Day in Rock Report for 07/17/2015

Glenn Danzig Physical Altercation With Fan Caught On Video

(Classic Rock) Former Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig has been caught on film grabbing an over-eager fan by the neck on his tour bus after a gig in California after an earlier confrontation during the show over taking photos with a smartphone.

The singer was playing in Pomona, Southern California, when the fan start filming/or photographing him from the front row of the audience. In a video hosted by TMZ, Danzig is seen taking the man's smartphone and throwing it from the stage.

After the show, the man makes his way to the singer's tour bus and, while being filming he asks Danzig, "You don't like being photographed?" Danzig replies: "[bleep] no," before being seen grabbing the fan round the neck. Read more and watch the video of the incident here.

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Slipknot's New Members Identities Confirmed

(TeamRock Radio) Corey Taylor has finally referred to Slipknot's latest members by their names. Despite suggesting their identities might never be officially confirmed, the frontman has now spoken about bassist Alex 'Vman' Venturella and drummer Jay Weinberg.

Taylor tells Talk Is Jericho: "They're having a really good time. Alex, our bass player, he's so into it that he's started to kind of come up the front - really started to own it. Jay's just starting to take it up."

He adds: "It's been really, really good. It's been cool to watch them come out of their shells. At first they weren't sure how far to go - that's the respect level. They're so respectful that they don't want to cross any boundaries." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways Series Receives Emmy Nominations

(Classic Rock) The Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways documentary series has been nominated for two Emmy Awards. The films, each of which accompanied a track on the band's album of the same name, could win this year's Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming and Outstanding Information Series gongs.

Mainman Dave Grohl originally said he'd never return to the Sonic Highways concept because it had been so exhausting - but he recently suggested he was ready to change his mind.

Meanwhile, controversial Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck has received five nominations. See the list of nominations for that film and more Emmy details here.

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Rush Fan Bets $2112 And Wins On Jeopardy

(hennemusic) A Rush fan proudly displayed her fandom for the Canadian rock trio when she wagered $2112 on Thursday's episode of Jeopardy on her way to a win on the long-running TV quiz show.

Contestant Jennifer Morrow made the Rush-themed bet when she hit the Daily Double during the program before correctly answering the trivia question.

Morrow also brought a pair of Neil Peart's drumsticks with her as a token of luck. "I was always inspired by tales of knights in shining armor who would ride into battle with a token of favor from somebody they admired," said Morrow. "So I thought I would do that here. I'm a huge fan of the Canadian prog-rock trio Rush. And so I went to one of their concerts a while back and from the front row I held up a banner that said, 'May be on Jeopardy! Request token of favor to carry in thy honor'

"And apparently Neil Peart, the greatest drummer in the world," she added while displaying a pair of his drumsticks, "is a fan of the greatest show in the world." Check out video here.

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Robert Plant To Play Unique Sets At Music Festival

(hennemusic) Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters will deliver two completely different sets of music when they perform at the LockN' Festival in Arrington, Virginia this fall.

The 4-night event will see Plant and company play the festival's final two nights - September 12 and 13 - as he continues to tour in support of 2014's "lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar."

Plant says he has never done anything like this in his career, and that the LockN' Festival performances will undoubtedly make for some unique and historical moments.

The festival is one of several dates the singer will perform in North America in September. Read more here.

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David Gilmour Confirms Album Release and Tour

(hennemusic) Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour has confirmed a September 18 release for his forthcoming solo album, "Rattle That Lock", and announced a series of 2016 North American shows in support of the project.

The follow-up to 2006's "On An Island" sees the Pink Floyd guitarist working alongside wife and lyricist Polly Samson and Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, who co-produced the record with Gilmour.

"Rattle That Lock" will be available in a CD edition with clothbound, foil-blocked cover, including a 22-page booklet, and also on heavyweight vinyl, digital download and a deluxe box edition, which includes 4 Barn Jam films, 4 non-album audio tracks, 4 documentaries, and 2 promo clips.

A Deluxe Edition on CD+DVD or CD+Blu-ray versions will include 2 hardback books, a double-sided poster, a postcard in a dedicated envelope and a Gilmour guitar pick.

The project's lead single and title track - which features The Liberty Choir and singers Mica Paris and Louise Marshall - will be released on July 17 following its premiere that morning on BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans Show, hosted by Sara Cox.

Gilmour has also announced a series of 2016 North American concerts to promote the record, with dates scheduled for Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and New York. Read more including the tour dates here.

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Iron Maiden May Launch Two Year Tour

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has suggested in a new interview that the legendary metal band may tour for up to two years in support of their forthcoming double album.

The band's first-ever double-length title, The Book Of Souls, arrives on September 4, after being delayed while frontman Bruce Dickinson battled cancer. And McBrain's described the follow-up to 2010's The Final Frontier as "a stunning piece of work."

Asked about touring plans, McBrain tells 98.7 The Gater that they've been given a guideline from manager Rod Smallwood. "It's still up in the air as to where and when. It's going to be a big one, I'm sure. Rod's told us not to do anything for two years. We really don't know yet." Read more here.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Streaming New Solo Song

(Classic Rock) Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has released an online stream of his solo single Trouble. It's taken from Crosseyed Heart - his first standalone outing since 1992's Main Offender.

Keef recently said of the 15-track work: "I had a ball making this record, and working with drummer Steve Jordan and guitarist Waddy Wachtel again. There's nothing like walking into a studio and having no idea what you're doing to come out with at the other end."

He's also said he might tour on the back of the album, which is released on September 18 via Republic Records. Listen to the new single and check out the album tracklisting here.

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Sixx A.M. Plans Two Albums Next Year and 24 Month Tour

(Classic Rock) Sixx A.M. are planning to release a pair of connected albums in 2016 as companions to a two-year world tour. Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael will issue the follow-ups to 2014's Modern Vintage separately, giving fans a chance to fully absorb each project.

Motley Crue man Sixx explains: "We're in the most creative place of our career, and we've already completed almost 24 songs to date. We're still on a writing and recording spree, and we plan on finishing up at least 30 songs total.

"Volume 1 and Volume 2 tie together thematically and sonically. They will not be released at the same time - but both will come out in 2016. This will be tied in with a 24-month world tour." Read more here.

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Sebastian Bach Selling Tickets To Shindig Not Wedding

(Classic Rock) Sebastian Bach has moved to clear up confusion surrounding a part of his wedding celebration that's open to fans. Tickets costing $300 went on sale this week for an event promoters described as "the wedding of Sebastian Bach to Suzanne Le" in San Jose, California.

But the singer reports the "all-star jam concert party" is not directly connected to the pair's nuptials. Bach says: "Nobody in the world is or ever was 'selling tickets to our wedding.' Our wedding is a private family affair which is not open to the public.

"We are, however, having an All-Star Jam Concert Party Shindig Rock N Roll Extravaganza Bash at the reception, after our wedding. The concert at the reception is open to the public." Read more here.

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Queen Releasing Special Edition Box Set

(hennemusic) Queen will release "The Studio Collection" Special Edition Vinyl Box Set on September 25. The package will present 18 remastered vinyl editions of the complete collection of 15 Queen studio albums - from the 1973 self-titled debut to 1995's "Made In Heaven" - and comes with a fully customized limited edition Queen-branded turntable made by Rega.

The 15 albums are configured across 18 discs due to some tweaks in the change of format to vinyl: 1974's "Queen II" is spread across two records with a custom etching on the reverse side in tribute to the original "Side White" and "Side Black" presentation, while 1991's "Innuendo and 1995's "Made In Heaven" are double albums due to the longer running time on the original CD releases.

"The Studio Collection" presents each album in a different colour along with an illustrated 12 x 12 inch 108 page hardback book complete with introductions to each record - including quotes from Queen themselves, hand-written lyrics, rare photographs, memorabilia, and information on singles and videos. Check out the track details and promo image here.

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The Safety Fire Confirm That They Have Broken Up

(Prog) The Safety Fire have split up, they've confirmed in an online posting this week, following an "April fool" announcement earlier this year that was left open to interpretation.

The prog metal outfit released two albums and had been thought to be working on a third. They were last year nominated for a Progressive Music Award, before splitting with bassist Lori Peri in December.

On April 1 they stated on Facebook: "We have broken up." They'd said nothing more via the channel before last night's announcement. The Safety Fire said: "We had you guys going for a while there, eh? You truly were all April Fools.

"However, the harsh reality is, we have actually broken up. Maybe we will do a farewell show sometime." Read more here.

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Amp Maker Marshall Reportedly Releasing Smart Phone

(Classic Rock) Amplifier firm Marshall is reportedly about to move into the phone business with an audio-focused handset. Details of the device, to be called the Marshall London, have leaked online.

It comes with a 4.7-inch, 720p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an 8-megapixel camera and a microSD card slot for additional storage. It's also fitted with two matching audio outputs.

Tech site The Verge reports: "It has two front-facing speakers, not unusual, and two audio outputs, which is far less common, plus a dedicated button at the top for instant access to your tunes. A gold-accented scroll wheel on the left side serves as the volume control." Read more here.

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Joe Perry Has Mixed Feelings About Future Aerosmith Music

(Classic Rock) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is still in favor of recording another album - because there's always the chance they could have another hit. But if he had to choose between recording and touring, he'd never return to the studio.

The Boston giants can't decide whether to work on a follow-up to 2012's Music From Another Dimension - although with time off coming up next year, they might have the space to focus on the project.

Perry tells HNGN: "Like Billy Joel said, 'I'm not going to make new records - why should I spend the money? Why should I bust my ass when all people want to hear is Uptown Girl?' He's got a point."

But he adds: "There's always the chance that you can have a hit. You just never know. A lot of the hardcore fans want some new music, but I'd say the majority are looking forward to the next time we're playing live, and playing some of the old standards.

"We'll see how the touring goes and just see how that plays out. The main thing is still getting out on the road - then we'll figure out if and when we're going to try to come up with a record that's worth doing." Read more here.

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Mike Portnoy Says New Metal Allegiance Song Is 'Slayer Meets Sabbath'

(Classic Rock) Metal Allegiance drummer Mike Portnoy has recalled how he picked Mastodon's Troy Sanders as the perfect vocal fit as soon as the supergroup had written their track Let Darkness Fall.

The band - led by Portnoy, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick - have issued their second studio video, which focuses on the song. It also features Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe and ex Pantera bassist Rex Brown.

Portnoy describes it as "Slayer meets Sabbath - Slabbath!" and adds: "As soon as we wrote this song, I remember hearing his voice. I totally pictured Troy on this." Read more and check out the video here.

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Ghost Introduce New Frontman Papa Emeritus III

(hennemusic) Swedish occult rockers Ghost have issued a video formally introducing their newest frontman, Papa Emeritus III. "A message from the clergy: We wish to inform you that he is...here," posted the band.

Papa Emeritus III is the latest singer to join the Nameless Ghouls following the resignation of his three-month older brother Papa Emeritus II, who himself took over from original singer Papa Emeritus.

The frontman makes his recording debut with Ghost on their third album, "Meliora", due out August 21. The project was produced by Klas Ĺhlund and mixed by Andy Wallace (Slayer, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Linkin Park).

"Meliora" - latin for "better" - follows the band's second album and major label debut, 2013's "Infestissumam" (latin for "hostile"), which debuted at number one in Sweden and won the Swedish Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album.

Following "Infestissumam", the group also issued a 2013 EP, "If You Have Ghost", which was produced by Dave Grohl. Read more and watch the video here.

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MC5 Given The Keys To Their Home Town

(TeamRock Radio) Michigan legends the MC5 were presented with the keys to the city of their hometown, Lincoln Park (a suburb of Detroit) on Sunday, July 12, as part of the celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the band forming. The event took place at the Kennedy Memorial Park, where the band played some of their first shows as teenagers.

Drummer Dennis Thompson, who still lives in the city, arrived to accept the keys from Mayor Tom Karnes, and later performed the band's most famous rabble-rousing song, Kick Out The Jams, with local band Timmy's Organism, while guitarist Wayne Kramer sent a message from his Californian home.

"There was a time when we weren't so popular with the law enforcement here," Thompson said. "Mostly because we said this word. Now this word was not said in a hateful way. It was said to tell people we were with you, it was rough times, with the Vietnam war people were dying, there was a movement with the feminists trying to gain equal opportunity, there was a movement with black people trying to get equal opportunities, and the country was at one point split 50/50 down the middle about the war… And we took a stand against the war. Because we met a lot of intelligent people that said the same thing: what the hell are we doing here? It was insane. So we got chased by the police, the FBI, state police, county police, distress unit. But today I can say 50 years later much progress has been made. What Kick Out The Jams meant was do your best, find out what you love in life and do it with all that you have… Don't settle for less, don't give up, fight." Read more here.

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Slayer's Kerry King Thinks Gary Holt Is Tragically Underrated

(Classic Rock) Slayer guitarist Kerry King says he's looked up to bandmate Gary Holt since the early days of thrash. And he's described the Exodus mainman as underrated on the same level of Judas Priest axeman Glenn Tipton.

Holt makes his first studio appearance with Slayer on upcoming album Repentless, in place of the late Jeff Hanneman. King tells Asbury Park Press: "I always looked up to Gary when he was playing in Exodus. I'd always refer to him as the Glenn Tipton of our era - because when people reference guitar players, very rarely does anybody reference Glenn.

"As far as metal goes, he's a giant. People talk about Tony Iommi, but for Glenn Tipton not to be in that same conversation is just a tragedy to me." Read more here.

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Backyard Babies Release Th1rt3en Or Nothing Video

(Classic Rock) Backyard Babies have released a video for their track Th1rt3en Or Nothing. The single is taken from upcoming seventh album Four By Four, released on August 28 via Gain Music.

Four By Four is the Swedish band's first album since their self-titled release of 2008. They went on hiatus the following years and announced their comeback in January.

Frontman Nicke Borg recently said of Four By Four: "The break has developed us individually as songwriters and musicians, and we've come up with what we feel is our strongest material to date."

Backyard Babies play a run of European festivals and headline shows ahead of a winter UK tour. Watch the video and see the tour dates here.

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Former Yes Singer Jon Anderson Believes Music Should Be Cheaper

(Classic Rock) Former Yes singer Jon Anderson says he always wanted music to be cheaper to buy - and he was often told to keep quiet about his opinion. But he's retained the belief that it's more important to help people connect to his work than to profit from it.

Anderson tells Prog's Mark Blake: "I've always thought that music should be for everybody. I remember when the whole thing started with downloads, and people talking about paying for this and not paying for that. I always thought music should be cheaper."

Even before the internet era, he felt CD prices were too high. "I used to say they should be two dollars each, and in the bargain bin at Woolworths, so we could reach more people," he recalls.

That always drew ire from then-manager Brian Lane. "Brian used to go crazy - 'No, Jon, never ever say that! Don't you ever dare say that!'" Read more here.

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Jimmy Eat World Frontman Jim Adkins Unplugging For Solo Tour

(Classic Rock) Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins will play four solo acoustic UK shows in September, as part of month-long European tour. It takes place while the band take abreak following 2014's Futures 10th anniversary road trip.

Adkins says: "Toward the end of our last European tour, I decided to play a solo show in Berlin. I thought, 'Hey this is pretty different and fun - I could keep going.' So why not?

"I will be touring with myself and a guitar, playing new solo material, Rock Band songs, no Free Bird. I'm trying to get to places I haven't been to in a long time, or maybe ever. Looking forward to the adventure!" Read more and see the dates here.

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Dream Theater's Images And Words Named Best Prog Album

(Prog) Dream Theater's Images And Words has been named the best prog album of the last 25 years. The 1992 release came top of The Prog Report's Top 50 Prog Albums 1990-2015 list, beating Spock's Beard, Opeth and Porcupine Tree to the accolade.

The Prog Report say: "With the end of hair metal and the rise of Nirvana and grunge, this progressive metal band from Berklee found themselves with a gold record and a hit single with their 1992 sophomore album, Images And Words.

"For prog and metal fans left out in the cold with mainstream music, this album was critical. Dream Theater were the first band to master and find success in the new era of progressive music, combining the technicality of Yes with the heaviness of Metallica for a completely new sound."

Second place goes to Steven Wilson's 2013 album The Raven That Refused To Sing, while Dream Theater also claim third place with Metropolis 2: Scenes From A Memory. Read more here.

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Cinderella Frontman Tom Keifer Announces One-Off Show

(Classic Rock) Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer will stage a one-off show at London's O2 Academy Islington on October 22. The event lands the night before the singer headlines the opening night of Rockingham at Nottingham's Rock City, where he'll be joined by Eclipse, Robin Beck, Robert Tepper and more.

Keifer will perform songs from his 2013 solo debut, The Way Life Goes, as well as Cinderella classics including Shake Me, Gypsy Road and Nobody's Fool.

The singer recently spoke about how his solo material is going over with fans alongside their favorite Cinderella tunes. Keifer tells FOX 17 Nashville: "That's the cool thing at the show - they sit alongside each other pretty well, and it goes in and out. And the new stuff gets probably just as good a response." Read more here.

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The Fierce And The Dead Announce EP and Stream New Song

(Prog) The Fierce And The Dead will release an EP entitled Magnet on August 14 and they have released a stream of the lead track "Magnet In Your Face" - their first fresh material in two years - online.

Pre-ordering is available now for the five-track release, which includes three new songs, a live rehearsal recording and a retake of Flint from their debut album. A second rehearsal track appears on the CD edition as a bonus.

Guitarist Matt Stevens says: "This EP represents a different sound for us. It's important to keep moving forward. It's more joyous and intense, with bigger riffs and more of an electronic feel."

Bassist Keavin Feazy adds: "We're back to sounding like the bands we grew up with. Every record we've put out has its own character and story, with a different reality for each." Read more and stream the new song here.

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Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon Focus Of Pilot Event

(Prog) Pink Floyd classic The Dark Side Of The Moon is the focus of a pilot Concept Album Talks event in London next week. Houston PR will host the inaugural Concept Album Talks night upstairs at the Theodore Bullfrog, Charing Cross, on July 21 (Tuesday) at 6.30pm.

Organiser Hamish Thompson says: "We've been talking for a while about something we could easily do on a weekday evening in a pub. So here's the idea: we'll pick a record. The name of the album will be the name of the event. Each talk will be a track on the album.

"We'll arrange the speakers. Each speaker will be limited to the running time of the track. Each speaker will have to give a talk that makes sense of the track title. They won't be able to talk about the song though. That's it." Read more here.

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Pop Evil Release 'In Disarray' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Pop Evil have released a new music video for their track "In Disarray" which is taken from the band's fourth album Up, due out on August 21 via eOne Music.

Singer Leigh Kakaty says of the song: "It definitely has a different musical texture than anything we've previously released. There's something that didn't make us second-guess releasing it as an instant gratification track."

He adds: "We're humbled by the success so far, and can't wait to spread the word with these songs with our live show." Up was recorded at Seattle's London Bridge Studios with producer Adam Kasper. Watch the new video here.

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Diatessaron Premiere New Song 'All The Way'

(Prog) Canadian prog outfit Diatessaron have premiered their track All The Way with Prog. It's taken from their album Sunshine, set for release on September 11.

The work is described as a classic-style record, influenced by Genesis, Rush, King Crimson and others. Diatessaron say of All The Way: "You should ask, 'Whatever happened to the light?'"

Their music is said to be "a potent mixture of the intellectual and emotional" while "their oddly-shaped songs will envelop your consciousness with close dissonances that expand into spacious infinity." Stream the song here.

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Dave Edmunds Explains How 'Rags & Classics' Came To Be

(Classic Rock) Dave Edmunds says his instrumental covers album almost never happened at all. The Welsh guitar icon released Rags & Classics on June 9 via MVD Entertainment Group and in May, he made his version of the Beach Boys' God Only Knows available to stream.

But he says that if he'd made the record via the more traditional route of hiring a studio and engineers, he might not have gone through with it. He tells UCR: "It seemed never-ending at one point. But then as I got over halfway through, I got more encouraged to keep at it. I just record when I feel like it. If it had been booking a studio and hiring musicians and getting an engineer and a producer, this album would never have gotten made.

"I wasn't sure I'd ever get around to it. I've got a little studio at home, and I used to record on analog tape when I had a studio in LA. But I've gone digital. I got the studio set up and I just started messing around and doing things without really having much of a plan for it or even plans to release it.

"I record for fun a lot of the time, and that's how some of these tracks came together. Then it started shaping up to be a guitar album, so I thought, 'Well, I'll keep going and see where we get.' Read more here.

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Klone Guitarist Explains Change In Sound On Latest Album

(Prog) Klone guitarist Guillaume Bernard has explained the band's decision to stop using distorted guitar sounds on sixth album Here Comes The Sun. The French outfit have described the follow-up to 2012's The Dreamer as their "most progressive work yet." It was released in April via Pelagic Records.

Bernard tells MusicRadar: "These days we really want to focus on the songwriting and the arrangements. The songs are still powerful - but they're more emotional.

"The bravest thing we did was not to use distortion. We took a risk - because our fans are metalheads and really attached to distortion. But we wanted to try new things and look for new sounds."

The decision brought with it some production headaches. "I had big problems in the studio," Bernard recalls. "I used an old guitar, a 1972 Greco, and we had a lot of noise during the sessions. It drove me crazy because we needed a perfect signal." Check out a stream here.

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Black Tusk Announce European Summer Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Black Tusk have announced a European tour leading up to their appearance at Hevy Fest. The US rockers kick off the jaunt in Germany on July 31 and wrap up at the Hythe, Kent, festival on August 15.

The band say: "Looking forward to Ieperfest, Roadkill Festival, HevyFest and more, as well as shows with Crowbar, The Dillinger Escape Plan Soulfly and others."

Black Tusk's bassist Jonathan Athon died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash last year, and the band honored their friend as they toured with Black Label Society earlier this year. See the tour dates here.

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