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Nickelback To Be Used To Punish Law Breakers

(Classic Rock) Canadian police have warned drink-drivers that they'll face an additional punishment when they're caught this Christmas - they'll be forced to listen to Nickelback while being taken to jail.

The Kensington Police Service of Prince Edward Island are using the threat to attract more attention to their seasonal DUI campaign. They say via Facebook: "The holiday season is upon us and that means more social events, staff parties and alcohol-based libation.

"Know that the Kensington Police Service will be out looking for those dumb enough to feel they can drink and drive. When we catch you - and we will - on top of a hefty fine, criminal charge and a year's driving suspension, we will also provide you with a bonus gift of playing the office's copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail." here.

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Longtime Rolling Stones Bassist Wants Full Member Status

(Classic Rock) Rolling Stones bassist Darryl Jones says it would be "wonderful" if he were to made a full member of the band after more than 20 years. Jones, 54, has played bass with the Rolling Stones since 1994 but never appears in any publicity shots, which are reserved for core members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood.

After replacing Bill Wyman, who quit after 31 years with the Stones, Jones has appeared on all of the band's material since 1994 and also stars on new album Blue And Lonesome.

Asked if he's like to be a full member of the band, Jones tells the BBC: "It has not really come up very often. Obviously that would be a really wonderful thing for a person like me. I have been a sideman for more than 30 years now.

"I think most musicians, somewhere deep down inside, even if they are sidemen, or if they are hired players, there is a desire to be in a band. And I would not be being completely honest if I said that it would not be wonderful, it would not be amazing, to be considered and, you know, jump into this organization as a full member.

"But that is not a decision I am in a position to make. I just play the best that I can and the rest of it I don't have any control over." Read more here.

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AC/DC and Rolling Stones Land On Forbes Top 10 List

(hennemusic) Rock legends AC/DC and The Rolling Stones have both landed in the Top 10 of Forbes magazine's just published List of Highest Paid Musicians of 2016.

The annual list - which measures pretax income from June 1, 2015, to June 1, 2016 before deducting management fees - was topped by pop/country star Taylor Swift at US $170 million, ahead of boy band One Direction at No. 2 ($110M), Adele at No. 3 with $80.5M, Madonna at No. 4 ($76.5M), and Rihanna, who rounded out the Top 5 at $75M.

AC/DC landed at No. 7 with earnings of US $67.5 million from their "Rock Or Bust" world tour. The 2-year run saw lead singer Brian Johnson step aside in early 2016 due to hearing loss issues on doctor's orders, with Axl Rose stepping in to perform dates in both Europe and the US.

The Rolling Stones sit at No. 8 with revenue of 66.5 million from shows on their 2015 Zip Code tour of North America and the Latin American Ole run this past spring. Read more here.

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Black Sabbath Release Video Of Classic TV Performance

(Classic Rock) Black Sabbath have released a video of their performance of the classic track Paranoid that they did on the long running UK television show Top Of The Pops in 1970.

It was recorded around its UK release date in August of that year, before the album of the same name reached the number one position the following month - an achievement they didn't repeat until 13 was launched three years ago.

British veterans Black Sabbath are nearing the end of their final tour, which closes in their home city of Birmingham in February. But guitarist Tony Iommi last week reported that festival appearances, or even another album, weren't entirely out of the question. Watch the performance here.

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Slayer Are 'Unbelievably Boring' Says Nightwish Singer

(Metal Hammer) Nightwish singer Floor Jansen has described Slayer as "a dreadful band." The vocalist reveals in a new interview for Metal Hammer's regular light-hearted feature The Metal Test that she has no love for thrash icons Slayer.

Asked what is the most metal album she's ever owned, Jansen responded with, "I mainly listen to metal, so they are all metal albums. But the most metal?

"Some would say Slayer, but I think they're a dreadful band. Unbelievably boring. Terrible. Apparently it's not metal to say that, but it's a personal opinion."

Jansen's opinion flies in the face of other stars who have taken part in The Metal Test. In the previous issue of Metal Hammer, Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo said the most metal album he owns is Slayer's Repentless. here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Want To Take Next Video 'Completely Different Direction'

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold are working on ideas for a "f***ed up" video for new track God Damn. Guitarist Zacky Vengeance says he and the band are throwing around ideas for a promo video to follow-up the one they released for The Stage in October. The Stage is the title track from the band's new album.

And Vengeance says God Damn is the next track he hopes to create a video for - and he vows to stick to his tried and tested method of coming up with "f***ed up scenarios" for the clip.

He tells TeamRock Radio: "We've been talking really seriously about doing something for God Damn. And I think we will take it in a completely different direction than The Stage. What direction I don't quite know.

"But being the biggest cynic and critic of modern music videos, it's going to have to be something really spectacular or else I don't even file like there's a point in doing the video." Read more and watch The Stage video here.

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Trivium Stream 'Primal' Early Track 'Lake Of Fire'

(Metal Hammer) Trivium have released a stream of their track Lake Of Fire. It'll feature on their upcoming reissue of their 2003 debut album Ember To Inferno, which launches on December 2.

It was the third track the band ever recorded - following Thrust and Pain. A statement on the stream reads: "Lake Of Fire is a very primal Trivium, but it shows that all the elements of the band fans know today, have been there since the beginning.

"Clean melody, intense speed - the sonic interplay of light and dark, melody and brutality - it was all there from the start. Lyrically, Lake Of Fire sets an intense stage for the visions of the underworld it invokes." Listen to the song here.

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In Flames' Peter Iwers Leaving The Group

(Metal Hammer) In Flames bassist Peter Iwers has left the band after a 20-year tenure with the group. He announced that he was departing "to pursue other endeavors" - and has also confirmed their current US tour will be his last with the Swedish outfit.

Iwers says: "It has been almost 20 years of fun, and I am eternally grateful to you all for all the support you have given me and the rest of the guys throughout all these years. You made it all possible.

"Now is the time for me to move on with other musical and non-musical adventures. I wish the very best to Niclas, Anders, Bjorn and Joe. Hope to see all you Jesterheads down the road in future." Read more here.

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Cream's Debut Album Expanded For 50th Anniversary

(hennemusic) Supergroup Cream will mark the 50th anniversary of their 1966 debut, "Fresh Cream", with an expanded reissue on January 27. A special 6LP 180g Vinyl edition of "Fresh Cream" will also be released in April 2017.

A Deluxe Edition of the first studio album by the power trio of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker has been packaged as a 3CD + 1 Blu-ray audio disc set featuring various alternate and new stereo mixes plus several, previously unreleased BBC sessions.

Presented in a gatefold sleeve within a rigid slipcase, the reissue includes a 64-page hardback book featuring new sleeve notes by Rolling Stone writer David Fricke. Read more

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Pay Tribute To Tony Martell

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have paid tribute to Tony Martell, who went from being a successful record company executive to founding the T.J. Martell Foundation. Martell died on Sunday at the age of 90.

Ozzy had the following to say (via BraveWords), "It saddened me to hear of my friend Tony Martell's passing. Tony was the only record executive to believe in me when he signed me to Epic Records as a solo artist in 1980. He will be missed."

Sharon shared, "Tony was always a mensch of a guy, one of the few good ones where you kind of thought, 'Are you really in the music industry?' [Laughter] "I met him in 1975 because he'd signed ELO and Jet Records [to Epic] when I was working for my father [manager/Jet founder Don Arden]. When Ozzy started [his solo career in 1980] people turned him down because there hadn't been a lead singer that had left a band and become successful at that time, but Tony believed in him and signed him -- and how many years later are we, and we're still signed to Epic and it's all down to Tony. I must add that Ozzy is truly, truly saddened by this.

"I don't think even Tony at the time realized what he was starting -- that [the T.J. Martell Foundation] would become so hugely successful. So many people who were ill reached out to Tony for advice and help -- people in the industry that he didn't even work with would call him and he'd give advice about doctors, about treatment. He'd made a promise to his son and he wanted to see that promise through, and he went on to help probably hundreds of people. People like him are so rare." Read the BraveWords report for more here.

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Court Rules Against Bobby Blotzer In Battle Over Ratt

(Classic Rock) The US District Court in California has ruled against Bobby Blotzer's WBS Inc. in a case over Ratt trademark infringement issues. It's the latest twist in the long-running legal dispute involving members of the band, with Blotzer claiming in 2015 that he could use the Ratt name following a five-year trademark fight.

But a California judge has now ruled against his company WBS Inc. who claimed to own the Ratt brand. When Blotzer secured the name last year, he made several demands that original member Juan Croucier stopped calling his project 'Ratt's Juan Croucier' and refrained from advertising himself as "the other voice of Ratt."

But court papers show that five members of the band - Blotzer, Croucier, Warren DeMartini, Robbin Crosby and Stephen Pearcy - formed the Ratt Partnership in 1985, so that "no partner could transfer his interest without the unanimous written consent of all partners."

When WBS Inc. sent Croucier a letter sacking him in 1997, only Blotzer, Pearcy and DeMartini were members - and because of that, they insisted they didn't need his consent when transferring the Ratt trademark from the partnership to WBS.

However, the court found the letter to be insufficient as it was signed only by Blotzer and Pearcy and there was "no evidence that DeMartini ever consented to Croucier's expulsion."

The court say as there's no evidence that Croucier was expelled, "WBS cannot make the threshold showing that it has an ownership interest in the marks, and its trademark claims fail." Read more here.

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Motorhead Victory Or Die Book Set For Release

(Classic Rock) Motorhead photobook Roadkill: Victory Or Die will be released on December 20. The publication celebrates late frontman Lemmy and features backstage pictures and commentary from Guns N' Roses' Slash and Queen's Brian May.

The book also includes their 22nd studio album, Bad Magic, which launched last year. Metallica's James Hetfield recently called upon the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to inaugurate Motorhead, who have been eligible for election since 2009.

He said: "There are so many great bands that haven't been acknowledged - and if they do or don't, it's not up to me. It's just a nod, a tip of the cap. What does it really mean to be in there? I don't know. But to some of these bands it might mean the world.

"With the passing of Lemmy, it's really, really important for me to see Motorhead acknowledged in that - because there's no more rock'n'roll person on this planet than Lemmy." Read more here.

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Volbeat Aiming For 'Special' Summer Tour

(Metal Hammer) Volbeat have announced a European tour for August and September next year - and frontman Michael Poulsen has promised it'll be a "special" experience for fans.

The band released sixth album Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie in June, which is the second Volbeat title to feature former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano and the first without bassist Anders Kjolholm.

Poulsen says: "We always aim to continue to grow with each tour. It's of paramount importance to raise the bar and bring the fans something truly special in gratitude for the support they show.

"Performing a setlist that presents songs we have never performed live, alongside the hits and new creations, will make it special for the audience and ourselves.

"This is going to be a special run - one that all of us look forward to bringing to life." See the tour dates here.

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Ulver Announce Riverhead Film Soundtrack

(Prog) Ulver's soundtrack for the film Riverhead will be released on December 9 via House Of Mythology. The band's original score for the film Riverhead is the follow-up to this year's album ATGCLVLSSCAP, also issued via House Of Mythology.

Riverhead is a crime drama set in the rich historic area of Newfoundland, Canada, and follows family blood feuds between communities. Director Justin Oakey has been a fan of the band for some time and Ulver's original score for the film was a close collaborative process between the director and the band.

Oakey says: "Late last fall I sent Kristoffer Rygg my latest short film, Flankers, and we began chatting about the soundtrack, eventually going back and forth about a potential collaboration. here.

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The Mission Announce 30th Anniversary Tour Leg

(Classic Rock) The Mission have announced a 2017 European tour. The band have just wrapped up the first leg of shows to mark their 30th anniversary and also in support of their 11th studio album Another Fall From Grace - but they'll head out on the road again in May, with their performance in Sheffield, UK, on the 26th billed as singer and guitarist Wayne Hussey's birthday celebration show.

Hussey says: "Well, it's now just over a week since we played our last show of the year in Auckland, New Zealand, and after the fun and frolics we enjoyed over the course of the last two months on tour, we are already looking ahead to doing some more next year. So, do you wanna do it all again? We do.

"With that in mind we are pleased to be able to announce more shows for next May and June. There will be a couple more shows added to this tour - one of which is a big one - which will also be announced as soon as we have all the details."

To mark the announcement, The Mission have released a new video for their track Blood On The Road. It was filmed on tour in Bristol, Cologne, Utrecht and Paris by James Sharples. Watch the video and see the tour dates here.

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Marillion Announce Milestone Headline Concert

(Prog) Marillion have announced that they will be headlining London's celebrated Royal Albert Hall venue for the very first time in their career next October.

The band are currently on tour in the UK in support of new album FEAR, the band's most successful in almost 30 years, having recently completed a lengthy tour of North America, and this news marks another considerable achievement in their lengthy career.

With the Royal Albert Hall becoming something of a natural venue for prog acts, having seen the likes of Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Steven Wilson, David Gilmour and more all perform celebrated shows there over recent years. Read more here.

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Jupiter Hollow Announce Odyssey EP, Release New Video

(Prog) Young Canadian prog duo Jupiter Hollow have announced that they will release their debut EP Odyssey on January 13th and they have premiered a new music video.

Jupiter Hollow are Grant MacKenzie (guitar, synth, bass) and Kenny Parry (vocals, drums, synth/keys), who formed in 2015. The pair describe themselves as an ambient progressive rock duo, with a sound that blends the likes of Pink Floyd, Tool, Rush, TesseracT and Karnivool.

The band will release Odyssey, a five-track conceptual EP on January 13, ahead of their planned debut album Ahdomn. The dup have also just released a video for their track Deep In Space (also from Odyssey) which can be viewed here.

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Disperse Stream New Song 'Stay'

(Prog) Polish prog rock band Disperse have premiered band new song Stay with Prog. It's the title track from the band's up and coming new album for Seasons Of Mist, due to be released on February 10, and the follow up to 2013's Living Mirrors album.

"One of the very first demo tracks for our new album turned into Stay, " the band explain. "The song revolves around trust and staying true to yourself, no matter what. It is about opportunities - the ones we take and the ones we miss.

"Stay is also dealing with rediscovering beauty in places and things after we had stopped seeing it. As the album is dedicated to Rafa?'s (Biernacki, vocals/keyboards)mother, who passed away last year - this track is first and foremost about that dedication." Stream the song here.

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Deep Purple, Linkin Park, Slayer Lead Hellfest Lineup

(TeamRock) Hellfest have announced their 2017 lineup with Deep Purple, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Five Finger Death Punch and Slayer among the big names included.

The festival takes place in Clisson, France, on June 16, 17 and 18 of next year. Other acts announced include Rob Zombie, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge, Sabaton, Airbourne, In Flames and Opeth.

Earlier this year, Hellfest boss Ben Barbaud vowed to improve on the festival for 2017 after taking on board criticism from fans. In an open letter, he said: "The areas in front of the two main stages will have to be readjusted. We had never witnessed such forceful enthusiasm during shows like Rammstein's, Black Sabbath's or Gojira's, to the detriment of the other stages when different bands were playing at the same time as these popular artists. We organizers will have to adapt." Read more here.

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Babymetal Striving To Create New Genre

(Metal Hammer) Babymetal say they aim to one day be "as cool as" Muse and Linkin Park. The Japanese trio tour the UK as support to the Red Hot Chili Peppers next month. And looking ahead to the dates, Babymetal reveal their influences and hopes for the future.

Su-metal tells the NME: "Like Muse and Linkin Park, we are also striving to be the one and only to create a new genre called Babymetal. We hope to be as cool as them."

On the upcoming support shows with RHCP, Su-metal adds: "It didn't really sink in for me when I first heard that we would be supporting RHCP. But when I heard people around us commenting on how incredible it is to be on tour with such a celebrated band, that's when it finally sunk in and realised what a remarkable honor it is to tour with RHCP." Read more here.

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