Daily Music News Report for 05/31/2016

Gucci Mane Early Prison Release Reason Revealed

(Radio.com) Gucci Mane's attorney Drew Findling explained by why the rapper was released from prison a full 116 days before he finished his sentence. Mane was released last Thursday, May 26th.

Findling said the rapper successfully pushed his release date up by seeking and receiving credit for the days he spent in jail before his official sentence began, reported XXL.

"The reason for his release date is myself and my legal team took the position that he was not properly deemed and then credited for the time he was incarcerated while waiting for his case to go to court," Findling said. "We filed a series of motions after which being considered, the court signed an order in agreement with us. Bailor was sent to the Bureau of Prisons and his sentence was adjusted accordingly and he was released." Read more here.

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Twenty One Pilots Performance Cut Short For 'Safety' Reasons

(TeamRock Radio) Twenty One Pilots had their set at the BBC's Radio 1 Big Weekend cut shot after Tyler Joseph scaled the stage scaffolding. The singer and multi-instrumentalist is known for his climbing antics during the duo's shows. But when he appeared high above the stage over the weekend, drummer Josh Dun was told to stop drumming. Joseph then made his way down before the pair took their stage bow.

Following the event, BBC Radio 1 issued a statement explaining the decision. They tweeted: "The safety of our artists is always our first priority. Sadly we felt there was a risk and had to cut Twenty One Pilots short. We're sad too."

Twenty One Pilots haven't yet commented on the decision. Joseph and Dun head out on a world tour today (May 31) in support of their fourth album Blurryface, which was released last year. Check out video of the incident here.

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Sam Hunt Releases 'Single For The Summer' Video

(Radio.com) Sam Hunt's video for his latest single, 'Single for the Summer,' lives up to the title and theme of the track, which comes from his 2014 album release "Montevallo."

The video is a bleached out, beachy look at all things summer: ice cream, bicycle rides, boardwalks and of course beautiful women. "Blame it on the bikinis, party girls and martinis/ And the sunshine," Hunt sings. Summer, apparently, turns him into a wandering eye.

Shot from a first person POV-as if the camera were the man-the video follows his adventures down by the beach where he spends his time relaxing with one lady in particular. But he can't commit because it's summer. In the song, Hunt admits that he's too old to be playing such games, but he can't help how every May makes him want to let loose and enjoy being free. At least for the summer. Watch the video here.

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Fetty Wap Goes Back to High School For 'Wake Up' Video

(Radio.com) Fetty Wap travels back to high school and the days he spent doing everything but learning for the music video for his new single "Wake Up", which he released on Friday (May 27th).

The video features light animation that gives the whole thing a youthful flare. It begins with the sounds of a teenage boy snoring while title cards display an inspirational message for Fetty's fans: "A nobody high school dropout now known worldwide as Fetty. Celebrate everyday, roll something up and define your own path."

The video focuses on a young version of Fetty, played by another boy. He deals with a mom trying to get him out of bed in the morning, a teacher he doesn't want to listen to and friends who also want to "get Wiz Khalifa high" and have a good time instead of paying attention. In between shots of the boy going through his school day, Fetty stands in the halls of the high school and raps his verse wearing a massive smile. Watch it here.

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Kevin Gates Releases New Mixtape 'Murder for Hire II'

(Radio.com) One year to the day after he released his 2015 mixtape Murder for Hire, Kevin Gates drops a new mixtape and follow-up to that project, Murder for Hire II.

The 8-track project largely showcases the Baton Rogue rapper with only one feature. OG Boobie Black appears on the track "Click House." The project moves away from the family-focused studio album Islah Gates released in 2016.

He named the album after his daughter, who also appeared in his music video for the track "Pride." Although questions about the kind of life he's giving his daughter come up on Murder for Hire II, Gates explores other territory.

At the end of the opening track, "F- It," Gates includes a message to listeners. "Hey, look, this is Kevin Gates, you heard, man? Appreciate you for joining me on this adventure that we about to go on, this is Murder for Hire II. Let's get into some s-." Read more and stream Murder for Hire II here.

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Zayn Releases Seven 'Like I Would' Remixes

(Radio.com) If you love Zayn's new single "Like I Would," then you're in luck. The pop star just released seven remixes for the song, same words but different tracks and different vibes.

The new versions were crafted by top DJs, including Lenno and Oliver Nelson. This move suggest that the former One Direction member will continue to enjoy a successful solo career.

His top-charting album Mind of Mine, which includes the original version of "Like I Would," also features the hit singles "Pillowtalk" and "Wrong." Check out the remixes here.

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Ulysses Streaming 'Law And Order' Documentary Online

(Classic Rock) Ulysses have released a 15-minute documentary to accompany the release of their third album, Law And Order, the follow-up to last year's Feeling Black Christmas EP.

Law And Order was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales with producer Steve Evans - who's previously worked withy Robert Plant, Tax The Heart and Siouxie - and features contributions from Purson's Rosalie Cunningham.

"We put our hearts, souls, and a whole lotta blood sex magick into the making of this album," says frontman Luke Smyth, "We sincerely hope it blows minds and underwear clean open wide." Watch the documentary here.

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Tod Howarth Sets Record Straight On Exit From Frehley's Comet

Four By Fate frontman, and former member of Ace Frehley's 1980s solo band Frehley's Comet, Tod Howarth sat down with Sleaze Roxx to discuss his current group and also touched on his exit from the former KISS guitarist's band. The site sent over the following excerpts:

Sleaze Roxx: I remember reading the reviews for [Frehley's Comet sophomore album] 'Second Sighting' and them being mixed. I guess someone had to be the 'fall guy' and I guess you were it in the eyes of critics and fans?

Tod Howarth: [Laughs] Of course! At first it hurt my feelings to a degree. I've learned to deal with it over the years. Listen, Ace is not a singer. He's a better singer now than he was at that time. When we were recording the albums, he wanted to sing. He knew he needed to sing because the fans wanted to hear him sing. You have to give the fans what they want because that would translate into album sales. I think the fact that I sang on half of the record and he sang on the other half of the record, the fans weren't too happy about it. So that's how things transpired and I got blamed for it.

Sleaze Roxx: Realistically, if you didn't sing those songs on 'Second Sighting' - than who would?

Tod Howarth: [Laughs] I know. They wouldn't have been on the record. Ace is a 'character' singer. It's like his laugh. It's identifiable. He has a certain style. He was never a singer where I've been singing since I was seven years old. I think people would have been happier listening to his style, his voice that to listen to my smooth vocals. Then again, there are people that really loved my vocals on that record yet they won't vocalize that. That's okay. You can't please everyone.

Sleaze Roxx: So when did things begin to go south with Frehley's Comet?

Tod Howarth: We ran out of money on the Iron Maiden tour. We were broke. We had to go home to reassess what we were going to do next. Around the middle of 1998, it was brought to my attention that I wouldn't be on the album and that Ace would be writing and singing all the songs.

There's several things wrong with that statement which I won't get into here. In the music industry, you make money from publishing, merchandising and touring if you're in a big enough band. Well, if I don't have any of those three, I don't have an income. How am I supposed to survive? I have heard this millions of times - "Oh, Ace fired Tod." Listen, Ace didn't fire Tod - Tod quit! There was no future for me there so I had to bow out. So after many attempts, I secured a solo deal though Simmons Records, oddly enough. It was right as the grunge thing was coming along so I got my ass kicked there. I was dropped and here comes Nirvana! [laughs]

Sleaze Roxx: You'd be open to a Frehley's Comet reunion show I imagine?

Tod Howarth: Oh for sure, if nothing else for the fans alone. We've talked about it but we've gotten a tepid response from Ace. I feel that from a business standpoint, it would behoove Ace to do it. Right now, Ace has some things going where he won't be paying much attention to a 'Comet' reunion at the moment. I don't think. In fact, Ace lives right here in San Diego! I met up with him at a book signing years ago and he has my contact information but I haven't heard from him. As I said, John and I would love to do it but it's in Ace's lap. He wants to do what he wants to do. Right now, my focus is Four By Fate.

Check out the full interview here.

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Letlive Plan Special Record Release Art Show

(TeamRock Radio) Letlive plan to launch their fourth album If I'm The Devil... with an exhibition featuring works of art inspired by the record's 11 tracks. Frontman Jason Butler says the event will take place on June 8, the day the follow-up to 2013's The Blackest Beautiful is released.

Butler tells TeamRock Radio: "I'm gonna curate this art show. We're gonna choose 11 artists, one for each track on the record. Each artist gets assigned a song and the lyrics and however they feel inspired by the song, they will create a piece.

"The art space is booked right now and on the day of release we'll be having this art show for people to experience. There will be listening stations at every piece so people can hear the record and see the record and see what someone else saw when they were listening to that song." Read more here.

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