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Here are the top stories from this past week's Day in Rock report

Scott Weiland Asks Velvet Revolver To Reunite
(Classic Rock) Scott Weiland says he's spoken to his former Velvet Revolver bandmates about reuniting to perform at some upcoming music festival- for "easy money."

The band have been on hiatus since firing the singer in 2008, regrouping just once for a charity show in 2013. Despite Weiland's attempts at talking up his relationship with his former colleagues, guitarist Slash last year stated he'd never work with the vocalist again.

But Weiland tells La Press: "There is no problem. I even called the guys to propose the idea of doing some shows together in a few months. We are on good terms - but I don't want to be a member of Velvet Revolver full-time. If possible I'd like to only play at festivals. You know, to make easy money."

And he's convinced his former colleagues can afford to help him out. Read about that and more - here.

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Primus and Puscifer's Alexander Has Heart Attack
(Classic Rock) Tim 'Herb' Alexander, drummer with Primus and Puscifer, has suffered a heart attack, it's been confirmed. The 49-year-old will receive open heart surgery today (July 21st) or tomorrow, and his colleagues have called on fans to offer their moral support in the coming days.

Puscifer say in a brief statement: "Calling All Cars! Rough news. @timalexander suffered a heart attack. Open Heart Surgery on Mon/Tues. Global Positive Thoughts, Por favor. @Puscifer We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving."

Confirming that Alexander is to undergo treatment for blocked arteries, Primus mainman Les Claypool says: "Herb is a strong Herculean fellow, and we all expect him to be up and around in no time. But with all surgical endeavors we want to make sure he has the best energy working for him." - More.

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88 Early Jimi Hendrix Recording To Be Released
(BM) More rare Jimi Hendrix recordings will be released over the next three years. We were sent these details: Experience Hendrix LLC and Legacy Recordings have announced that they have acquired the full and complete rights to 88 studio and live recordings made by Curtis Knight & The Squires featuring Jimi Hendrix in 1965-1967.

They announced that they plan on releasing these historic recordings--properly mixed, mastered and annotated--in definitive new editions, curated and remastered under the direction of Eddie Kramer (Hendrix's long-time sound engineer) over the next three years.

The total buyout of these master recordings places a historic exclamation point following decades of litigation between Jimi Hendrix, Ed Chalpin and PPX Enterprises. All 88 tracks recorded by Chalpin and PPX from 1965-1967 are finally under complete ownership and control of Experience Hendrix LLC.

In the early 1960s, before launching a solo career that continues to influence pop, rock and soul music, Jimi Hendrix was a little known sideman, working for short periods with a variety of artists including the Isley Brothers, Don Covay, Little Richard and the Harlem-based R&B combo Curtis Knight & The Squires.

Ed Chalpin was an entrepreneur and record producer who founded PPX International, Inc, in 1960; PPX specialized in providing backing tracks for movies, TV shows, trailers and commercials, working with a variety of artists, producers, directors, music supervisors, record companies, and production companies. During his tenure as a guitarist for the Squires, Curtis Knight introduced Hendrix to Chalpin. On October 15, 1965, Chalpin inked a notorious three-year recording contract--for $1.00 and a 1% royalty--with Jimi (then "Jimmy") Hendrix and Curtis Knight & The Squires that would prove endlessly problematic, once the guitarist hit big with his own group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, in 1967.

Knight's single releases featuring Hendrix as a sideman did not enjoy commercial success and the guitarist relocated to Greenwich Village where he formed Jimmy James & The Blue Flames in 1966. Animals bassist Chas Chandler discovered Hendrix performing at the Café Wha? as Jimmy James that summer and offered to take him to London.
- more on this story

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Gregg Allman Biopic Executive Producer Turns Himself In To Police
( Jay Sedrish, the executive producer and production manager of Midnight Rider, the now-suspended Gregg Allman biopic, turned himself in to Wayne County, Ga., police on Thursday (July 17) following his July 3 grand jury indictment on charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing related to the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Sedrish was charged, along with the film's director Randall Miller and fellow producer Jody Savin in the death of Jones, who was struck and killed by a train on the set of the film in February. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sedrish was released after posting $27,700 bond.

Involuntary manslaughter is a felony carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison under Georgia law. Criminal trespass is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than a year in prison.

Jones died in an onset incident during the filming of Midnight Rider on Feb. 20, while the crew was shooting a sequence on railroad tracks, which they apparently did not have permission to do. - more on this story

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Tim Lambesis' Request For Jail Time Reduction Denied
( Former As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was back in court Friday morning to have his prison sentence reduced by the amount of time he was our on bail wearing a GPS monitor and restricted to his parents' home - but was ultimately denied.

Looking pale and grim with arms cuffed behind his back, Lambesis looked on as his defense attorney argued that his year with limited movement - only allowed trips to his attorneys' office and medical appointments and to the bank - should count as time served. Prosecutor Claudia Grasso countered, "He's not entitled to credits."

Judge Carlos Armour stated the law is clear, that credits only apply to inmates held in lieu of bail; he described Lambesis' status as electronic surveillance while out on bail. "The GPS monitor was a condition of bail," and so he was technically not on house arrest, the judge determined. According to statements in court, Lambesis was privately monitored, not by the sheriff who controls those in custody in San Diego County. Additionally, the judge denied the requested custody credits.

The session began with a review of the trial's basic information. Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison on May 16. He was arrested on May 7, 2013, the same day he handed an enveloped full of evidence (money and photos of his family) to an undercover agent posing as a hitman. Lambesis was in the middle of a divorce with his wife of eight years, who has since reverted to her maiden name, Meggan Murphy.

Lambesis spent less than one month in jail, then bailed out and submitted to a list of conditions of bail including surrendering his passport and wearing a GPS monitor and severely limited movements. On his sentencing date last May, he was led away in cuffs. - more on this story

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Avenged Sevenfold and Mastodon Get Hacked
(TeamRock Radio) Avenged Sevenfold and Mastodon are back in charge of their Twitter accounts after they were taken over by a group of racist hackers this past week.

Some tweeters were apparently unaware that the change of username and the addition of a hacker group's avatar indicated that something was amiss, and instead accused the bands of being racist.

However, the issues were resolved within 24 hours. Both bands deleted the inappropriate posts and released brief statements, with A7X saying: "A few hours ago the Twitter account of Avenged Sevenfold was hacked. The problem has been resolved." - more on this story

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Gene Simmons Says There Is No Chance Of KISS Reunion
(hennemusic) Gene Simmons that there is no chance of the original KISS lineup ever reuniting, despite their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this past spring.

"Not a chance," Simmons tells the Tampa Tribune. "We've already danced that dance three different times. No way will we reunite. It wouldn't be fair to Tommy [Thayer] and Eric [Singer]. It wouldn't be right."

He also discussed the Rock Hall induction: "We have no reason to complain," explains the bassist. "We're the luckiest sons of bitches to walk the face of the Earth. If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame added us or didn't, it didn't matter to us. We only did the induction with Ace [Frehley] and Peter [Criss] because the fans wanted it. But it was a slap in the face that they didn't acknowledge Tommy and Eric. They've been in the band longer than Ace and Peter. If the Grateful Dead can have 10 members in and out of the band and a lyricist, who was never in the band in the Hall, how can you explain that? Or how can the E Street Band get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? The E Street Band? Well, then why not the Silver Bullet Band or the Heartbreakers. I don't get it."

Asked how he might change the Rock Hall if given the chance, Simmons says, "The first thing I would do is move the bodies buried in the wrong place." - More.

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Former Megadeth Stars Cover Metallica Classic
(Classic Rock) Former Megadeth members Nick Menza and James LoMenzo's recent studio sessions are already bearing fruit - with the pair releasing their cover of Metallica's Motorbreath.

Earlier this week, it was reported that drummer Menza and bassist LoMenzo were working on a new project with Davor Garasic from thrash band Sufosia.

They recently jammed at Menza's Disintegrator Studios in California, where they played classic Megadeth tracks and a selection of covers. The download of Motorbreath is the first public release from the trio, who will flesh out future plans following LoMenzo's current touring commitments with John Fogerty.

Check out the song - here.

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Rolling Stones Hint At Future Plans
(Classic Rock) Guitarist Keith Richards has hinted in a new online video for fans that the Rolling Stones are planning more work after they complete their 2014 commitments.

Speaking in a video released to thank their European fans for support during their recent tour, the guitarist says: "This band is really picking up steam now - there's something in the air."

While his bandmates make equally positive-sounding comments without committing to anything, Richards adds: "Our strength lies in being together. There's a certain chemistry. I can't put my finger on it - if I knew the answer I'd bottle it and sell it.

"It's been a real buzz. I think I may keep this job on."

Watch the video - here.

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AC/DC's Phil Rudd Releases Lyric Video For Solo Track
(Classic Rock) AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has released a lyric video for his track Repo Man, taken from solo album Head Job. It's set for launch in August, and Rudd has described it as "All Phil, no filler," adding: "We didn't put anything on there that we didn't like. I hope everyone thinks it's a great album from start to finish - because that's the idea."

The band includes Allan Badger and Geoffrey Martin, who recorded vocals, guitar and bass, while Rudd produced the record in his newly-built studio in Taurange, New Zealand.

AC/DC have just completed work on a new album, without input from Malcolm Young, who's taking time out due to illness. Rudd says: "We're happy to have it done, and it's all very good."

Check out the song - here.

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ESPN Release Metallica Bloopers Video
(hennemusic) ESPN are sharing a bloopers video of outtakes from Metallica's new commercial for SportsCenter. The ad is based on the premise that the guys from Metallica don't have much to do since New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera retired, so they offer their assistance to others at ESPN.

Last September, Metallica performed their 1991 classic "Enter Sandman" on Mariano Rivera Day at Yankee Stadium as the pitcher prepared to retire at the end of the 2013 season.

Rivera - known as The Sandman - entered the field from the bullpen to the Metallica classic since 1999. "This one's for you Mariano," yelled frontman James Hetfield as the band kicked into the song, with the singer and bassist Robert Trujillo sporting Yankees jerseys for the occasion. Metallica's stage amps featured the band's name in the classic Yankees logo font, along with the number 42 and "Sandman" visible on stage.

Check out the bloopers - here.

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Johnny Depp Jams With Aerosmith In Boston
(hennemusic) Aerosmith were joined by actor Johnny Depp for the finale of their show at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday, and video of the guest performance is available.

Depp teamed up with the Boston rockers to play their version of Tiny Bradshaw's "Train Kept A-Rollin'", the final tune of a 19-song set. The actor has previously joined the band for "Train" before, including an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl in 2012.

The Mansfield stop was part of the North Aerican leg of Aerosmith's Let Rock Rule tour, which sees the band on the road this summer with Slash. Check out video of the jam - here.

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Weird Al Explains Kurt Cobain's Reaction To Nirvana Parody
(Classic Rock) Weird Al Yankovic has spoken about his conversation with Kurt Cobain after the prankster decided to record a parody of Nirvana hit Smells Like Teen Spirit.

In an video interview with Loudwire, Yankovic says he was nervous about asking the Nirvana frontman for permission, but that Cobain was "cool" with the idea.

He says: "I remember that phone conversation very well - I wish I had recorded it, it would have been a nice little piece of history. I was very nervous, and I didn't know how he would take my requesting the parody. But he was extremely cool. I just told him, 'hey, it's Weird Al Yankovic and I would love to do a parody of Smells Like Teen Spirit.'

"His initial reaction was, 'oh, is it going to be a song about food?', because a lot of my hits at that time were. I explained it's about how nobody could understand his lyrics. There was probably half a beat on the phone and he said, 'yeah, yeah - sounds like a funny idea.'" - more on this story

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Former Dio Guitarist Rowan Robertson Joins Bang Tango
(Classic Rock) Former Dio and Vast guitarist Rowan Robertson has joined Bang Tango and will be taking part in the group's 25th anniversary tour, the band have confirmed.

He was a member of Ronnie James Dio's outfit from 1989 until 1991, joining at the age of 17 to replace Craig Goldy after doggedly pursuing an audition over the courses of a year. During that time he appeared on the band's album Lock Up The Wolves.

Frontman Joe Leste says: "Rowan has been a huge breath of fresh air. We've always been fans of his playing as well as his work ethic. We're writing the best stuff we've come up with in years. I can't wait for the fans to see this improved version of the band." - more on this story

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Al Kooper's Super Session Getting SACD Reissue
(Classic Rock) Al Kooper's 5.1 remix of his iconic 1968 Super Session album is to be released as a limited-edition Audio Fidelity title. The hybrid SACD disc, which can be played in standard CD players, is set to offer listeners a new take on the recording that features Kooper, Steven Stills, Mike Bloomfield, Barry Goldberg and 'Fast' Eddie Hoh.

Stills and Goldberg recorded on different days and didn't perform together until last year, when they formed blues supergroup The Rides with Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Former Blood, Sweat & Tears man Kooper says: "I always wanted to mix this in 5.1 - I finished it in 2006, and it's been sitting there until Audio Fidelity released it from captivity. It's the first album I ever mixed in 5.1. Surround Sound allows the listener to get up close to each musician and hear details you can't hear in stereo. Hope ya like details - I do!" - more on this story

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Cinderella's Jeff LaBar Releases Debut Solo Video
(Classic Rock) Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar has launched his first-ever solo video, for his track No Strings. It's taken from his seven-track debut album One For The Road, to be released via Rat Pak Records on August 26.

LaBar says the material ranges from early Cinderella vibes to blues rock, and all points in between. He recently explained: "I wrote No Strings following my first marriage and subsequence divorce. The relationship was awesome - the breakup not so much."

Tracklist: 1) No Strings 2) Asking For A Beating 3) Muse 4) Hello Or Goodbye 5) Ode To Page 6) Nightmare On My Street 7) One For The Road. - Watch the video here.

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Chris Holmes Slams W.A.S.P. Frontman Blackie Lawless
(Classic Rock) Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes has hit out at Blackie Lawless in an interview with Finland's Seiska TV, saying the frontman tried to pay him less than he was worth.

In the interview, Holmes says he was the creative force behind WASP and that Lawless put him down as a session musician on contracts to avoid paying him his due.

"He wrote me down in the contracts on every album as a session player," says Holmes, "which means my name shouldn't even be on the records as a songwriter. But it is, because I'm a songwriter, but he wrote me down as a session player, meaning I just got paid salary."

Despite the bad feelings, Holmes wouldn't rule out the possibility of rejoining Lawless and WASP at some point in the future. More including a stream of the full interview - here.

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Mike Patton Open To Working With Dillinger Escape Plan Again
(Classic Rock) Mike Patton has hinted he could hook up with The Dillinger Escape Plan again. Patton featured on the band's third EP, Irony Is A Dead Scene, back in 2002 and when looking back on the project in an interview with the group's Ben Weinman, he said how much he enjoyed the experience and how they might possibly work together in the future.

Speaking with Weinman on the new Party Smasher Inc site, he says: "When you're working with the right people, it's pretty great. I didn't do this stuff over your music - your music made me do that. Seriously. I have never done anything like that, before or maybe never again."

The singer then went on to say: "We shared similar instincts and it just worked," before adding with a smile, "we'll do something again, who knows."

Stream the full interview - here.

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Fields Of The Nephilim Tap HIM For Anniversary Show
(Classic Rock) Fields Of The Nephilim have announced that they have tapped Finnish rockers HIM to be very special guests for their 30th anniversary shows in December.

HIM singer Ville Valo, a lifelong fan of the English goth/rock band, says: "Crafting and crooning such demonically delightful ditties for three decades is no mean feat, and we're extremely excited and fiercely flattered to be invited to join the festivities by sonically honoring the past, present and future of Fields Of The Nephilim."

Offering the slot to the Finnish rockers was also a chance to return a favor, as Valo had previously asked Fields Of The Nephilim to play the Helldone Festival. - more on this story

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Blondie Member Says Debbie Harry Hinted About Retirement
(Classic Rock) Blondie drummer Clem Burke says frontwoman Debbie Harry has hinted at retirement - and he knows the band can't go on without her. Rumours circulated in July last year that the vocalist, now 69, was considering ending her career.

Those reports were slammed in a band statement which said: "No plans to stop - don't believe everything you read." Now the NME reports the drummer saying: "By the time we get to Vancouver we'll have toured Europe, played Glastonbury and done a number of big festivals in North America.

"As for the rumours of the last tour, we've decided we'll live for ever. But Debbie is older than me and has hinted it could be time. Obviously without her, there is no Blondie." - more on this story

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Protokult Tease 'No Beer In Heaven'
Toronto, ON progressive folk metal band Protokult has posted a new album teaser for their upcoming full length 'No Beer In Heaven' and have announced an album release show.

'No Beer In Heaven' is set to be released on August 8th, 2014. On July 26th the band will be playing a special Toronto CD release show for hometown fans at Bovine Sex Club with support from locals Primalfrost, Tsargrad and Montreal's Karkaos.

We were sent these details about the album: The follow up to 2011's 'Marzena' EP and 2009's debut 'Ancestral Anthems', 'No Beer In Heaven' by the Eastern European transplants is a twelve track adventurous trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. Mixing a duo vocal attack of melodic operatics plus woodwinds from Ekaterina Pyatkova and high spirited chanting growls from guitarist Martin Drozd, Protokult showcase a diversified and powerful engagement that includes the shredding of guitarist Vodnik, the pounding force of Mike Matveev on drums and the grooves of bassist Dawid Slowiak.

Check out the album teaser - here.

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Surgery Delays ZZ Top Tour Kick Off
ZZ Top announced that they have been forced to delay the kick off of their North American summer tour because bassist Dusty Hill will be undergoing surgery to remove two kidney stones this week.

The band's publicist Bob Merlis says in a statement that "the kidney stones were discovered in the course of a routine physical examination where Hill's doctor advised him that they should immediately be removed, lest they cause more serious problems down the line."

Hill will require two weeks of recuperation following the surgery and the tour will now be kicking off on August 6th in Sturgis, SD and ZZ Top will be launching their tour with Jeff Beck on August 8th in Missoula, MT.

The band was originally scheduled to hit the road this Friday in Morton, MN. The canceled dates include West Bend, WI (July 26), Cincinnati (July 27), Louisville (July 29), Asheville, NC (July 30) and Bethlehem, PA (August 1). - more on this story

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Killswitch Engage Guitarist Drops Off Tour
(TeamRock Radio) Killswitch Engage guitarist Joel Stroetzel has dropped off the band's US tour to deal with a "family emergency," they've confirmed. He's been replaced by Ken Susi of Unearth, who's jumped in for the coming week at short notice.

KSE say in a statement: "Due to a family emergency the mighty Hoel will be sitting this run out. We'll be performing some songs as a four-piece and some with the talented and entertaining Ken.

"Our thoughts and love go to Joel and his family. He wanted us to carry on and not cancel any shows, so here we go! Big thanks to Ken for learning songs in a day." - more on this story

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Primus' Tim Alexander Has Successful Open Heart Surgery
( Tim Alexander, the drummer for Primus and Puscifer, suffered a heart attack over the weekend, and yesterday (July 21) he underwent an open-heart procedure to remove a blockage that caused the initial attack.

It was announced yesterday afternoon that Alexander is out of surgery and doing well. Primus gave the following update on their Facebook, which encourages optimistic expectations:

"Tim Alexander Is Out of Surgery. The Mighty Tim 'Herb' Alexander has pulled through surgery, the blockage from his heart has been removed with no complications and all signs point to a glorious and speedy recovery." - more on this story

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' New Album Streaming Online
( A few days after streaming five new songs on his website, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' entire new album is available to stream via NPR ahead of its release next week.

Hypnotic Eye, the band's first album since 2010′s Mojo, marks the band's 13th. Out via Reprise Records, the record features 11 tracks, plus a 12th as a bonus for purchasing via Blu-Ray, digital or vinyl. Stream it here.

In addition to the new album, Petty and co. will head out on a tour behind Hypnotic Eye starting next month. The dates start Aug. 3 in San Diego and stretch all the way to Oct. 10 in Los Angeles. - more on this story

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Hellion Announce First New Album and Tour In A Decade
Hellion is back. The veteran metal band has announced their plans to release their first new album and launch their first tour in over a decade this October.

The band will be releasing their new mini-album, entitled "Karma's A Bitch," on October 7th in North America and on October 8th in Europe and the UK.

The current lineup of the group features singer Ann Boleyn, drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio, and UFO), keyboardist Scott Warren (Dio and Heaven & Hell), bassist Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen), and guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle.

"Karma's A Bitch," was produced by Hellion's Wright and Boleyn along with producer Ken Scott, who is best know for his work on David Bowie's "Hunky Dory", "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars", "Aladdin Sane" and "Pinups".

Hellion will be supporting the new mini-album release by launching a North American tour on October 2nd at the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. The trek will be concluding on October 30th Brick By Brick in San Diego.

Producer Ken Scott had this to say, "Working with Bowie or working with Ann of Hellion, you've got sheer talent." and adds, "Over the years, the musicians have changed. The one musician that has always been the same is Ann. So once again, it's new musicians. The one constant thing about Hellion is Ann, and her incredible voice." - more on this story

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Stone Sour Release House Of Gold & Bones Lyric Video
(TeamRock Radio) Stone Sour have released a new lyric video for their track "The House Of Gold & Bones," which is the title track of the group's two-part album release (Pt 1 in 2012 and Pt 2 in 2013).

The artwork used in the promo is taken from the three-issue comic series written by frontman Corey Taylor, based on the themes of the double-album set.

The band parted ways with guitarist Jim Root earlier this year - but he and Taylor are currently working together on Slipknot's long-awaited sixth album. The band have begun dropping hints about its content on their website in recent days.

Watch the video - here.

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John Garcia Streams New Song Featuring The Doors Legend Krieger
(Classic Rock) Stoner rock legend John Garcia has released a track from his forthcoming, eponymous album. "Her Bullets Energy" is an acoustic track featuring a very special guest.

"To have Robby Krieger from The Doors play on my first ever solo record was surreal", says Garcia. "Not only was it surreal, but to be the first artist ever to record in his brand new studio Horse Latitudes in Los Angeles made it even more special.

"I am honoured, and humbled by his professionalism and talent and will never forget that experience for the rest of my life... it truly made the song better, not to mention the entire record."

Other guests on the album include fellow Kyuss graduate Nick Oliveri. Stream the new song - here.

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Weezer Release First New Song Since 2010
(Classic Rock) Weezer are streaming their new single "Back To The Shack" online. The new song will be released on iTunes today and is the first single from the band's ninth album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, due for release on September 30th in North America and September 29th in the UK.

Produced by Ric Ocasek, who previously worked on the band's first and third records The Blue Album and The Green Album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End is Weezer's first collection of new material in four years.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo says almost all of the songs on the album began as piano pieces before he transferred them to guitar and got the rest of the band to add their input.

Check out the new song - here.

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King Diamond and Hal Patino In War Of Worlds Following Split
(TeamRock Radio) King Diamond and Hal Patino have escalated their war of words over the bassist's departure from the band last week, with the frontman calling the bassist's statement "pathetic lies" and Patino countering by calling Diamond a "tired, bitter old man."

The bandleader announced on Saturday that Patino had been "relieved of his duties" for the same reason he'd been dismissed in 1990, suggesting drug problems were involved.

But Patino fired back yesterday, saying he'd quit after a dispute over payment for concert appearances, and that the reasons given for his departure 24 years ago had been untrue.

Now Diamond has responded in a statement he says disproves every point Patino made. He reports: "When someone puts out extreme lies about you and your character, there comes a time when you put a stop to it. This is that time."

Addressing the pay claim he reveals Patino was offered $1000 per show and that every other member of the band and crew found their offers acceptable, adding: "If Hal didn't find that satisfactory, no one kept him from leaving. I just wish he hadn't brought this up on the very day/evening I arrived in Denmark [for rehearsals]. He's had an entire year to think about this, and he brings it up now."

A lot more - here.

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Yes Releasing 35th Anniversary Concert DVD, Blu-Ray and 3CD Album
(Kayos) Eagle Rock have announced that they will be releasing Yes' "Songs From Tsongas - The 35th Anniversary Concert - Special Edition "on 2DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Formats, and the first ever release of "Songs >From Tsongas" as a 3CD set on September 23rd. We were sent these details:

The Special Edition of Songs From Tsongas contains two different concerts from Yes' 35th Anniversary Tour in 2004, the last tour to feature the classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White. In addition to the originally released Songs From Tsongas show, this DVD is packed with an additional 70 minutes of never-before-released highlights from Lugano. Songs From Tsongas offers a fantastic set list of favorites and rarities including "Going For The One," "Roundabout," "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," "And You And I," "Starship Trooper," "Wonderous Stories," "I've Seen All Good People," "Yours Is No Disgrace," "Ritual," "Turn Of The Century," and many more captured here in all their glory.

Disc One of the Special Edition DVD contains the whole concert from the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, previously spread across two discs. This epic show features tracks from across the band's career including an extensive acoustic section (tracks 11 - 18) and some tracks that have rarely been performed live. This entire concert is featured on the Songs From Tsongas 3CD.

Disc Two features a very different concert on the same tour filmed at Estival in Lugano, Switzerland. This outdoor show has a stripped down stage and full on rock versions of the acoustic tracks from Tsongas while the crowd wield a multitude of umbrellas against the pouring rain, which is clearly not preventing them having a great time!

As a Bonus Feature, the DVD includes another track "Ritual," also filmed at the Tsongas Arena, and an insightful interview with legendary designer and Yes collaborator Roger Dean who created the brand new stage set for the shows.
- more on this story

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Robert Plant Launching New Album At iTunes Festival
(hennemusic) Robert Plant will launch his new album, "lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar", with an appearance at the iTunes Festival in London on September 8, the day the record is released in the UK.

Due September 5 in Europe and September 9 in North America, the project was recorded at Helium Studios in Wiltshire and Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath, UK.

The album features 9 new songs and two covers: The Stanley Brothers' "Little Maggie" and the Lead Belly tune, "Poor Howard." - more on this story

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John Bonham Memorial Fundraising Event Taking Place Next Month
(hennemusic) A fundraising event to help raise cash for a memorial in honor of Led Zeppelin drummer Jon Bonham will take place August 2 in Redditch, England.

The Redditch Advertiser reports the show at the town's St Stephen's Church will feature the late drummer's sister, singer/songwriter Deborah Bonham, who will be playing a special acoustic set.

It has been set up by members of the John Bonham Memorial Fund, whose aim is to raise an initial £50,000 for the design and installation of a fitting permanent memorial in Redditch town centre, the birthplace of the legendary drummer. - more on this story

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Judas Priest Score Highest Debut Since 'Screaming For Vengeance'
(Classic Rock) Judas Priest have reached the UK album top 20 with 17th studio release Redeemer Of Souls. The number 12 position is the third-best chart placing in their career after classic work British Steel reached number 4 in 1980 and Screaming For Vengeance made number 11 two years later.

Redeemer Of Souls was released on Monday, and marks their first studio album following the retirement of guitarist KK Downing, whose 2011 departure turned the band's thoughts towards splitting up. That changed when they hired Richie Faulkner in his place, and Priest have since said that, even though large-scale world tours are behind them, they'll keep going as long as they can.

Frontman Rob Halford has confirmed their 17th album won't be their last. Speaking in a Q&A for Nikki Sixx's Sixx Sense radio show, the singer says: "No - absolutely not."

He reveals the title track is his favourite at the moment, explaining: "It's very precise, articulate song and it carries all the classic vibe of Judas Priest."

More including a stream of the interview - here.

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Nonpoint Guitarist Dave Lizzio Leaves The Group
(TeamRock Radio) Nonpoint guitarist Dave Lizzio says he's "heartbroken" to confirm he's left the band, and he will be replaced by BC Kochmit of Eye Empire and Switched.

But the outgoing guitarist accepts a change was needed, and he's wished his former colleagues well after a three-year stint with the US metal outfit. Lizzio says: "This decision was not an easy one for myself or anyone in the band to deal with, but it was determined to be necessary and I completely understand why it needed to happen.

"I am, and always will be, on good terms with my brothers and I can only hope that this new album continues to propel them even further along their career." - more.

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Europe and the Black Star Riders Plan UK Tour
(Classic Rock) Europe and the Black Star Riders have announced that they will be teaming up to launch a tour of the UK together in March of next year that will include a dozen shows.

Europe frontman Joey Tempest says: "This is going to be amazing - it's going to be the tour of the spring." BSR guitarist Scott Gorham adds: "When the idea of touring with Europe was presented, we jumped at the chance. I can't think of a better way to kick off our second album's touring schedule."

Black Star Riders are gearing up to record the follow-up to debut release All Hell Breaks Loose with Def Leppard's Joe Elliott producing. Europe are also expected to release a follow-up to 2012's Bag Of Bones early next year. - more on this story

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The Script Premiere New Song and Announce Album Release
( Irish rockers The Script, who have found plenty of success across the sea in the U.S., will attempt to continue their hot streak with a new album this September.

No Sound Without Silence, the band's fourth, is due out Sept. 30 via Columbia. The three-piece debuted new single "Superheroes" on radio and online yesterday (July 21), with an official digital release date set for July 29.

Though a full track list has not yet been released, other songs on the record in addition to "Superheroes" are set to include "No Good in Goodbye," "The Energy Never Dies" and "Man on a Wire."

"This album is all about trying to bottle that energy when we come off stage, as well as that contemplative space between notes," frontman Danny O' Donoghue said in a release about the album.

Listen to the new single - here.

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Mick Jagger Says He's Doing OK Following Death of L'Wren Scott
( Rolling Stones frontman and noted Hollywood player Mick Jagger has broken his silence about the death of his longtime girlfriend, fashion designer L'Wren Scott, who committed suicide in March.

Visiting the Today show to talk about the upcoming James Brown biopic, Get on Up, on which he worked as a producer, Jagger was asked how he was holding up for the last few months.

"I'm doing OK," Jagger replied. "It's difficult. Very hard year, but I got back into it by working on touring with the Stones in Europe and doing other things, including doing this great movie." - more on this story

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Black Moth Recruit Prog Art Icon Roger Dean To Create New Album Cover
(Classic Rock) Doom rockers Black Moth have unveiled the cover art of upcoming second album Condemned To Hope, which was created by prog artwork icon Roger Dean.

The band's label New Heavy Sounds are proud to have secured Dean's collaboration, noting, "Here Roger goes over to the dark side, moving away from the more fantastical vistas that feature in much of his paintings. For Condemned To Hope he creates something truly bleak and epic."

Asked why he chose to work with the Leeds outfit, Dean tells TeamRock: "I like to work with new bands that are at an early stage in their career. This is Black Moth's second album. But as I had not heard it at the time, it was probably more important that I got on with their record company, and singer Harriet Bevan."

He adds: "In over 40 years it has been extremely rare for me to have heard the music before starting - it's just the way of the world. So talking about ideas is what does it."

More including the cover - here.

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The Enid Plan To Release Two Albums Next Year
(Classic Rock) The Enid are working on two albums to be released next year, frontman Joe Payne has confirmed. One will be the expected follow-up to acclaimed 2012 record Invicta, their first to be fully led by vocals. The other is an operatic work which will mainly feature Payne alongside Robert John Godfrey.

The veteran composer and arranger has been working to rebuild his band for a future without him, after confirming he's suffering from Alzheimer's disease. As a result Invicta saw more input from the younger additions to the lineup, and that's set to continue with new percussionist Dominic Tofield having recently joined the ranks. Godfrey will remain on board until a replacement is found, but he no longer leads the band.

The Enid are currently writing and rehearsing in Germany, from where Payne tells TeamRock: "We have a title for the third album in our trilogy but we won't release it until we announce the record. The working title is Reset - the concept for the trilogy was originally Robert's and we've been sensitive to his vision, but the process is so organic.

"One of the biggest reasons Invicta was so different to part one, Journey's End, is that there was new blood throwing ideas into the pot. The same is happening for number three. But the emotional themes remain. This new work was always supposed to be about hitting the reset button and seeing what happens. With the new generation taking the band forward, Reset is more than just a concept - we're living it." - more on this story

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