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Here are the top stories from this past week's Day in Rock report

AC/DC Star's Alleged 'Hitman' Speaks Out
(Classic Rock) An associate of AC/DC's Phil Rudd has spoken to the media and denies claims that he was contracted by the drummer to murder a former employee and his daughter as a "hitman."

Rudd was arrested by New Zealand police on November 6 and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill, as well as attempting to procure a murder after he allegedly tried to have two men killed; authorities dropped the procure charge the next day due to lack of evidence.

The drummer has plead not guilty to the three remaining charges and is expected to face a judge-alone trial, without a jury, next year. Rudd made more headlines following a court appearance last week after a chance encounter with one of the parties involved in the case was determined to be a breach of his bail conditions.

The alleged hitman tells the New Zealand Herald that Rudd offered him $250,000 and "the pick" of any of the cars in his $9 million collection to be his bodyguard - not a payment for what police claim Rudd "wanted done" to the former employee.

Read more here.

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Scott Stapp Denies Plotting To Assassinate The President
( The drama continues for Creed frontman Scott Stapp, whose public image took an unexpected turn when a phone call between his wife and the police leaked to TMZ, where she was heard saying that the singer has been plotting the assassination of Barack Obama.

The secret service is now reportedly aware of the incident and will "take appropriate action." This weekend Stapp defended his behavior and spoke out against the reports on Creed's Facebook page, rather than his own as he has more often been doing.

In the post, Stapp continued to maintain that he's sober and stable, railing against media reports and calling it a "smear campaign." He had this to say about the assassination plot:

"The recent report claiming I am delusional, and claiming I'm a CIA agent with evil intent towards our beloved President is a joke. I'm shocked the press even covered such a ridicules story. My history supporting our troops and this great country of ours should speak for itself."

His post that has since been deleted but you can read it in full, as captured by Consequence of Sound, here.

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Duff McKagan and Chris Cornell Part Of Mad Season Reunion
( Though Seattle acts like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are still thriving, grunge history is marked by a number of bands that have seen death strike and alter their future, including Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Mother Love Bone.

Less storied on this list is Mad Season, originally a side project of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, who broke up in 1999 following the death of bassist John Baker Saunders , and later saw singer Layne Staley (of AiC) pass away.

The two surviving members of the group, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and Screaming Trees' Barrett Martin, will reunite January 30 in Seattle with fill-in members Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses. Read more here.

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System of a Down Announce First U.S. Tour Date of 2015
( Fear not, because System of a Down's weekend set at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas won't be their only U.S. show in the near future. The band confirmed Saturday with KROQ that they will make a stop in Los Angeles once again on April 6 at the Forum for the kickoff of their Wake Up the Souls tour.

System of a Down had previously announced the tour last month, noting that it was designed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Turkey.

"We said we should celebrate the fact that we're here on stage, on the radio telling you about [the genocide]," bassist Shavo Odadjian explained to KROQ. "We got to that level. Let's not mourn 100 years what has already happened. By educating, you raise awareness. By raising awareness, you grow peoples' minds."

"The way we do it, we have our show, and the people that want to take information away from that, and the people who want to just come and enjoy the show also have that freedom," drummer John Dolmayan added.

Read more here.

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Evanescence and Tremoni Supergroup Premiere New Song
(TeamRock Radio) A supergroup featuring members of Tremonti and Evanescence have released their debut album and lyric video for their first single. God To Gravity's self-titled debut is out now, and a lyric video for the single Dying Light has been made available.

The group features Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock, Evanescence guitarist Troy McLawhorn and Ether Seeds singer Dustin Lowery. Dustin's brother Corey is on bass while guitarist Pat Deeb completes the lineup.

Corey Lowery says: "This is the first time I've been able to do a CD with my youngest brother. Pat Deeb and I started writing this music and we needed a voice that would match it.

"I sent it to Dustin and I think he took it to a new level. Troy McLawhorn and Garrett Whitlock came in and took it to a newer level. There are special guests on it, such as our brother Clint Lowery, Morgan Rose and Matt O'Rourke."

Check out the new song here.

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Melechesh Recruit Cavalera, Caggiano and Tolis For New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Max Cavalera, Rob Caggiano and Sakis Tolis all say they're honoured to have recorded guest tracks for Melechesh's sixth album Enki. The follow-up to 2010's The Epigenesis will be launched on March 2 via Nuclear Blast - it's their first since drummer Xul was replaced with former member Lord Curse.

Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed frontman Cavalera reports: "I'm a big fan and I think The Epigenesis is one of the greatest extreme metal records ever done. Our worlds finally collide; long live Melechesh!"

Caggiano, who joined Volbeat last year after leaving Anthrax, adds: "I've been a fan for a while now and it was an honour play a solo. These guys sound like nothing else out there." Read more here.

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Napalm Death Mixing Styles On New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway says upcoming album, Apex Predator - Easy Meat, embraces a mix of styles. Earlier this year he revealed the follow-up to 2012's Utilitatrian would be a "sonic assault." And he says the band's sound continues to evolve as they've drawn on two distinctive influences.

He tells Metal Wani: "It's not reinventing the wheel but it's a couple of steps forward. There's two quite distinctive styles. You've got the traditional, fast, chaotic and almost off-the-rails Napalm approach.

"And then you've got a queasy, ambient and quite depressive edge. We've been doing the two in tandem for many albums but as time goes on we're tending to mix the styles in more inventive ways." Read more here.

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The Clash's Joe Strummer Has Species Named After Him
( No one could have guessed when they started naming living things in Latin that they would run out words and start choosing cute names based on pop stars. But, we have been going down that road for a while now, with Beyonce, Frank Zappa, and Bob Marley all having creatures adorning their names. Now, a punk legend joins the ranks.

Now the late, great Joe Strummer of The Clash has been selected to have a snail named after him. And this isn't just some random bit of fandom. The snail actually looks the part, with a spikey shape that resembles the look of many classic punks.

"Because they look like punk rockers in the '70s and '80s and they have purple blood and live in such an extreme environment, we decided to name one new species after a punk rock icon," said Shannon Johnson of the Monterey Bay Research Aquarium.

The resulting name: A. strummeri. Read more here.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd and Fall Out Boy Set For The Voice Finale
(hennemusic) Lynyrd Skynyrd and Fall Out Boy are among the special music guests that are set to perform Tuesday night (December 16th) on the Season 7 finale of NBC's The Voice.

Skynyrd will team up with finalist Craig Wayne Boyd for a song; Fall Out Boy will join finalist Matt McAndrew; Jennifer Hudson will sing with finalist Damien; and, Jessie J will join finalist Chris Jamison for a performance.

Other guests for the season-ending broadcast include Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Hozier and Ed Sheeran. Fans will vote to select The Voice Season 7 winner. Read more here.

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NHL's San Jose Sharks Plan Metallica Night
(hennemusic) NHL's San Jose Sharks will host Metallica Night on January 21. The NHL event is the second Bay-area sports event to feature a Metallica Night: Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants will host the 3rd annual Metallica Night at AT&T Park on Saturday, May 2.

"As some of you may know," says the band, "we have been long supporters of the Sharks going back to the mid-90's when the team moved permanently to San Jose... over the years we've made many treks down to the Shark Tank.

"So it's actually pretty fitting that we finally connect with the team for a night of metal and hockey and we want you to come along and partake of the festivities with us."

"We'll be on hand for the first strains of 'Seek & Destroy'," added Metallica, "kick off the game with the puck drop, and partake in some of the intermission fun and games that Sharks fans know and love." Read more here.

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Brutality Plan Their First New Album In 18 Years
(TeamRock Radio) Florida death metal outfit Brutality have inked a new record deal and will begin work on their first studio album in 18 years, they've announced. They've signed with Danish label Mighty Music to launch the follow-up to 1997's In Mourning - and they say they're back for the "long haul."

Guitarist Don Gates tells Maximum Metal: "We are starting off slowly to get a good feel of how things will work. In the past we took a beating from our old label so we were a bit gun shy going into this. Once we had a face-to-face meeting with the US rep for Mighty Music Rich Lee, we knew that this was the right place to be.

"Our first release will be a re-release of the Ruins of Humans EP on 7-vinyl. We told Rich that if we were to ever sign another record deal then it was surely to be our last. That being said I guess we are all in this for the long haul." Read more here.

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Frank Black And The Catholics Releasing Boxset
(TeamRock Radio) Frank Black And The Catholics have confirmed the upcoming release of a comprehensive boxset. Pixies frontman Black (aka Black Francis) recorded six albums with The Catholics between 1998 and 2003, and the boxset will include all of them, remastered from the original recordings.

The tracks will be presented in alphabetical order on 7CD set The Complete Recordings, which is out on March 23 via Cooking Vinyl. Black says: "It feels like an approximation of randomness and its a way to randomise something, especially if its titles. We get away from the preciousness of LPs we put out and its more about the body of work, the good times that we had.

"This is a boxset including all of the Frank Black And The Catholics material that was recorded, there's bonus material and technical demos and it's all recorded live to 2-track, as was our rule in the band."

More including a promo video for the boxset here.

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Opeth's Martin Axenrot Named Best Prog Drummer Of 2014
(Prog) Opeth's Martin Axenrot has been named the best prog drummer of the year. Readers of Rhythm magazine voted the Swedish sticksman tops in 2014, ahead of multi-act player Mike Portnoy, Devin Townsend Project's Ryan Van Poederooyen and Neil Peart of Rush.

Axenrot has been acclaimed for his work on Opeth's eleventh album Pale Communion, launched this year. The band followed the released with an appearance at Download and a UK tour.

Rhythm say: "Swedish powerhouse Martin put in another outstanding performance on Pale Communion. His jazz touch within such heavy music help make him a master at his art." Read more here.

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Immortal Frontman Says Other Members Walked Away From Band
(TeamRock Radio) Immortal frontman Olve 'Abbath' Eikemo says the other parties involved in a legal row over the band's name walked away from the group this year. Last week it was revealed Abbath was trying to legally secure exclusive rights to the Norwegian black metal band's name, but that his move had been blocked by guitarist Harald 'Demonaz' Navdal and drummer Reidar 'Horgh' Horghagen, who say the name should be shared between all three.

In his latest correspondence with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, Abbath claims Horgh and Demonaz left him to pay the bills on a rehearsal space and that he has recorded a new album with other musicians.

Dagbladet reports Abbath's letter as saying: "This summer Olve received a message from Harald and Reidar indicating that they wanted to take a longer break after a conflict occurred between Olve and the other two band members.

"The band rents a rehearsal space where costs were being shared between the three band members. Harald and Reidar did not want to pay their share of the rent since the band, in their opinion, was not active. Olve, as songwriter, was dependent on the rehearsal space and was willing to cover the rental costs himself." Read more here.

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HIM Plan New Music Next Year
(TeamRock Radio) HIM singer Ville Valo says the band plan to work on new music in 2015. Currently playing dates on a US tour, the veteran Finnish outfit will wrap up their 2014 schedule with a hometown show on New Year's Eve and enjoy some downtime before beginning work on the follow-up to their eighth album, 2013's Tears On Tape.

Valo tells KWSS-FM Scottsdale, Arizona: "We're playing one show on New Year's Eve in Helsinki and then that's gonna be it for touring for a while, because then we'll have been on the road more or less, on and off, for about a year and a half. So that's a long time for us."

"So it'd be nice to sit down for a wee bit and start working on some new stuff. So this is gonna be our not a 'farewell,' per se, but sort of like a 'bye bye for now' tour, so it'll be a fun one." Read more here.

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The Almighty Reissuing Early Albums
(TeamRock Radio) The Almighty's first two albums are to be reissued early next year. Spinefarm Records will release 1989's Blood, Fire & Love and 1991's Soul Destruction on February 9 under the RE-F**KIN'-ISSUES banner. The label own the rights to the band's Polydor output and will also issue further releases from the group later in 2015.
The band's debut Blood, Fire & Love will be packaged as a three-disc set, including the Blood, Fire & Live album along with a disc of demos and rarities. Soul Destruction will be a two-disc release featuring B-sides, live material and acoustic tracks.

They've been inactive since 2008 but vocalist Ricky Warwick, who fronts Black Star Riders, says he and original drummer Stump Monroe were involved on the production of the reissues.

He tells MyGlobalMind: "We were approached by the record company that they were going to do it. They own everything so it was a case of, 'If you're involved then great. If not we will do it anyway.' Obviously we wanted to be involved so that it would be done as well as we could possibly do it." Read more including the track details here.

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The Exploited Plan Strong Return On Album Following Heart Attack
(Classic Rock) The Exploited have vowed their upcoming album will prove they're better than ever now that frontman Wattie Buchan has recovered from his heart attack.

He fell ill on stage in February, soon after the veteran punks had confirmed signing to Nuclear Blast for what will be their first record in 12 years. It's set for release in the summer, following a run of European shows that includes appearances in Glasgow and Manchester.

They say: "It was very important for us that Wattie was cured completely. Now he's recovered we can go on working with new power. We're totally hooked to record new songs, and of course we're thrilled to play the upcoming live shows. Watch out; get ready - The Exploited are back, better than ever!"

Read more here.

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Decapitated and The Contortionist Lead Tech-Fest Lineup
(TeamRock Radio) Tech-Fest will return for its fourth edition next year, organizer Simon Garrod has confirmed - featuring UK exclusive appearances from Decapitated and The Contortionist, plus Haken.

An additional 14 acts have been named for the Metal Hammer sponsored festival, which takes place at Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire, on July 9-12.

Garrod says: "Tech-Fest 2015 is looking to be our biggest event yet - we're excited to be working with all the great sponsors from last year and going back to the Newark Showground for our fourth edition. Many more bands, workshops and after-parties will be announced in due course."

Read more including the full lineup and ticket information here.

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Palm Reader Announce Headlining Tour
(TeamRock Radio) Palm Reader have announced a UK headlining tour for February. The British hardcore outfit start the seven-date tour in Worthing on February 23. It comes ahead of the release of their second album Beside The Ones We Love in the spring.

Frontman Josh McKeown says: "We're pumped to have finished our tour with Protest The Hero and now go full throttle into 2015, with more dates to announce soon. We can't wait to hit up some smaller towns again like on this tour as these are some of places and venues that Palm Reader first began to makes our name."

Palm Reader last month released the first single from the upcoming album. A video for the track, I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue, was also made available. Watch the video and check out the tour dates here.

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Download Festival Announce More Bands
(TeamRock Radio) 19 names have been added to the bill for the 2015 Download festival, which takes place at Donington on June 12-15. Clutch, Lamb Of God, Black Veil Brides, Billy Idol and Rise Against are amongst the acts who'll join headliners Slipknot, Muse and Kiss.

Also newly listed are Eagles Of Death Metal, Dragonforce, Hollywood Undead, Body Count, Every Time I Die, Parkway Drive, Backyard Babies, H.E.A.T., Motionless In White, Crown The Empire, Northlane, Madball and Mallory Knox.

Idol says: "It was a fantastic experience playing at Download 2010 in the teeming rain, with the audience completely unfazed. If that was fun, this year should be dynamite." Read more here.

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5 Seconds Of Summer Aim To Bridge Rock and Pop Worlds
(TeamRock Radio) 5 Seconds Of Summer say they're benefitting the world of rock music by bringing pop fans into the fold. They tell Rocksound: "We love rock music and playing rock shows. It's cool when people recognise that we are hopefully benefitting the world of rock by being in the pop world as a rock band. If we're leading a new audience to rock bands, that's awesome."

Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin released their self-titled debut earlier this year - and it's an achievement they're proud of as they wanted people to hear material they had been working on for years.

They add: "Releasing the album was a massive milestone. We were all so excited for people to hear what it sounded like so they might understand us a little better. Some of those songs had been in our heads for years." Read more here.

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Scott Stapp Loses Custody Of His Children
(Classic Rock) Creed singer Scott Stapp has been denied access to his children after a legal ruling. It's the latest in a chain of events that started when his wife filed for divorce last month, citing his heavy drug use and attempted suicide. Stapp responded with a video claiming he'd been the target of a US government conspiracy he was living in his truck - it was later removed.

He then launched a short-lived crowdfunding campaign for $480,000, saying it was to fund a solo album and a novel. Later his 16-year-old son claimed his father had been on a nine-week binge and was refusing to get the help he needed.

Now Florida Judge Martin Colin has granted Stapp's wife sole physical and legal custody of Jagger and siblings Milan, 7, and Daniel, 4. He's also ruled that the singer cannot return to the family home.

On Friday the singer posted a message, also later taken down, saying: "In light of the recent vicious attacks on my character as well as the vicious lies that are being spread about me, I'm left with no option but to address this circus.

"In no way, shape or form are any of these accusations true. I am 100% sober and 100% mentally sane and stable. Supporting documents validating this will be given to Judge Colin and serviced to the media next week." Read more here.

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Pink Floyd and David Bowie Musician Facing Deportation
(Classic Rock) Percussionist Steve Forman, who's worked with Pink Floyd, David Bowie and many others, is facing deportation from the UK because the Home Office says he doesn't earn enough to remain in the country.

The 68-year-old American is employed as a lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. His salary for the job falls short of the government's £31,000 requirement for foreign nationals - but once royalties for his musical work is factored in, he makes twice that figure.

An online petition supporting his position has gathered 3500 signatures, while more than 60 letters of support were written ahead of his appearance at an immigration hearing in London this week.

However, government lawyers told judge John Macdonald: "The public interest in this case is more than enough to justify his removal." Read more here.

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Vivian Campbell Not To Blame If New Def Leppard Sounds 'Wussy'
(TeamRock Radio) Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell says he's not to blame if the band's upcoming album "comes out being wussy." Work has been continuing on the record, with frontman Joe Elliott recently revealing they were back in the studio working on fresh material.

Campbell played during the new record's initial sessions before he stepped back to undergo surgery for Hodgkin's lymphoma. And he says when he was involved, the tracks they worked on were purely rock songs - although that might not be the case now.

He tells Canadian radio station Free FM: "Well, it's never finished until it's finished, but when we first started playing we did track as a band, and when we do that, we tend to write more rock songs. The first four or five tracks we cut were on the heavier side, but I have no idea if they will actually make the grade.

"The way Def Leppard records work, the last guy in the studio gets to have the final word. So who knows? I'm not gonna be there because I have too much medical stuff going on. I'm kind of done at this stage. There may be a final session in January or February that I'll not be party to, so I have no idea what the final thing's gonna be.

"All I can tell you is my involvement was with the first part of the record, and it was a hard rock record at that stage, so if it comes out being wussy, I'm not accepting blame. I'm throwing my hands in the air." here.

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Iron Butterfly Returning For New Album
(Classic Rock) 1960s psychedelic rock outfit Iron Butterfly have regrouped to work on a new album. The group is best known for the title track to their 1968 sophomore album In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - recently reissued with bonus tracks.

The band has been inactive since the 2012 deaths of 63-year-old guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt at 63 from cirrhosis of the liver and bassist Lee Dorman from natural causes at the age of 70.

Now, guitarist Mike Pinera has revealed that Iron Butterfly is back at it again. Pinera tells Jeff Cramer: "I'll let you in on a little scoop. We just reformed Iron Butterfly with some original members. A lot of the guys died. Ron Bushy, the original drummer and founder of the band, and myself, and Doug Ingle, Jr."

Read more here.

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AC/DC Reveal More World Tour Dates
AC/DC have followed up the release of their UK and Ireland tour dates late last week by revealing close to two dozen dates across Europe next year in support of their new album "Rock or Bust."

The announced dates will be kicking off on May 5th in Arnhem, Holland at the Gelredome and the final announced date takes place on July 25th in Warsaw, Poland at the National Stadium. So far the band have revealed 22 dates for the tour.

There is still no word from the AC/DC camp about who will be sitting behind the drums for the tour. Drummer Phil Rudd is currently facing some criminal charges in New Zealand and wasn't part of the band's recent video shoot.

AC/DC's new studio album, "Rock Of Bust", their first to not include founding member Malcolm Young, hit the top of the charts in the U.K. and debuted in the Top 5 in the U.S. See the tour dates here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Making 'Very Different and Unique' Album
( The next Red Hot Chili Peppers album is shaping up in a good way, according to drummer Chad Smith. The drummer spoke to Rolling Stone in a Q&A, some of which included questions fielded by fans, and it looks like the band's next record--their 11th--is coming along nicely, perhaps even something "very different and unique" for a band that's been around for three decades.

"We've got lots of songs, and we're working with an unnamed producer who is really challenging us to find new ways to come up with new music," Smith said. "We've done the 'guys get in the room and jam out songs, everybody playing together all at once' thing. And we wrote a bunch of songs that way. And we're now going to try another method that will be really challenging for us and will bring new, exciting results for the band.

"We've written and recorded in a way that we've never done before, so the record is going great. We all have high hopes that it's going to take off and we're going to do something very different and unique for the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Read more here.

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Coal Chamber Have Completed Their Comeback Album
(TeamRock Radio) Coal Chamber have completed work on their as-yet-untitled comeback album, they've announced. DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara split the band in 2002 but resurrected the outfit with founding members guitarist Miguel Rascon and drummer Mikey Cox in 2011. Bassist Nadja Peulan hooked up with the trio in 2013.

Now Fafara reveals the long-awaited comeback album is finally in the bag. He says on Twitter: "The new Coal Chamber record is officially done. Can't wait for everyone to hear."

He later followed up with this message, "Woke up and realised that I have absolutely nothing to do after months of writing and recording. It feels like bliss." Read more here.

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Original KISS Crew Members 'Tell All' In New Book
Member of the original road crew for KISS have self-released a new "tell all" book about their adventures working with the group during their formative early years.

The book, entitled "Out On the Streets: The True Tales of Life on the Road With the Hottest Band in the Land...KISS!," is also set for a wider release on Amazon on January 1, 2015.

The four authors of the book, JR Smalling, Peter Oreckinto, Rick Munroe and the late Mick Campise, were members of the KISS road crew from 1974 through 1976.

The press release states that "The four authors spin tales of fighting headline acts like Aerosmith just to get in and out of gigs, logging over 90,000 road miles in 1974 alone, wrestling with thieves and warding off racism. There's violent tragedy on a personal level, mind-numbing hours and days without rest, bullet-ridden vehicles, arrests, abject poverty, catalogs of carnal pursuits, broken promises and ultimately a skyrocket of success."

The book is available to order now (in advance of the Amazon release) from a special website the authors have set up here.

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Doyle Ready For Misfits Reunion
(Classic Rock) Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein says he's ready to hook up with his old Misfits bandmates once again. And while he says he's been talking about the possibility, he finds it strange they haven't done anything yet, despite the recent legal wrangle between singer Glenn Danzig and his bassist brother Jerry Only.

Earlier this year, Danzig launched a legal action claiming Only cut him out of profits from the band's merchandise, saying as he created the band's 'Fiend Skull' character, he was entitled to a share of sales - a point dismissed by Only.

The case was thrown out of court, with Judge Gary Klausner saying as an agreement allowed Only to make money from merchandise, there was nothing for Danzig to sue over.

And Doyle says he doesn't care about the legal fallout and just wants them to get back together. He tells Loudwire: "It doesn't bother me at all - you've got to iron all that sh*t out. All the contracts have to be right. I'm ready right now - I'm dressed. I've started talking to them. That's it, everything got to be ironed out." Read more here.

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Two Members Leave Massacre
(TeamRock Radio) Massacre bassist Terry Butler and singer Ed Webb have announced their departures from the band. The split leaves the future of the death metal veterans in doubt and they have pulled out of next year's scheduled appearance on Death To All's 20th-anniversary European tour in February and March.

Although Massacre have not officially announced they have called it a day, the loss of founding member Butler and frontman Webb has led to speculation that the group are no more.

Butler says: "It's with a heavy heart that I am announcing my departure from Massacre. I would like to thank the awesome fans for their support and loyalty and to those who laboured to help bring the band back from beyond. Thank you as well."

Read more here.

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Dave Lombardo Says Slayer Comments Are Taken Out Of Context
Dave Lombardo confirmed in an interview that he is "sick" of answering questions about his former band Slayer and is also upset about how his comments about the band have been taken out of context.

Lombardo made the comments while speaking to the Hanger 19 podcast about his current group Philm. Here are the excerpts from the interview where the Slayer topic was discussed (transcribed by Loudwire.

About Slayer questions: "How sick am I? I'm pretty sick of it," He said laughing. "Especially when it gets misconstrued in so many different ways. Yeah, it's pretty annoying, but you have to understand that they journalists, they're fans and they've listened to your music for years.

"And what other fans, and the public or the Internet, what they don't understand is that they're interested in these questions because they've followed the band. So you've gotta have some kind of understanding of why this is in the press."

His reaction to how his comments are taken out of context in the media: "Next thing you know, you look like a bad guy, like you're talking s-t, and, actually, no, I'm just answering the f-ing question in the most honest way. You can't win, so that's why I kind of shy away from those questions and focus on my new band."

Check out the full interview here.

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Blink-182's Travis Barker Named Best Rock Drummer
(TeamRock Radio) Blink-182's Travis Barker has been named the best rock drummer of the year. He's been acclaimed by readers of Rhythm magazine for his live work during 2014.

Barker leads a top 10 that also includes Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, Michael Miley of Rival Sons, John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry and Brent Fitz of Slash's solo band.

Rhythm say: "Travis has proved his popularity once again. Blink-182 put in a great performance at the Reading and Leeds festivals this year, and are working on a new album for 2015 - which should make Travis a shoe-in for top-spot next year too."

See the Top 10 here.

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Billy Talent Working On New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Billy Talent are deep into the follow-up to their last full studio outing Dead Silence, they've confirmed. Last month they launched Hits, a 14-track recording charting their career so far, which included two new tracks.

Now frontman Benjamin Kowalewicz says they're writing more fresh material for a new release and describes the process as a "new chapter" for the band.

He tells "I think we have seven to nine songs that we're flirting with at this point. It's been a really fun and nostalgic process putting this whole Hits thing together but I'm really excited to get down to something brand new - a new chapter." Read more here.

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In This Moment Star Calls Out Online Haters
(TeamRock Radio) In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth is questioning negative online comments regarding the band in a new editorial. Howorth is responding to feedback regarding Black Widow, the band's fifth album and major label debut. The project was launched last month with the lead single, Sick Like Me, and follow-up track, Big Bad Wolf.

He writes for All Axess: "I have noticed as I browse around online a rash of negative posts and hatred from people calling themselves fans and also from people who legitimately hate us. It's interesting how a band and music can evoke such strong emotion in people, but I totally get it because I was that kid who felt betrayed, too."

"Now we have all these 'old fans' that are complaining how we changed and we need to go back to our old sound and I just want to ask every one of them, where were you when we could only draw 300 people to a show? Where were all of your friends? If we were so great, why were we playing to half empty clubs for 500 bucks?"

He continues: "I am proud of our old music and our past but why would we want to go back to barely existing? Back to being on the road away from my family for ten months out of the year with nothing to show for it in the end? Back to when breaking even was considered a success because the money didn't have to come out of our own pocket? It was either grow and succeed, or break up." Read more here.

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Enslaved Announce New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Enslaved will released 13th album In Times on March 9 via Nuclear Blast, they've confirmed. And mainman Ivan Bjornson admits he became deeply involved in composing the six-track follow-up to 2012's RIITIIR.

He says: "I was so deep into the songs and ideas for such a long time - or I had my head up my own arse, if you prefer. It's hard to have any opinions about them other than the mumbo-jumbo of the introvert songsmith.

"The songs are extensions of my inner and outer life; the thoughts I'm aware of having, as well as those too deep to register in everyday consciousness. In addition, they are, of course, also the result of inspiration from other music and art." Read more here.

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Paul Stanley Sees Himself In The Phantom Of The Opera
(Classic Rock) Paul Stanley has compared his life to that of the character he played in The Phantom Of The Opera. The Kiss star recalls being offered the role in 1998 and eventually realizing how closely the story resembled that of his own personal life.

Stanley tells The Queen Latifah Show: "When I saw Phantom in London in 1988 I watched it and I said, 'I can do that.' I had no background in it. Ten years later I got a call from my talent agent and they says, 'How do you feel about trying to do a musical?'"

Stanley had to go through an audition process like any other actor and landed the job - which he says changed his life.

He adds: "I went to New York, got the role and they flew me up to Toronto where the show had run for 10 years. I took over doing eight shows a week there.

"I started to realize that in many ways the phantom was me. It was a story of a scarred, deformed musician who hid behind a mask." Read more and watch the interview here.

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Mariachi El Bronx Reveal UK Tour Plans
(TeamRock Radio) Mariachi El Bronx have confirmed a UK tour that will be taking place early next year, and it will follow the launch of their new single entitled "New Beat."

The alter-ego of punk band The Bronx are currently touring Europe with Gogol Bordello. One UK and Ireland date remains with the show in Dublin Academy tonight (Dec 16).

They return to the UK for 15 headline shows in February. The new single New Beat, taken from this year's album Mariachi El Bronx III, will be released on January 19. Check out the tour dates here.

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Primus Wonka Album Synced To The Classic Movie
(Prog) Primus' wacky take on the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory soundtrack has been synced with the original film by a fan. Les Claypool and co released Primus And The Chocolate Factory in October as a tribute to the 1971 film Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Now Primus' version of the soundtrack can be heard alongside the film after a fan synced the two together.

The album was the first Primus record in 19 years to feature the original line-up of Claypool, drummer Tim 'Herb' Alexander and guitarist Larry Lalonde.

Alexander suffered a heart attack earlier this year but is back with the band after making a full recovery following surgery. Check out the fans made mash-up of the album and the classic film here.

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The Top Christmas Metal Songs
( Christopher Lee, known for his role as Sauron in The Lord of The Rings film series, recently made headlines with his latest single, 'Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing." Lee's done metal, and he's done Christmas-themed metal before, but people still found it notable a respected actor was lending his voice to shred about light-and-holly-decked towns. Why wouldn't he do it? He's got an obvious love of it all, and he's got pipes most people would exhume Dio's grave for.

Christmas Metal is still considered a novelty--because, well, Santa doesn't hold the power Satan does over metalheads--but it's far from a new thing. Classic tunes have been reinterpreted by some of metal's most respected forces, and many smaller bands have also tried to take a stab with their songs glorifying and (more often) lampooning the holiday.

If you're going to buy a tacky metal Christmas sweater, whether it's a Motohead one or that sad Foo Fighters Emperor ripoff, at least give these tunes a shot while you contemplate the purchase.

Halford - 'I Don't Care If It's Christmas Night': Not to let Snider hog all the Yuletide attention, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford also gets in on the Christmas spirit with Winter Songs. While not all of the songs are about Christmas, plenty of them are. One of the silliest, and best, songs on the album is 'I Don't Care if it's Christmas Night." It's a mid-paced rocker, and its carefree party vibe owes a huge debt to one of Priest's biggest hits, 'Living After Midnight." He tries to get back to his lady but can't due to a variety of transportation problems. Considering Halford's been long out of the closet, it is a bit odd that he's talking about meeting his girl, but just go with it. If you're at the bar on Christmas day, put this on the jukebox.

Type O Negative - 'Red Water (Christmas Mourning)': For some people, Christmas can be a major drag. You may hate your family, and sometimes, you wish you didn't share their bloodline, especially when politics and relationships get brought up and you almost choke on your ham. But hey, at least you have your family, or some of it. Peter Steele, the most miserable man, tied in Christmas with the death of his father with Type O Negative's 'Red Water (Christmas Mourning)." While Type O usually sprinkled in a liberal dose of snark with their gloomy observations, this is all lamentation, no joy. He sees ghosts of the departed while drinking old scotch, and he can't drink away the pain. Actually, it's not completely devoid of Steele's wit, as he manages to work in 'Goddamn ye, merry gentlemen." Christmas bells can be faintly heard at one point, but they do little to raise spirits. According to Steele, who passed away in 2010 from an aortic aneurysm, this was the one Type O song he would never perform live. Even a guy who's posed for Playgirl had his limits.

Jesu - 'Christmas': You think Steele is bummed? Justin Broadrick really doesn't like Christmas. He dedicates his oh-so-bountiful spirit with his shoegaze-metal project Jesu on 'Christmas," from a 2010 EP of the same name. The music itself is pretty downtrodden, low rumbles reminiscent of his most famous project, Godflesh, and soft croons that highlight just how much he hates the holidays. This song focuses on the holiday's cyclical nature, how we get ourselves hyped up for the same march year after year. In the end, we cry and look at the snow and wonder where the time has gone. Pass the eggnog and make sure it's spiked like the grimmest black metal warrior's armbands--you'll need it after this song.

See what other songs made the list here.

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Fan Assembling 1000 Member Foo Fighters Cover Band
( After Richmond successfully crowd-funded a Foo Fighters concert in their city, the idea seems to have struck a chord in other Foo-loving towns. But, not simply wanting to repeat a previous success story, an Italian village has come up with a unique plan to get the successful rock band to visit their home (via Stereogum).

As portrayed in a new online video, the locals of Cesena, Italy, are assembling a 1,000 person Foo Fighters cover band to record a version of their hit, "Learn to Fly."

Apparently the move is to impress the band, who are on the verge of launching a massive support effort of their recent Sonic Highways album in 2015. Ideally, Dave Grohl and company will be so enamored that they will make Cesena an impromptu tour stop.

Check out the promotional video for the attempt to woo Foo Fighters here.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Not Worried About Film Role
(TeamRock Radio) Corey Taylor says he had no worries over his role in horror film Fear Clinic because the "great cast" would carry him even if he sucked. The Slipknot frontman stars as creepy character Bauer in the movie, which is directed by Rob Hall and stars Nightmare On Elm Street actor Robert Englund.

Taylor tells Daily Dead: "Being surrounded by everyone from Robert Englund to Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker - you get handed a great cast. I didn't have any worries, I figured, 'Even If I suck, they will carry the film for me.'

"The script was great, my part was just creepy enough that I was like, 'All right, this could be fun.' I'm described as 'rapey' in the script so I grew a moustache and gave myself a really gnarly, weird haircut and played it for what it was worth." Read more here.

More on Slipknot - Slipknot Music, DVDs, Books and more - Slipknot T-shirts and Posters - Slipknot Tour Dates/Tickets

Foreigner Release 'Juke Box Hero' Live Video
(hennemusic) Foreigner are premiering video of a new live version of their 1984 classic, "Juke Box Hero", from the newly-released package, "The Best Of Foreigner 4 & More."

The collection features most of "4" as well as some of the band's best-known hits recorded live the Borgata Hotel's Music Box theatre in Atlantic City in October.

"4" spent more weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts than any artist in the history of Atlantic Records, including AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and went on to sell more than 9 million albums worldwide.

Foreigner previously debuted new versions of "Urgent" and "I Want To Know What Love Is" from the new collection. Watch the new video here.

More on Foreigner - Foreigner Music, DVDs, Books and more - Foreigner T-shirts and Posters - Foreigner Tour Dates/Tickets

Vinnie Paul Never Realized Pantera's Impact Until It Was Over
(TeamRock Radio) Vinnie Paul says he never realized how big an impact Pantera made until it was all over. The former Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer says he never really thought about it until after Pantera officially split in 2003.

Paul tells 93X: "I never really sit down and think about it. I never really understood the impact that Pantera had on so many people back in the day until we were done doing Pantera.

"When you're in the moment and you're going full blast, you really don't think ever about things. I certainly don't about things from the past. I'm always looking forward to the future and where we're going next with things. And maybe some day I'll have a chance to sit down and relive it all and think about it all." Read more and stream the interview here.

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Black Veil Brides Frontman Promises Band Will Not Sell Out
( Black Veil Brides are one of the biggest bands in the hard rock scene. So big, that many dedicated long-time fans fear their favorite men in black may soon outgrow the genre and leave behind throngs of endearing fans in favor of writing mass-appeal hits.

Frontman Andy Biersack says that won't happen. In an interview with, Biersack explains that although "Goodbye Agony," from their new self-titled album, could be the band's most mass-appeal song to date, he had no false hopes of writing a cross-format smash.

"I don't think that we sat down with the intention of writing a song that had mass appeal," Biersack says. "To say this is our cross-over song…because to be fair, in 2014 that's kind of a fool's errand to say were going to write a cross-over song for a hard rock band. Sort of like saying you're going to be a rotary phone salesman and you're going to paint your phones red so people will buy them. The fact is that we are a rock and roll band, and sometimes that isn't the most popular thing in the world."

Ultimately, Biersack says, "you really want to write the best song you can write, 'cause at the end of the day the records are going to sell what they're going to sell."

Biersack says that he and his band are "very fortunate that we've had multiple top ten records, but by the same token none of us are becoming millionaires off it, and we're not getting that, 'Oh, this is that song of the decade' and 'This is the song everyone is going to dance to at their high school prom.' That's the intention, but it's just very unlikely."

Read more here.

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The Who Recruit Joan Jett To Open North American Tour
( Joan Jett will celebrate her forthcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a victory lap in the form of a North American arena tour opening for the Who.

Jett and the Who have history together, as she noted in a press statement. "After [her former band] the Runaways ended, the Who and [their then-manager] Bill Curbishley stepped up, and let me use their studio, Ramport," Jett said.

"That gave me the freedom to start my label, Blackheart Records. I've modeled my career and my company after their amazing organization. I'm so happy to be part of their 50th anniversary tour. No one personifies Rock and Roll Royalty more than the Who." Read more including the dates here.

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