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Report for 07/10/06
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Gigwise reports: Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has slammed U2 and Black Eyed Peas for letting their music be used on TV advertisements. Smith - speaking from the T In The Park Festival - rounded on the two bands for both licensing out their songs to promote iPods � branding Black Eyed Peas in particular as "a bunch of idiots".

He rants to the Daily Record, "I'm fine with getting our music out to people but I don't want to be on a TV commercial with some guy bowling and then music comes out of his phone. There's no artistic credibility. I'd feel like a jerk if we did that. I think Black Eyed Peas look like a bunch of idiots. It's dangerous.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Osbourne Slams Pearl Jam
Contact Music reports: SHARON OSBOURNE insists the OZZFEST music festival remains true to its heavy metal history, while other bands such as PEARL JAM, have become too mainstream. The feisty wife of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, believes that while many acts have mellowed in their old age, hardcore rock fans are loyal purists, deserving of an appropriate line-up. She explains, "Love Pearl Jam. But Pearl Jam is now like (US retail chain store) the Gap crowd. The baggy trousers. "It's a date. It's nice, lovely music. You know, there is this whole other world out there.[Sharon did you listen to your husband's atrocious cover album? It didn't exactly rock. Glass houses... see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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K-Fed Sucks on Purpose?
TMZ reports: [Was the world punk'd by K-Fed? He's reportedly trying to tell us that.] It appears as if Kevin Federline has had the last laugh. Apparently his diabolical scheme to completely turn off the world's music fans with his disastrous single "PopoZao" was a huge success.

According to reports spreading across the Internet, Mr. Britney Spears put out "PopoZao" so that people would look at him like a talentless wannabe rapper. "That way, when I come out with my real sh**, people are f****** blown away," he allegedly said.

Well, he got the first part right. Now we're just waiting to be blown away.If these reports are true, then K-Fed should receive an oscar for his performance on MTV when he jammed out in the studio, trying to promote his music. Maybe he should take some tips from the Mrs. and try to get it right the first time. That's usually a better plan than the one he concocted. [sure, uh huh, we're buying that excuse] 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Snoop Film Riot
MTV reports: "The L.A. Riot Spectacular," a satirical look at the 1992 Los Angeles riots starring Snoop Dogg, is finally hitting select theaters on August 11.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Bankrupt Row
AP reports: A federal judge on Friday ordered a bankruptcy trustee takeover of Marion "Suge" Knight's Death Row Records, saying the record label has undergone gross mismanagement.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


Penny Lane Saved
AP reports: Penny Lane will keep its name. Liverpool officials said Saturday they would modify a proposal to rename streets linked to the slave trade when they realized the road made famous by the 1967 Beatles song was one of them.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


The Incarceration Will Not Be Televised
Gigwise reports: Musical pioneer Gil Scott-Heron has been sent to prison for between two and four years after breaking the conditions of a plea deal on drugs charges.

The musician and poet, who rose to fame for penning such social-conciousness anthems as The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in the seventies, had been ordered to attend an in-patient drug patient centre after being tried on drugs charges in 2001. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


New Firm Approach
CMJ reports: Major label EMI plans to support an as-yet-unnamed smaller subsidiary, part of talent management company the Firm, which will try an "experimental" approach to artist-label relations. According to the EMI website, this "artist-empowering" approach will eschew the former pay-advance system in favor of a more direct partnership between the label and musicians. That is, instead of getting big bucks at the beginning and essentially becoming indebted to the label, artists will start with less money yet split profits instead of relying on royalties.

EMI says that similar deals have been in place for Korn and Ice Cube, and that the new label has already signed Mandy Moore and Army Of Anyone (featuring former members of the Stone Temple Pilots and Filter).[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Metal Cup?
Blabbermouth reports: According to a posting on the IRON MAIDEN fan site MaidenNorway.com, Norwegian extreme metallers ENSLAVED have challenged IRON MAIDEN to a football (soccer) match in Norway, tentatively set to place on November 22 between MAIDEN's two shows in the country (November 21 in Oslo and November 23 in Bergen). It is not presently clear if MAIDEN will take ENSLAVED up on their offer.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Blackie's Heart Trouble Nixes W.A.S.P. Tour
Blabbermouth reports: W.A.S.P. manager Daniel Stanton of Coallier Entertainment has sent the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"W.A.S.P. regrets to announce the postponement of the upcoming European festivals in July. While doing a routine physical, singer Blackie Lawless was diagnosed with an abnormality in one of the arteries leading to his heart [W.A.S.P.'s management stresses that Blackie **DID NOT** suffer a heart attack, as was erroneously reported on several Turkish web sites � Ed.]. Doctors have advised Blackie to not travel for the next 30 days to avoid complications from the medications prescribed to him.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Cannibal Protest
Blabbermouth reports: The West Australian newspaper reported in its July 8 edition that CANNIBAL CORPSE's October concert in Perth, Australia has sparked calls for the band to be banned over its alleged glorification of "child rape, suicide, murder and necrophilia" in its lyrics.

Community groups have joined shadow police minister Rob Johnson in calling for CANNIBAL CORPSE to be stopped from appearing at Club Capitol on October 10.

In the wake of the murders of Banjup schoolgirl Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu and Collie teenager Eliza Jane Davis, the group's dark message was unacceptable, they said.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Isis Tool
BW&BK reports: TOOL have announced more North American tour dates this summer. US extremists ISIS will open shows starting from August 30th. Confirmed Tool tour dates are as follows: 

4 - San Diego, CA at Street Scene '06 
5 - San Diego, CA at Street Scene '06 
6 - Fresno, CA at Selland Arena 
[see full story for more dates]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Rock n Women: All That Remains' Jeanne Sagan
antiMusic reports: We kick off our final week of the Rock n Women special hard and heavy with All That Remains' Jeanne Sagan. Morley caught up with her recently to discuss her joining the band, their new album, Sounds of the Underground tour, Ozzfest 06 and more. In this excerpt she discusses how she got the gig. 

antiMUSIC: How did you come to join the band? 

Jeanne: Laughs. How did I? Let me see. I was working on sound last summer for Prosthetics Records, doing the whole merch table thing. And I don't know, I know them from home, we're all from the same area. I had played with bands that had played with them. Around here it's kinda like a cool scene, everybody knows everybody. I was at the right place at the right time. Pretty much they just needed someone, so I jumped into the van the day after sound, did a tour. [see the full story link for the entire interview] 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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