PRIEST Unleash 'Black Venom'


PRIEST Unleash 'Black Venom'

(OMG) PRIEST released "Black Venom," the third single off of their highly anticipated fourth studio album Dark Pulse set for release on May 31, 2024 via Label Blue Nine.

"Black Venom" is a hi-octane track with gothic lyrics, haunted samples and drugged beats. It delves deep into the human struggle to transcend the shadows of the psyche. It's a testament to the cathartic potency of music exploring the enigmatic depths of the human spirit.

Dark Pulse is Priest's fourth studio album and is produced by Simon Soderberg (ex-Ghost). It's a dark synth pop album with rave elements and heavy industrial notes.

Heavily inspired by cyberpunk and goth culture, it dives into the dark and seductive night life that can be found specifically in Berlin. Dark Pulse explores themes like alcohol addiction, surviving narcissism, forbidden love etc. connected to a past flamboyant lifestyle that just won't let go. With a signature blend of eerie synthesizers and pulsating hardware, Priest delves deeper into the shadows of dystopia and human-machine symbiosis.Get ready for an electronic dance record with poisoned roots, catapulting you into feverish insanity and back!

Priest is a synth band that creates music rooted in the vastness of electronic dreams. The goal of their multifaceted prophecy is to safely guide humanity unto the next evolutionary step - the merging with machines.

The occult techno-pop act from Sweden, containing ex-members from Ghost, will throw you into the neon lights of 80 ́s sci-fi mixed with gothic soundscapes. With several praised global tours and critically acclaimed releases like New Flesh and Body Machine they've successfully generated an ever growing fanbase worldwide.

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PRIEST Unleash 'Black Venom'

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