to play a show in front of 40,000 people. They were looking for support bands and drummer Lars Ulrich was calling friends and media asking them, 'What's the big buzz right now?' Everybody was talking about Volbeat.

"We had our second album out and he liked what he heard. We got the support slot that day and Metallica frontman James Hetfield became a Volbeat fan."

Poulsen continues: "We've been on the road lots of times with them in America and Europe. It's been amazing - they're such nice guys. There are a lot of big bands who could learn a trick or two from Metallica about how to treat people." Read more here.

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Obsidian Kingdom Streaming Debut Album Online
(TeamRock Radio) Obsidian Kingdom have made their debut album available to stream in its entirety. The prog metal outfit originally released Mantiis in 2012, but the limited run of 500 copies sold out instantly. Two years on, it's getting a proper release and launch with CD and digital formats available from October 24.

The Spanish band's debut is a concept album featuring a single song divided into 14 tracks. They are currently working on the follow-up and will play London's Tufnell Park Dome on October 31 and at Damnation festival, Leeds on November 1.

The band say: "It's a huge honour and means a lot for Obsidian Kingdom to present Mantiis and its international release to the world with the support of the legendary Prog Magazine, home to many of the bands that have inspired our work.

"We feel there could be no better way to introduce our debut album to a wider audience for it to enjoy and judge; a post-modern rock opera where girls and insects dance to the sound of an eerie tune that will delight progressive music lovers from all over the world. Feast your ears and remember not to take candy from strangers."

Stream the album here.

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Paul Allender Explains Exit From Cradle Of Filth
(TeamRock Radio) Guitarist Paul Allender has explained why he left Cradle Of Filth for a second time to concentrate on White Empress. Dani Filth previously said the split had been coming because Allender had his priorities wrong. But the guitarist reveals he left because he thought he had taken the band as far as he could.

He tells BraveWords: As I've got older, I have more ideas of what I want to do. It just so happened that as Cradle was going on, and I'm accumulating all these ideas, it wasn't going anywhere. Towards the end, I felt I had taken the band as far as I could - it wasn't right for me. That's the reason I started doing White Empress full-time."

Allender joined Cradle Of Filth in 1991 and left in 1994 to join The Blood Divine. He returned to the fold in 2000 but departed a second time earlier this year. And he explains another reason he quit was because he wanted to make music that excited him again. Read those comments here.

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Porcupine Tree Offshoot Burnt Belief Streaming New Album Online
(TeamRock Radio) Burnt Belief have broken down each of the tracks on their second album - which they have also made available to stream. Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Jon Durant release Etymology on October 21 via Alchemy Records.

They roped in three drummers to help with the record - Vinny Sabatino, Dean McCormick and Jose Duque. And the duo have given an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the record to Prog to go along with our exclusive stream of the 12 songs.

Read Jon Durant's comments about each track beginning with Chromatique: The cloud guitar that begins the piece was done in the first round of stuff last August when I was alone in Portland. I did a ton of cloud guitar scapes that began the process. As it happens, Colin couldn't figure out what to do with the weird descending chromatic melody, so he left it alone. A few months later, I was going back through things, and it resonated with me, and it very quickly kicked in for me. Put the piece together very quickly, Colin dug it, and built the end section. This was also the first track for Vinny, who totally nailed it.

Dissemble: The second of two pieces utilising a cloud scape that I thought was too 'nice'. Colin ran them through his slicer to create rhythm patterns. The first rhythmic thing, a pulsing chord, is the cloud in question. In this case he then had this tabla figure, but the slice was in the wrong key for the tablas. So I suggested he pitch shift it to get it in line, from which he built the bass line. His first harmonic slide gave me the idea for the melody, and away we went.

Precis: This piece is a short summary of Burnt Belief. Colin had a couple ideas with the bass and programming, and no idea what to do with it. I re-arranged, moved, created chordal ideas and built the piece from there. He then re-did his bass parts and I constructed the final guitar, cloud and synth trumpet parts. Vinny came in and brought so much life to it. The moment when we come out of the bass harmonics and into the octave bass is one of the absolute highlights for me.

Read the rest and listen to the album here.

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I AM I Enter New Era With New Lineup
(TeamRock Radio) I AM I say their current lineup have gelled and are working well together ahead of their upcoming five UK dates. Former Dragonforce frontman ZP Theart was forced to make dramatic lineup changes earlier this year, when he parted ways with Jacob Ziemba, Andy Midgley and Neil Salmon.

He called out the trio for their lack of hunger and revealed he needed to be surrounded by like-minded musicians to make the band work. He then recruited bassist Dean Markham and guitarists Gav Owen and Andy Kopczyk to take their place, with drummer Rich Smith completing the new-look band.

They say in a statement: "The band have now solidified the lineup with a cracking bunch of top class musicians who have gelled incredibly well and are all ready to roll out the storming new era for I Am I."

Find the dates here.

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Hammerfall Reinvigorated With Latest Album
(TeamRock Radio) Hammerfall guitarist Oscar Dronjak has praised producer Fredrik Nordstrom for his work on their latest album. And he also reveals he thinks the album's artwork by Andreas Marschall has helped draw people to the record.

Nordstrom produced Hammerfall's debut Glory To The Brave in 1997 and Dronjak says his involvement on (r)Evolution gave them "energy and hunger" in the studio.

Dronjak tells The Classic Metal Show: "I think the artwork and the fact we're working with producer Fredrik Nordstrom again helps to influence people before they even heard a note from the album.

"The album does have some kind of energy and hunger and attitude that we had on the first album that maybe we haven't been able to recreate since then."

Read more here.

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Video Of Pearl Jam's Live Debut Of New Song Goes Online
(hennemusic) Pearl Jam debuted a new song, "Moline", during their show in the Illinois city of the same name on Friday. At the start of the band's first encore, Eddie Vedder arrived on stage with his acoustic guitar and explained the origins of the tune.

"It literally was written about 10 minutes….it was finished right before we walked out here," explained the singer. "But now we've played all those songs and I've had just a little bit of wine - just a litte bit - so just give me one second to learn it and I'll be right with you."

The Moline stop is part of the band's fall US tour in support of "Lightning Bolt", which will wrap up in Denver, Colorado on October 22. Watch video of the song performance here.

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Chickenfoot Reunite At Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash
(hennemusic) Chickenfoot reunited to perform the encore at Sammy Hagar's belated birthday bash concert on Saturday at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

The group played "Sexy Little Thing" from their 2009 debut and "Big Foot" from 2011's "Chickenfoot III" before being joined by Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger for Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" - featuring Jason Bonham on drums and Chad Smith on guitar.

The evening wrapped with a version of Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll." This summer, guitarist Joe Satriani shared an update on the status of Chickenfoot, saying that a third album by the band will happen.

"It is in the pipeline," said Satriani. "Everyone's got demos, everyone's excited. I don't know about the schedule though. That is still - as usual - in the chaotic Chickenfoot state."

Watch video from the show including the Chickenfoot songs, Kroeger and Led Zeppelin jams here.

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Lost Paul McCartney & Wings TV Ad Goes Online
( The '70s have been coming back in pop culture over the past few years, with American Hustle, now Inherent Vice and especially on the runway, but a recently-surfaced ad for Paul McCartney's band Wings is the best capsule of the zany time.

Shot by Saturday Night and Sunday Morning director Karel Reisz to promote the band's 1975 album Venus and Mars, the TV ad consists of a smoky pool game where McCartney and co. sport some very timely fashions.

In his cross-tie and white shirt, the former Beatle looks like he could have emerged from the runway of Saint Laurent's spring 2013 show - for which, now judging from this, he could have been in part the inspiration.

As the album's lead single "Listen to What the Man Says" plays, McCartney dances around the pool table and the group start playing a game of snooker. Other songs from the album - "You Gave Me the Answer," "Treat Her Gently" and the title track - also soundtrack the one-minute ad.

Watch the ad here.

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Alice Cooper Releases Live Poison Video
(hennemusic) Alice Cooper has issued a performance video of his 1989 hit, "Poison", as a preview to the forthcoming concert package, "Raise The Dead - Live From Wacken."

Due October 21 in North America, (Oct 17 in Germany and October 20 in UK), the set features the rock legend recorded in concert at Wacken Open Air, an annual summer open air heavy metal festival that takes place in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany.

Recorded live on August 3, 2013, "Raise The Dead" will be available as DVD + CD digipack. The DVD contains 22 songs plus an interview with Alice, while the double CD contains the complete concert.

With "Raise The Dead - Live From Wacken", the German label UDR is starting a new live series of legendary Wacken performances. When Alice learned about the purpose behind it, he was very happy to be one of the first to participate and support the Wacken Foundation.

Watch the video here.

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Down N Outz Release Pop-Up Video For One Of The Boys
(hennemusic) Down N Outz, the Mott The Hoople-inspired side project of Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, have released a pop-up version of their video for "One Of The Boys", a track from their latest album, "The Further Adventures Of…"

The song originally appeared on Mott The Hoople's fifth studio album, 1972's "All The Young Dudes." The tune was also featured as the b-side to the title track when it was released as a single.

Down N Outz recently announced the addition of bassist Share Ross to the band. Ross was previously a member of Vixen and the short-lived supergroup Contraband.

The bassist will be on hand for Down N Outz' fall UK tour, which opens December 5 in Bristol. Down N Outz - who play only Mott-releated tunes (including songs by Mott, Ian Hunter and British Lions) - were formed specifically to open a series of 2009 reunion shows for Mott The Hoople at London's Hammersmith Odeon.

Watch the video here.

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Halestorm Fans Tattoo Devotion Surreal For Frontwoman
(Classic Rock) Halestorm's Lzzy Hale says seeing fans' tattoos with lyrics they wrote in "surreal." She tells PCM: "It's the weirdest thing in the world to write a song and then have someone tattoo it on their arm and say the song saved their life. It's surreal because we know what they mean to us but the fact they can impact and touch somebody else is crazy.

"When I'm writing about a certain subject or something I've personally gone through, it's over when the song is done. The meaning of the song evolves over time. Maybe I'm going through something completely different and all of a sudden that song means something different to me while I'm singing on stage."

The US rockers recently played the Shindig Festival in Baltimore - taking a break from their studio sessions where they're recording the follow-up to 2012's The Strange Case Of….

More including a stream of the full interview here.

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Amplifier Release The Meaning Of If Lyric Video
(Classic Rock) UK rockers Amplifier have released a lyric video for their track The Meaning Of If. It's taken from their 5th album Mystoria which was launched by the band's new label Superball Music earlier this year.

Guitarist Sel Balamir says of the song: "This song is proving to be a live favorite already. It's heavy and groovy - that's what Amplifier are all about."

It's the second album track to be released, following the launch of Open Up in August. The band are currently on tour across Europe and will stop off for two UK dates in November. They'll play Manchester's Ritz on November 15 and London's Forum on November 16.

Watch the video here.

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Leprous Release Pre-Tour Video
(TeamRock Radio) Leprous frontman Einar Solberg has released a video message ahead of the band's Prog-sponsored UK and Ireland tour. The Norwegian group will take to the road for nine dates with InsideOut stablemates Haken and Maschine starting in London on October 23.

And the singer is so excited about the upcoming gigs he's made a brief clip for fans. He says: "Only a couple of weeks left until our UK tour with Haken and Maschine and we can't wait.

"We have the pleasure to visit several cities we've never visited before to do a full, extended UK tour and the pleasure to share the stage with two such amazing bands."

More including the tour dates here.

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Gotthard Release C'est La Vie Video
(TeamRock Radio) Swiss rockers Gotthard have released a music video for the track C'est La Vie, which comes from their 14th album Bang! which launched earlier this year via G Records

Drummer Hena Habegger previously said the album stood up against anything they've done before - and revealed its musical style was similar to 2005 release Lipservice.

He said: "You can't really compare different albums, but if one record comes closest in sound, it is probably Lipservice, except there's more of a playful feel to Bang! The arrangements spring one or two surprises."

The band are about to embark on a tour of mainland Europe and will head to South America for seven dates in December. Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Jacob Hungsberg's Foolish Things
Today indie folk rocker Jacob Hungsberg tells us about the song "Foolish Things," which comes from his most recent EP release, the "Trade Winds EP". Here is the story:

I started writing Foolish Things over a year prior to releasing it on "Trade Winds". I wrote, and recorded a soft demo version of the song and put it up on SoundCloud. I asked followers and listeners to comment on thoughts and suggestions for the song as it was. After a week or so, I collected all the input and went back into the studio and recorded the official track. There were a couple of suggestions that I used, and in-lieu of receiving a cabasa as a gift, I added that in small portions, re-recorded vocals and re-mixed the string and piano parts. I tried not to listen to the song for a week or so, so I could come back to the song with a refreshed perspective. I re-mixed once again and then mastered it and that's the way it is today.

Lyrics were formed from a relationship I was in for a while and after enough time I started asking myself why I was spending time with this person. Spending money on dinners, trips, gifts etc... and thinking about all of the time that I spent with this girl that I would never get back. Foolish things in my mind. It was my own fault that it dragged out as long as it did, and my own fault that I didn't get out of the situation earlier, but it ended up being great material for a song. Generally I don't write personal songs, but I figured this would be a great opportunity.

I recorded the acoustic parts with a D-15 Martin acoustic. The string and piano parts were grabbed from a KORG, while using Neumann and Electro Voice microphones to record the vocals. I use Pro Tools software with a smaller 003 Digidesign interface, all within a home-made studio in Loveland, Colorado. Thanks for listening to my story!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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