Radio will still suck
(Idolator.com) Yesterday's settlement between four major radio-broadcasting groups and the Federal government, in which radio stations will be required to pay out fines and give chunks of time over to indie labels, is being hailed as an historic moment by the more optimistic members of the media. But Jerry Del Colliano, a USC professor, isn't so sure:

These four major "angels" will give up a collective 8,400 half-hour segments of free airtime for indie record labels and local artists according to the AP report. I'll bet these half-hours will be in morning drive at about 7:20 am, right? I was talking to an old PD friend of mine and we were kidding about how early Sunday morning these half hours of freshness will run. Hell, 8,400 half hours is only a pimple on the program director's butt -- an insignificant amount of time.[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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