Day in Pop Report for 07/14/2015

Carrie Underwood Rescues Baby And Dogs From Hot Car

(Radio.com) Over the weekend Carrie Underwood proved she doesn't crack under pressure, but will break a window if she has to. The country star tweeted that after her dogs accidentally locked the doors of her car with her little baby boy Isiah inside, she was forced to take action as Underwood explained.

She tweeted, "When your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff & the baby in the car & you have to break a window to get in. #WhatAreTheChances."

Though Underwood wanted to make it clear, even though she's used to taking Louisville Sluggers to both headlights, she didn't do the actual breaking, "My bro-in-law was actually the window breaker in the "dogs-locked-the-car-door" incident today! But all is good now! Minus the broken window, of course!"

Underwood has definitely earned herself the title of Supermom, though we think she's happy just being a country singer who is hard at work on her fifth studio album, which will probably include song about her newborn son on it. Read more here.

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Lil Wayne And Birdman Get Into Altercation At Night Club

(Radio.com) Lil Wayne and Birdman showed up Sunday night (July 12) to perform at the Miami club Liv in honor of Jim Jones' birthday, but ended up forcing the club to close early after a liquor-filled clash.

According to those who were at the club (via Miss Info), Wayne hit the stage to perform his freestyle of O.T. Genasis' "Coco" and Birdman attempted to throw a drink at Weezy. There have also been reports that Birdman's entourage started throwing bottles at him, allegedly of water.

Videos have surfaced with people in the crowd pointing up at Birdman, who is in the balcony, and shouting his name while Lil Wayne stands on stage looking confused about why he's all wet all of a sudden.

Though, he doesn't look too surprised about it being him, probably because this is not the first time Birdman's been accused of throwing alcohol at him and we're assuming it won't be the last.

This spat forced the club to close early on Sunday night in hopes to stop things from escalating, and also pretty much ruined Jim Jones' (early) birthday party. Read more here.

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Rap Star 50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy

(Radio.com) 50 Cent's representation has shared a statement, via Billboard, following the rapper's declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday. Though 50 Cent has talked about losing millions before in the stock market, back in 2008, he was just valued at $155 million by Forbes in May.

The rapper's camp said, "Attorneys for Curtis Jackson, a/k/a 50 Cent, today announced that their client has filed for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

"The filing allows Mr. Jackson to reorganize his financial affairs, as he addresses various professional liabilities and takes steps to position the future of his various business interests.

"Mr. Jackson's business interests will continue unaffected in the ordinary course during the pendency of the chapter 11 case." Read more here.

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Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Sued Over Cover Artwork

(Radio.com) The image for Kendrick Lamar's "The Blacker the Berry" single depicts a mother breastfeeding two babies, one at each bosom, while the bottom half of the image features the song title over a black background.

The picture didn't receive a whole lot of attention when it was released, as is the case with most single artwork, but now it is coming back into the spotlight.

Giordano Cipriani, the photographer responsible for the single's picture, is reportedly suing Lamar, with a lawsuit filed on July 10 in New York seeking compensation for the image's use, Bossip reports. Read more here.

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SeaWorld Fires Back At One Direction's Harry Styles

(Radio.com) At a One Direction show in San Diego on Thursday, Harry Styles asked his audience a fairly rhetorical question, which he answered himself. 'Does anybody like dolphins?" he asked. "Don't go to SeaWorld."

A clip of his quip went viral after Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Williams shared it on Instagram. Billboard spoke to Lincoln O'Barry of the Dolphin Project, who claims that Styles found out about his organization from the 2012 film The Cove, which mentioned SeaWorld.

"We've seen a concert clip of you urging your fans not to visit SeaWorld," they wrote. "We want you to know we love dolphins too. We care for the animals in our parks like we would our own family. We are committed to making sure their lives are enriching and they are continually engaged socially, mentally and physically.

"And, we also care for dolphins in the wild. In fact, SeaWorld has rescued more than 480 whales and dolphins. Right now we are caring for a wild dolphin that we rescued several weeks ago. This animal would have died without our help. Our team is with this animal 24 hours a day, and has walked alongside him and cradled him to help him stay afloat. Our goal with him is the same as with any rescued animal: rehabilitate and return him to the wild." See the clip here.

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Janet Jackson Expands North American Unbreakable Tour

(Radio.com) Janet Jackson embarks on a North American tour next month, and if you miss out on the first leg, don't fret: a second one has been announced. Jackson will head back out on the road starting in January for the second leg of her Unbreakable World Tour following its earlier conclusion Nov. 13 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This time around, she'll kick things off Jan. 12 in Portland, Ore., and continue through March 9 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. In total, 27 additional cities have been added to the tour, making it one that stretches across the majority of major markets in North America.

The tour is behind Jackson's new album, her first since 2008's Discipline. A name and release date has not yet been announced, though a fall date is expected. Lead single "No Sleeep" is out now. See the tour dates here.

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Kenny Chesney Releases 'Save It for a Rainy Day' Video

(Radio.com) Some guys just have it all figured out. Let's say you have to make a music video. It's summertime. Why not choose to film on a giant yacht cruising through some of the bluest water imaginable? Why not go deep sea fishing off of said yacht? Why not climb a soap box on a Florida pier in a gorgeous bit of Everglades?

Or why not play some acoustic guitar in clear water using one of those little airplanes that can go on the water as a backdrop? Why not try ocean paddle boarding?

Yes, at this stage of his career, Kenny Chesney has figured out how to make a music video in style, and that's just what the clip for "Save It for a Rainy Day" is. Taken from last year's The Big Revival, Chesney continues to milk what has been a pretty successful album for him, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and selling more than 380,000 copies thus far. Watch the video here.

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Kenny Rogers Releasing A New Christmas Album

(Radio.com) It may be Christmas in July but for Kenny Rogers, Christmas is coming again this fall. The country singer has announced that his first Christmas album in 17 years will be released this fall. Titled Once Again It's Christmas, Rogers will team up with Alison Krauss, Jennifer Nettles, Home Free, Jim Brickman and Winfield's Locket for the release.

'I can't tell you how much fun it was recording a Christmas record again," Rogers said in a press release. 'I'm excited for people to hear it. I feel like this is a special group of songs--both old and new--and I was particularly lucky to be joined by many talented guest artists and musicians who each have something unique to say."

Rogers released his first Christmas album in 1981 and since then has performed on his annual Christmas & Hits Tour, which will continue again this winter for the 34th year. Read more here.

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Jared Leto's Scary Look As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad' Revealed

(Radio.com) A first look at the upcoming Suicide Squad adaptation made its debut at Comic-Con on Saturday, and now a decidedly higher quality version (see: not filmed from someone's camera) makes its debut on YouTube for the masses.

Oh, and Jared Leto as The Joker will scare the crap out of you. The trailer shows the back room minds that create the Suicide Squad from a team of villains, thinking they can control them. It gives us a prolonged look at Margot Robbie's unhinged Harley Quinn, some solid gravelly voiceover from Will Smith as Deadshot and a new look at Jared Leto's ultraviolet take on The Joker.

"I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to hurt you, really, really bad," Leto growls. The majority of the trailer is set against a haunting female vocal of the Bee Gees classic "I Started a Joke." See Leto and the trailer here.

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The New 'Fear the Walking Dead' Trailer, Premiere Announced

(Radio.com) Fans have been waiting for months, and now the news it out. The highly anticipated new AMC series Fear the Walking Dead will premiere Aug. 23. A new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead also debuted at Comic-Con.

"FEAR premieres August 23rd 9pm!" reads a note posted this afternoon (July 10) on the Walking Dead's official Twitter account. The news came during a panel being held at Comic Con in San Diego, attended by cast and crew from the new show, a spinoff of AMC's hugely popular zombie-infested series The Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead was announced earlier this year. While The Walking Dead itself is set on the East Coast, Fear the Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles, during a time frame just before the outbreak begins.

A few more details about the setting and plotline of the new series were also unveiled during the Comic Con panel, which many fans and journalists were live tweeting.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is 'loosely' during Rick's coma. Takes place over 2-3 weeks. #SDCC- Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) July 10, 2015

Robert Kirkman and co-creator Dave Erickson set Fear the Walking Dead in LA 'to see the fall of that city'. #SDCC- Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) July 10, 2015

'Kim [Dickens] goes badass within the first few episodes.' Erickson says 'female badassery' is important to Fear the Walking Dead. #SDCC- Yahoo TV (@YahooTV) July 10, 2015 Read more and watch the trailer here.

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Dierks Bentley Helps Canaan Smith Celebrate His First No. 1

(Radio.com) Everyone knew that there would be some pranks on the Sounds of Summer tour. But as Dierks Bentley and crew proved during a show this past weekend, they're pretty good at spontaneous celebration, too.

"Canaan Smith today has his first No. 1 ever with 'Love You Like That,'" Bentley said backstage in a video from the Sounds of Summer tour stop in D.C. "We're gonna go run across the stage and have a little fun at his expense. It's so great, the fact that he has his very first No. 1."

Bentley, Kip Moore and Maddie & Tae dressed up in white jumpsuits with #1s written in black marker, and then they stormed the stage during Smith's set.

Mid-song, Smith sees his tourmates come out and gives them all big hugs.But this isn't the only celebrating Smith has in store. During an interview with Radio.com, he let us in on his celebratory plans if "Love You Like That," the lead single from his debut album Bronco, were to hit No. 1.

A fan of cars (after telling us about his first car, a blue Jeep Cherokee), Smith said he made a deal with the head of promotion at Mercury who was planning on buying a Jeep.

"He was wanting to buy a Jeep," Smith explained. "I said, 'Why don't you wait? And if 'Love You Like That' goes No. 1, you buy the Jeep and I'll trick it out. I'll jack it up. I'll put the tires, the wheels, the tow package, black it out. Whatever you want to do.' That's our deal." Read more here.

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Luke Bryan Clarifies His 'Outlaw' Country Comment

(Radio.com) Luke Bryan found himself on the defensive last week after an interview was published by Hits Daily Double in which the "Kick the Dust Up" singer spoke openly about why he is not an outlaw country artist.

Bryan has since clarified the statements that he believes were taken out of context in that interview.On July 10, Bryan sent a series of tweets out on his personal Twitter account, saying that, "every now and then I feel I need to defend myself in this business." He added that while he did a great interview, it is frustrating to him that "something negative has spun out of the story."

In the article, Bryan was quoted as saying, 'I'm not an outlaw country singer. I don't do cocaine and run around. So I'm not going to sing outlaw country." Read more here.

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Chief Keef Playing Benefit Concert For Family Of Dead Toddler

(Radio.com) On Saturday, Chief Keef GBE associate Capo was shot and killed in Chicago; also killed in the same incident was a 1-year-old boy named Dillan Harris, who was struck by the fleeing culprit's vehicle.

Now, Keef has made clear that he's stepping up to raise money for Harris' family. He's announced that he will perform a hologram concert in Beverly Hills July 17 that will raise funds to benefit the toddler's family.

The concert itself will be free but fans will be asked to donate to the Harris family. Keef will be in Chicago during the performance. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Keef's representatives explained that he's "heartbroken and appalled" by the "out of control situation." Read more here.

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Will 'Ferrell Takes the Field' In New Trailer

(Radio.com) This September, sports on HBO are about to get a lot weirder. This past March, Will Ferrell went to Major League Baseball's spring training in Arizona. They taped everything and caught Ferrell playing for 10 different teams on five different training ballparks playing every single position in the game. It's all for Ferrell Takes the Field, a new special for HBO.

The trailer shows him walking out of the dugout, asking one of the Oakland Athletics where they put their wallets when they play, picking his butt in the outfield for the Arizona Diamondbacks and throwing a really terrible pitch for the Kansas City Royals.

If you ever wanted to see Ferrell take on baseball (he's already done basketball, NASCAR and more in some of his other films), now's your chance. How lucky you are. See the trailer here.

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Justin Bieber Lip Syncs 'Big Girls Don't Cry'

(Radio.com) Lip Sync Battle is only in its first season and it's already produced a lot of memorable moments. There was Anne Hathaway swinging across the stage in white underwear and a tank top for "Wrecking Ball," Anna Kendrick taking on "Steal My Girl" and Alison Brie doing the whitest interpretation of Salt N Pepa's "Shoop," to name a few.

But those moments are soon going to be topped. thanks to Justin Bieber. This Thursday, the Biebz will take on Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry," and judging from the preview it's going to be all you could ask for from that pairing--except maybe more racy.

Leave it to Justin Bieber to come up with a suggestive interpretation of a song about overcoming divorce. In the teaser, Bieber saunters around the stage and lets his hands roam as he lip syncs the 2007 Dutchess hit. Read more here.

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Chrissy Teigen Explains Revealing John Legend Instagram Photo

(Extra) Super model Chrissy Teigen is speaking out about her recent Instagram snap of hubby John Legend's behind. Chrissy gearing up for a special "Lip Sync Battle" event with host LL Cool J in NYC, telling "Extra's" AJ Calloway all about the snap that made headlines, revealing John didn't know she was taking the pic, "He didn't know I was taking it but he knew I was tweeting it He got full approval."

LL asking what John was doing in the photo, "I was wondering what he was reading was it the room service menu?" Chrissy clarifying, "He was trying to change the channel that's all." Teigen giggling, "It's such a good butt, how do you not post that, it's so good."

Chrissy posting the pic of John just as Justin Bieber posted his own bare bootie pic, "It looked like a butt battle." On a more serious note, Teigen also tagged @Instagram directly on the post, in what appeared to be a direct jab at the platform's double standards on male and female nudity, "They actually wrote my agency at one point, they were like please stop posting this." Read more here.

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