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B-Sides Report for 09/02/2016

Report Claims Chris Brown's Accuser Vowed To Set Him Up

(Radio.com) The woman who accused Chris Brown of pointing a gun at her may have been working to set him up, according to claims made in a TMZ report. Miss California Regional 2016, Baylee Curran, allegedly sent a text message to a friend vowing to get revenge on Brown for kicking her out of his house.

Curran claimed Brown pulled out a weapon when he saw her getting to close to a diamond cross necklace he owns. "Chris came in, pulled out his gun and said, 'I'm getting so sick of you people,' pointed the gun at me, [and told me] to get the 'F' out of the house,'" she told US Weekly. After a 14 hour standoff with police, Brown was later arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, and was eventually released on $250,000 bail.

Now his lawyer is working to verify the text message Curran allegedly sent to her friend Safari. It reads, "Hey safari don't you know this freak Chris brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake can you come get me my Uber is messing up if not I'm going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I'm going to set his a-- up. Lol come get me."

Safari texted her back, writing, "Really that's f- up you ain't going to do that your wrong if you do" (via TMZ). As TMZ points out, the text message Curran allegedly sent Safari contains information he couldn't have possibly have known. Read more here.

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Charles Manson Murder Witnessed By Beach Boys Star?

(Radio.com) Beach Boy Mike Love has a new memoir coming out, Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy. As much as it details his time with the band, there's one disturbing incident he writes about that claims his bandmate Dennis Wilson saw Charles Manson kill a man months before he and his followers murdered seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

In his book, Love wrote about a night when Dennis showed up at his brother Brian's recording studio after hanging out at the Manson family commune, Spahn Ranch, for some time.

Dennis was visibly disturbed by something he'd seen. When Love asked him about it, Dennis shared, "I just saw Charlie take his M16 and blow this black cat [guy] in half and stuff him down the well" (via People).

Love added, "Dennis was too frightened to go to the police," he wrote. "I think he was just hoping that Manson and his family would disappear." But they didn't disappear. The incident Dennis witnessed occurred months before Manson and his followers murdered seven people. Read more here.

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Coldplay Pay Tribute To Gene Wilder During Concert

(Radio.com) Coldplay paid tribute actor Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka, Young Frankenstein, The Producers) during their concert in Denver this past Monday (Aug 29th)

During the show, the band inserted a line from "Pure Imagination" at the end of their song "The Scientist." "Pure Imagination" was Wilder's signature number from the 1971 movie musical Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, which is widely considered to be one of his greatest roles.

After the show, the band tweeted a clip of Martin singing the chorus as confetti rains from the sky: "Come with me and we'll be in a world of pure imagination." Wilder died of complications from Alzheimer's at the age of 83. Watch the Coldplay tribute here.

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R. Kelly Hit With $200,000 Tax Bill

(Radio.com) R. Kelly has reportedly been hit with an unpaid federal income tax bill for the year 2012. The IRS handed down a tax lien of nearly $200,000 for the year, when he reportedly failed to pay income tax on his earnings.

This reportedly is not the first time that R. Kelly has run into unpaid tax problems. Bossip reports has incurred federal liens totaling upwards of $6 million between 2005 and 2011.

The gossip site obtained the Kelly's IRS tax lien form 668(Y). The Illinois resident also reportedly failed to pay nearly $150,000 in state taxes in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Read more here.

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Britney Spears Opens Up About Her Battles With Anxiety

(Radio.com) Britney Spears may be riding high with her album "Glory" but the popstar reveals that she has endured a lengthy battle with anxiety, which was at its worst before her well-publicized breakdown in 2007.
"I was so under scrutiny. If a hair was out of place, I'd be so anxious. I would get very anxious about so many things." Spears tells the magazine Marie Claire.

Following her meltdown, Spears learned to cope with her disorder by shying away from the limelight and focusing on motherhood. She gives her sons credit for her growth.

"Becoming a mother and being with my boys [Jayden, 9, Sean Preston, 10] has made me so much more accepting of myself," she said. "I'm their mom, whatever. That has been a really big thing for me over these last few years."

Spears also revealed that being an international pop icon doesn't necessarily make dating any easier. And anxiety further complicates matters. Read about that here.

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Ringo Starr Lands A Guinness World Record

(Radio.com) A new round of Guinness World Records has been compiled for 2017 and Beatles legend Ringo Starr has made the list, but it's not for reasons fans might expect.

His copy of the Beatles self-titled record, a.k.a. the "White Album", has been recognized as the most expensive record ever sold at auction, according to The Vinyl Factory.

Starr held onto his first edition number '0000001' copy of the record, he never played it, and kept it in a vault until the December, 2015 auction. Read more here.

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Jason Aldean Releases New Song 'This Plane Don't Go There'

(Radio.com) Jason Aldean will be releasing his new album They Don't Know next week on September 9th and on Thursday (September 1) he shared "This Plane Don't Go There," his newest single from that project.

Speaking about the song at the 10th Annual ACM Honors on Tuesday (August 30), Aldean said, "This song is written by one of my favorite writers, Neil Thrasher, who's written a ton of things for us over the years."

He added, "This is one of those songs I listened to one time and [it] just seemed like my kind of melody. It's a heartache song, and that goes hand in hand with country music. It's one of my favorite songs of the album … and probably one of my favorite vocal performances on the album. I can't wait for people to hear it." Check out Jason's new single here.

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Justin Bieber Covers Tupac Shakur and Tracy Chapman

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber has performed two live covers from opposite ends of the musical spectrum--Tupac Shakur's "Thug Mansionz" and Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."

The pop star recorded the songs for the BBC from their LA studio. Bieber sang-talked his way through the Tupac track being accompanied by a guitarist.

For the Chapman classic, he played his own guitar. The stripped arrangements give a wide-angle view of Bieber's influences and the music he loves. Check them out here.

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Vince Staples Releases New Short Film

(Radio.com) Hot on the heels of releasing his new EP Prima Donna last Friday (August 26), Vince Staples has released a short film to accompany that project. The film explores the dichotomy Staples feels between the flash of the music industry and the reality of the world that created him. It's something he channeled on his 2015 studio album Summertime '06 and which resurfaces on Prima Donna.

At nearly ten minutes long, the short film opens on Staples filming a music video before a director calls cut and he leaves for the night. Outside the studio, things are very different. Staples thinks he encounters a racist taxi driver, has visions of Africa and the tribal rhythms that inform rap, and passes through the ghetto streets that still call to him. It's part-dream, part-reality and an entirely strong statement from one of rap's most original thinkers.

Directed by Nabil, the short film is a powerful visual, up there with the more politically-motivated work Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce have been releasing of late. Watch the film here.

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Linkin Park Aim To Challenge and Inspire Fans With New Album

(Radio.com) Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington posted a short studio update on Thursday via the band's official YouTube channel giving fans some insight into the progress on their new album.

"I've been working really hard on some vocals for the last couple of months, we've done some really great stuff in here, the songs are amazing," he says in the clip.

"I'm really proud of what we've accomplished in the studio so far, we've got a lot of great material that I hope challenges our fan base as well as inspires them, as much as it has us, and so I'm really looking forward to you guys hearing the stuff. Check out the full video update here.

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Gavin DeGraw Releases 'She Sets the World on Fire' Video

(Radio.com) Gavin DeGraw shared his new video for "She Sets the World on Fire" Thursday (September 1). The song appears on his upcoming album Something Worth Saving.

The anthemic love song tells the story of a woman who sweeps DeGraw off his feet, and for the visual treatment he sings his lady's praises for being as intelligent as she is beautiful. Model Jessica Vargas stars as DeGraw's love interest in the video. On the cusp of a big meeting for a new phone technology she's designed, the video flashes back to the 1980s when she was working out of her apartment with a group of women. It's part Silicon Valley meets Apple Computers' origin story.

Dressed like a college kid, DeGraw watches from the background as his brilliant girlfriend succeeds in her quest. Fast forward to the present, and they are still together. His keyboard has gotten an upgrade to a baby grand piano, though. Watch the video here.

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Mark Pritchard And Thom Yorke Release 'Beautiful People' Video

(Radio.com) Mark Pritchard has released the video for 'Beautiful People," from his Under the Sun project. The work is a collaboration between the British electronic musician and Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

The video, which premiered at Sundance's NEXT fest, was directed by Michal Marczak and features a masked figure wandering around through alien-like environments where physical laws do not apply.

Yorke's haunting vocal style lends an ethereal feel to the song, while his likeness makes a few brief appearances on the man's reflective face mask. The camera follows the humanoid character through the landscapes until stopping for what appears to be an alien encounter. Watch the video here.

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Young Director Talks Kanye West's 'Fade' Video

(Radio.com) The 24-year-old director of Kanye West's "Fade" said the rap pioneer isn't always looking to work with people who have the most experience. "If someone is willing to put in the work and execute and deliver, he doesn't think about their age," Eli Russell Linnetz told The New York Times.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Linnetz is currently in the middle of a "one-year artist residency with Kanye." In addition to directing "Fade," he served as the "creative director of fabrication" for the Los Angeles gallery show that displayed nude figures of celebrities from West's "Famous" video. He also worked on Kanye's new stage show and merch for the Saint Pablo tour.

"We just collaborate on anything he asks me to," Linnetz said. "He takes a lot of chances giving me so much power, but it's worked out for both of us."Asked about the connection between "Fade" and the '80s movie Flashdance, Linnetz admitted Flashdance was a major inspiration, but said there were other less obvious influences. He referred to the Ohio Players' provocative album covers, Grace Jones boxing images by photographer Jean-Paul Goude and '70s and '80s porn for skin texture and oiliness. He was also influenced by David Cronenberg's imagery in the movie The Fly, Dancing with the Stars, the Olympics and the NBA championship. Read more here.

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Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Takes On Nicki Minaj Verse

(Radio.com) The kids from Stranger Things aren't just stellar actors, they all seem to have a musical side as well. Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven) proved that she's got mad rap skills when she performed Nicki Minaj's verse from Kanye West's 2010 track "Monster."

The moment occurred Wednesday night (August 31) during one of the games Jimmy Fallon likes to play on The Tonight Show. In "Stranger Strings," the young actors took turns reading an anonymous confession one of them had written, and then each decided who had confessed what by spraying that person with silly string.

When Fallon read that someone in the cast could rap Minaj's verse, they all immediately sprayed Brown. After being covered, she was obliging enough to perform it flawlessly while Quest Love accompanied her on drums. Brown's fierce moment begins at the 4:20 mark. Watch it here.

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Drake Sinks Another Half-Court Shot On His Back

(Radio.com) Last week, Drake fans went nuts over a video he posted in which he lies on the ground and sinks a free-throw from the center of a basketball court. For those who initially doubted the veracity of the clip, Drake's skills, the number of takes its creation required, or his ability to do it again… well, he's done it again.

Between Miami stops on his Summer Sixteen tour, Drake stopped by the Miami Heat to repeat the trick. As in the first video, the rapper lies on his back and tosses a ball into the air--he shoots, he scores!

The team's social media coordinator was quick to make clear that this was Drake's first attempt at the shot. If the rap thing doesn't work out, maybe the Harlem Globetrotters are hiring. Watch it here.

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Did Rihanna Get Tattoo For Drake?

(Radio.com) Fans of Drake and Rihanna are likely exploding with curiosity about their relationship status after the pair kissed onstage Wednesday night (August 31) during Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Miami. While some speculated that the kiss meant they were dating, others weren't so sure. It could just be a sweet moment between two good friends.

Well, Rihanna is laying out some new evidence that's making it harder and harder to argue for "just friends." TMZ has photographic proof that Rihanna got a special tattoo on her left ankle, and it appears to be for Drake.

The night Drake introduced Rihanna at the 2016 MTV VMAs and presented her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, he posted a photo on Instagram showing the two of them enjoying a drink outside the CN Tower in Toronto. It was from an aquarium date they reportedly went on some weeks ago. Although their heads are barely in the photo, Drake is holding a stuffed shark, which he reportedly purchased for Ri-Ri.

And Rihanna's new ink? A shark. In fact, it's pretty close to the stuffed animal Drake is holding in the picture. See the photo here.

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Singled Out: Gideon's Army's Red Lips

Robert Bray from Gideon's Army tells us the story behind the song "Red Lips", which comes from their recently released album "King of the League". Here is the story:

I fell for a girl when I was out in Los Angeles shooting music videos for my first album "Burn for the Living." The girl in the song 'Red Lips' is actually a model and an actress that was featured in two of those music videos. We had a brief fling during my few week stay on the west coast but we kept in touch when I went back to my hometown of New York City where my band was and where I had commitments scheduled. I missed her, I longed for her, fantasized about her, didn't know if I would ever see her again. I saved up a bit of money, by design, and I offered to fly her out to New York to spend a week with me when it fit our schedules. She accepted. I was ecstatic.

The next few weeks were spent in desirous anticipation and considered preparation. The song 'Red Lips' came out of that emotional state and it's a passionate song filled with fire and longing. I sent her an acoustic version and she loved it. I crafted the song lyrics like a love letter, a gift, and gave it to her when she arrived at my apartment.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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