Day in Pop Report for 07/15/2015

Taylor Swift Laughs Off Scary Stage Malfunction

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift came to Washington D.C. and almost couldn't get down. At a show Monday night (July 13) at Nationals Park in the nation's capitol, Swift was met with some heavy rain that caused some problems for her elaborate stage set-up.

Specifically, an extendable stage she was standing on completely stopped working leaving her stranded above the crowd. "They just told me in my ear that I might be stuck up here forever," she told the crowd while standing on the platform. "This thing is broken."

Adding with a good chuckle, "I'll just be here forever, stuck up here, unless I choose to jump down." The tense moment led Swift to let the crowd know, "I was just thinking about how I was singing a song about rain and it rained today, itt's not that funny, We're just gonna have to re-choreograph the entire show. It's fine. Whatever. It's gonna be a unique show D.C.!"

Of course, Swift has the best team in the business, who was able to fix the stage in a matter of minutes and get her down so she didn't have to re-choreograph the show. "I'm so happy, you guys!" she said before. "I didn't know what I was going to do!" Watch it here.

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Meghan Trainor Returns To the Road After Vocal Hemorrhage

(Radio.com) Meghan Trainor is back on her tour after suffering a vocal hemorrhage and postponing several dates. The singer tweeted that her doctors have cleared her for performing and she'll be back on her summer tour.

EW reports that the tour will pick back up in St. Louis tonight (July 14). Trainor's tour will resume, as scheduled, through September with a rescheduled date at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ now closing the show and her Mohegan Sun show in CT rescheduled for Sept. 7.

Meanwhile, Trainor is getting her St. Louis fans pumped with an Instagram of her aboard a solo-wheel in the St. Louis airport. "I feel so cool," she jokes as she glides through the terminal. Read more here.

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Lana Del Rey Reveals New Song 'Honeymoon'

(Radio.com) Lana Del Rey has released the sultry title track from her third album, Honeymoon. In June, Del Rey began posting lyrics from the track on Instagram and shouting out famous Los Angeles boulevards Wilshire and Pico, opening with the self-depreciating declaration that "it's not fashionable to love me."

The lyric video opens with a slow pan over Del Rey as she lays on a blanket, on a hill grassy overlooking a major Los Angeles thoroughfare with traffic driving by. As the camera zooms in on a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists, it jerks back to reveal Del Rey up and watching the street below with a craned neck as if awoken from a day dream.

Like a poor quality home movie from the 80s, the video cuts to static then a still image of song lyrics which appear to have been printed and prepared for a CD insert. See the lyrics and check out the song here.

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Selena Gomez Talks Changes With "Good for You"

(Radio.com) When Selena Gomez released her new single "Good for You," there was a lot of surprise. A$AP Rocky is featured? She's singing in a whispery voice? One of the co-producers mostly does reggaeton? This doesn't sound like the usual Selena Gomez pop song, but like Selena's been listening to a lot of Miguel, what's the deal?

Radio.com had her in to take her temperature on how this track came to be and where her head is at, following this surprising single and the equally unexpected, highly emotional single "The Heart Wants What It Wants" from this spring.

"When I got 'Good For You,' it was just the melody," Gomez recalls. "We didn't know what we wanted the sound to be like. Some of the melodies are very soft, so it could have been a little more pop but I didn't want the production to take away from the vocal. I'm a huge fan of hip hop, urban-that's just my taste. I think that's my natural direction. When I was recording the whole album, everything I was writing or recording was all mid-tempo. I was drawn to that, I guess. I think now more than ever I'm comfortable and confident going into the studio knowing what my vision is."

Gomez admits that getting older has changed a lot about her and suggests we should look at "Good For You" as a simple evolution. It's what she's doing.

"I feel like I know myself better, but I think I'm still learning every day," Gomez says. "Sometimes I wake up and I'm like, 'Who am I?' But there are moments where I feel like the 14-year-old me, to the 17-year-old me. to now being 23, it's weird. But I feel like I've lived enough life and I have a right to speak my mind about my personal experiences."

Watch the very personal video for "Good For You" and her video interview here.

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50 Cent Jokes About His Bankruptcy

(Radio.com) Worry not: 50 Cent is probably going to be just fine. Or at least he's got a nice sense of humor about it all. The rapper posted to his Instagram on Tuesday after a day of headlines reporting his filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and he doesn't seem to be worried at all about his finances at this time.

That said, his new choice of car isn't exactly of the high roller variety. The picture shows him in front of a tiny smart car, smiling. "Times are hard out here LMAO," he wrote in the caption, adding a couple of his usual business-minded hashtags to show that time has not yet passed.

Not that he would be hurting for cash anyway; as we noted, 50 Cent's bankruptcy filing is more protective than anything, this way he can continue to manage his businesses and get his finances in order. Read more and see his post here.

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Ciara Not Amused With Future Talking About Their Sex Life

(Radio.com) Future was focused on the past in a recent interview where he spilled the beans about his sex life with former fiancee Ciara. And she's definitely not happy about it.

In a sit down with HuffPost Live Tuesday (July 13), Future was not only speaking about his upcoming release Dirty Sprite 2 (out this week), but felt he should talk about how he never abstained from having sex with Ciara.

"God told me something else. He ain't tell me to wait. I guarantee you that," Future said. "We prayed afterwards though. After we did it, we prayed. That's a true story."

Future continued on the topic, explaining, "That's what really got me. I was like, woah, that s-'s blowing me away. That's what sweeped me off my foot. Never had nobody pray after sex."

Future's comments came nearly a week after Ciara's current boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, said the two were abstaining from sex until marriage, even though it wouldn't be easy.

'She was on tour, she was traveling, and I was looking at her in the mirror' and she was sitting there and God spoke to me and said 'I need you to lead her,'" Wilson said. "And so I told her right then and there, what would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table, and did it Jesus' way?"

Adding, "I ain't gonna lie to ya'll now, I need you to pray for us." he said. 'If there's a 10, she's a 15. So I need ya'll to pray for me."

After Future's comments, Ciara, who is the mother of his son, was quick to tweet out a response that seemed directed straight at him, perhaps making it clear that their former sex life is not public information. See her posts here.

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Andy Grammar Duets 'Honey, I'm Good' With Eli Young Band

(Radio.com) Andy Grammer's "Honey, I'm Good." may be one of pop radio's song of the summer, but now Eli Young Band are giving it a whirl on country radio. Grammer and Eli Young Band have recently teamed up for a duet of the upbeat pop hit, released Tuesday, July 14.

The song in its new iteration has Grammar and EYB frontman Mike Eli trading verses. 'I always felt this song was country at its core," Grammer said in a press release. "Being in the studio with the Eli Young Band, I finally got to hear it come home."

Meanwhile, Eli expressed his thoughts of "Honey, I'm Good." being "a great country song." "We fell in love with it before Andy ever asked us to be part of this release," Eli explained. "Andy is an incredible singer and one heck of a songwriter so we couldn't be happier to help expand upon what he's already accomplished. We can't wait for everyone to hear the new version." Listen here.

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Star Trek Cast Announce Walk-On Roll Opportunity

(Radio.com) J.J. Abrams has once again teamed up with Omaze to bring awareness and financial support to charities using the hype of his latest blockbuster. But unlike his recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens campaign where Abrams revealed the details himself, the cast of Star Trek Beyond jumped on board, literately.

Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban and Idris Elba walk through the set of the Enterprise as they describe the prizes that can be had for as little as a $10 donation, the most notable being a walk-on roll in the upcoming film.

"You and a friend will make franchise history as the first fans ever to win walk on roles in a Star Trek movie," a post explains on Omaze.com. "You'll fly to the closed set of Star Trek Beyond and hang with the cast before hair, makeup, and wardrobe get you into character for the role of a lifetime.

"In addition to the grand prize winner, six additional winners will be randomly selected each week to form our Star Trek: To Boldly Go crew. As a member of the honorary crew, you'll visit the set, meet the cast, and be among the first to witness scenes from the latest voyage of the USS Enterprise." Read more here.

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Boy George and Jack Black Jam Doors Classic With Robby Krieger

(Radio.com) Things started innocently enough Monday night (July 13) on Conan O'Brien's show. Boy George and Tenacious D were the guests and during the former's interview, Conan inquired about his influences. George replied that he'd never gotten over the '70s and that among several punk and post-punk acts, he was influenced by the Doors.

Jack Black jumped in to agree that they were amazing, while Conan insisted he didn't hear it in George's music. He suggested they should sing a Doors song together, if they liked the band so much.

When they stood to join Conan's band onstage, it just so happened that the Doors guitarist Robby Krieger was there, ready to join them for "Hello I Love You."

Watch the antics unfold here.

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'Fantastic Four' Evolution Explored In New Trailer

(Radio.com) The Fantastic Four reboot is giving fans their biggest and most action-packed look at the film with its new trailer. The franchise gets a more serious look this time around, including starting with the backstory of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller).

We also get a glimpse into the evolution of the Fantastic Four after their teleportation at Reed's hands onto another planet, plus how they cope with their new superpowers.

The new cast also includes Kate Mara as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Successful or not, this franchise is already spinning and all the Fantastic Four are locked into a second movie that's already been announced, with rumors of an X-Men reboot crossover floating out there. Watch it here.

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Singled Out: Nesta's Better Now

Today Singer-Songwriter and EDM artist Nesta! tells us about the song "Better Now", which is the first single from her forthcoming album "Surrender". Here is the story:

Better Now is a song I wrote about a personal experience that I am sure many of us have had. The experience of being loved by someone when you are not yet able to fully realize and accept their love because you have yet to learn to love yourself. This song was reflecting back on a particular time in my life when I did not understand the value of receiving someone's love in the way that I do now.

The opening verse starts off with an apology:
"Sorry sorry sorry for the way I left it. I didn't mean it. Even if I meant it at the time."

The first line telling the listener that I wish I could take back the past. That I didn't mean the way I acted even if I "meant it at the time." I am sincerely apologizing for the actions of my past self.

The second verse goes on to reveal that this person treated me so well and that I just hadn't developed the kind of self love that could accept this kind of love and loyalty yet.:

"You were so good to me. I just, I just wasn't ready. I didn't love myself yet."

The song is about recognizing that instead of walking away or running away from love, that it is worth taking the time to try to heal and work on the things that are broken inside of yourself so you can be truly available to receive that love.

"I'm getting better now. I'm getting wiser now. I'm working some things out."

It is about the epiphany that this love is special and worth fighting for. This is a once in a lifetime kind of love and I want to be in a place to accept this.

Finally it is about asking for forgiveness and hoping that it is not too late. The pre-chorus asks:

"If you wanna try again? If you wanna love? Can you find it in your heart?"

I am leading with an open and honest heart to ask for forgiveness and I truly want to make things right.

" I wanna be good to you. I think I can be good for you."
I'm not asking him to continue in a relationship that is unhealthy but that I genuinely think I can be a good partner now.

The last line declares:
" I think I love myself now."
Meaning to explain that loving me is safe now because I love myself.

This part was really important for me because I wanted to reveal that I don't expect my lover to continue in something that doesn't give back in the way he deserves and that I have genuinely shifted into a place where I feel like I can love completely. I believe in creating a healthy co-existence and I would not put him through that kind of heartbreak again.

The song has an energy of hopefulness. Hope that it is not too late and that love is still available. It is about asking for forgiveness and believing that you are worthy of it. It is about not holding yourself in purgatory forever over the past but truly letting go and standing in the present. Yet it is also about recognizing that we don't have all the time in the world. If we take too long, sometimes we miss it. We miss our fate and we miss that opportunity for a once in a lifetime kind of love story that I think all of us hope for.

The music video reflects this story with my real life partner Adam, in which the song is about. There couldn't be any other person who could help me deliver this honest portrayal of our love story. It is my hope that the listener and the viewer can feel our history together. Most of all, I would love to give hope to anyone else out there in the same position and let them know that through healing yourself you make yourself more available to the experience of love. We can change and we can be better for it.. We can be "Better Now".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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