Day in Rock Report for 02/08/2016

Stone Temple Pilots Reveal New Lead Singer Open Auditions

(Radio.com) Stone Temple Pilots have announced that they will be holding open auditions to find a new lead singer. The move comes after Linkin Park's Chester Bennington left the band in November.

Bennington had been performing as lead singer following STP's decision two years prior to replace lead singer Scott Weiland, who has since passed. The band's website is currently under maintenance and promises to launch soon, but according to Alternative Nation it once contained the following message, inviting any interested singers to audition by submitting a video online.

"2016 marks a new year for Stone Temple Pilots: A year of hope, optimism, and most importantly, new music! We are immensely proud of all that we have been able to share with you over the years. Music, music, music. We very much want to continue doing that, but that's going to take a little help from all of you.

"As you know, prior to the untimely passing of our brother in arms, Scott, we had been working with the incomparable Chester Bennington. What you also likely know is that having Chester front two bands of this size and scope was too much for one man to be able to do and so regretfully we had to move onto a new chapter together. This is where you come in'

"We are officially announcing that we are seeking a new vocalist to front Stone Temple Pilots." Read more here.

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Dan Hicks Dead At 74 From Cancer

(Classic Rock) Dan Hicks has died at the age of 74 after a two-year battle with cancer. The founder of Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks was diagnosed with throat and liver cancer in 2014.

His wife Clare released the following statement: "My darling darling husband left this earth early this morning. He was true blue, one of a kind, and did it all his own way always.

"To all who loved him, know that he will live forever in the words, songs, and art that he spent his life creating. He worked so hard on each and every detail - they are all pure Dan." Read more here.

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Anthrax Hit With Lawsuit Over Ugly Sweater

(Classic Rock) Anthrax have been hit with a $1 million copyright infringement lawsuit over the band's Ugly Hanukkah Sweater. Detroit artist Aaron Cummins claims he created the original design for the seasonal product in 2012, filed copyright papers on it in 2013, and has been selling it through his company Wet House.

Anthrax launched a limited edition of their Ugly Hanukkah Sweater last November through online retailer Rockabilia.com, who are also being sued. Frankie Blydenburgh, a Minnesota-based buyer for Rockabilia.com, tells the Detroit Free Press:

"This is the first I've heard that there's any issue with it. It's up to the merchandising companies we buy from to get the items cleared and make sure there's no copyright issues."

Blydenburgh adds Rockabilia bought the Anthrax Hanukkah sweatshirts from a company called Global Merchandising Services, which is also a defendant in the Detroit lawsuit. Read more and see the sweater here.

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Slash Documentary Released on DVD

(Classic Rock) The documentary Slash: Raised On The Sunset Strip has been released on Blu-ray and DVD in North America. Initially launched in 2014, Raised On The Sunset Strip focuses on the guitarist's childhood in England and his later life in California as part of bands Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and his solo work with Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators. It also includes new and archival footage, as well as his own personal anecdotes.

The film includes interviews with band members past and present, including Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, along with Lemmy, Dave Grohl, Joe Perry, Alice Cooper and Nikki Sixx.

Last month it was confirmed that Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan would play together again under the Guns N' Roses banner at this year's Coachella in California - with two headline shows in Las Vegas dates and a Mexico City date later added. Read more here.

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Lamb Of God's Gear Damaged In Tour Truck Crash

(TeamRock Radio) Lamb Of God's US tour has been disrupted by a road crash that caused damage to much of the band's equipment. An 18-wheeler truck carrying the group's gear crashed on the night the band were scheduled to perform at the Concrete Street Pavilion in Corpus Christi, Texas, according to guitarist Mark Morton.

Nobody was hurt in the incident. Morton says via Twitter: "This is our truck that carries all our gear. Very happy to report that our driver is conscious and alert. Nobody hurt. Lots of gear is damaged."

The tour, which sees LOG supported by Anthrax, Deafhaven and Power Trip, reaches Austin, Texas, tonight (Monday). See Morton's posts including the photos here.

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Lemmy Statue Coming To Rainbow Bar & Grill

(TeamRock Radio) Los Angeles artists Travis Moore has been commissioned to create a cast bronze statue of Lemmy to be erected outside the city's Rainbow Bar & Grill.

The late Motorhead frontman was a regular at The Rainbow and a memorial was held at the venue on the day of Lemmy's funeral on January 9. A mural was painted on the bar's wall as a mark of respect.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched last month to help pay for a permanent tribute to the singer and bass player and now Moore has been told to get to work on the project.

The life-size cast bronze statue will stand at just over 6 foot tall and will be situated in a special shrine that's currently being constructed in the patio bar area. Read more here.

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Zakk Wylde Sets Release For 'Book Of Shadows II'

(TeamRock Radio) Zakk Wylde has confirmed his solo album Book Of Shadows II will be released on April 8. The record - which marks the 20th anniversary of the first Book Of Shadows release - will be issued via Spinefarm Records.

Wylde took part in a discussion about the album with Brad Tolinski for AOL. The former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist says: "I've always loved, especially during the drinking days with Oz, when I'd be touring with the boss, after we got done doing a show we'd jump in the submarine and roll on to the next town.

"I'd sit up the front with whoever was driving and we'd all meet up there and drink cocktails, listening to The Eagles, Neil Young, Creedence - solving the problems of the world, talking about everything. I've always loved the mellow stuff." Watch the AOL video here.

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Amoral Release 'Rude Awakening' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Amoral have released a video for their track Rude Awakening. It features on the Finnish band's seventh album In Sequence, just-released via Imperial Cassette.

The follow-up to 2014's Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows sees the return of original singer Niko Kalliojarvi, who will handle extra guitar duties and growling vocals alongside his replacement, Ari Koivunen.

Guitarist Ben Varon says: "We went into making the seventh album with an Yngwie Malmsteen state of mind - more is more. Once we got our original singer Niko Kalliojarvi back in the band - expanding the group into a six-headed monster, with two vocalists and three guitar players - it was time to start the writing process, which was one of the most inspiring ones for me so far. More guitar parts, more keyboards, more back and forth between clean and growling vocals."

Varon sees the project as the next natural step in Amoral's sonic evolution. He explains: "To me, In Sequence is the logical follow-up to Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows, on which we took our love for grandieuse prog to new hights. In Sequence continues on that path, though the return of Niko gives the new material some of that old school Amoral vibe And I think this one turned out a touch heavier as well, not least because of the real-life based concept of the album." Watch the video here.

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Enter Shikari Expand UK Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Enter Shikari have added a date to their upcoming UK tour. They play Wrexham's Central Station, Wales, on February 24, with support from Welsh band Falls.

Enter Shikari added the gig to their list of arena dates after drummer Rob Rolfe put pressure on the band to schedule more shows. The band say in a statement: "Rob hates a day off. He thinks they're for the weak. The tour had too many days off in it, so he cracked the whip and now there's a 500 capacity show in Wrexham, nestled between two arena shows.

"It's not an 'intimate warm-up show', because the tour's already started by then. There's no purpose to it at all, other than giving the nice people of Wrexham a night out, seeing the awesome band Falls, and keeping Rob happy. This is Rolfy's world, we just live in it." Read more here.

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Alice Cooper On Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip TV Show

(Classic Rock) Alice Cooper was a guest on the latest episode of Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip. Other artists that appear on the show include Tommy Lee, Bob Weir and Nancy Wilson. The latest episode aired in the US on February 7 (Sunday).

The six episode series on AXS TV follows the former Van Halen frontman as he drives across the US with his band The Circle, and sees him interview and play with names from the world of rock.

And Cooper is the latest star to feature as the Red Rocker arrives in Phoenix, Arizona. Cooper tells Hagar: "I came up with Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. They were our big brothers, and you had to drink with them. You couldn't just sit there and have a Coke.

"I played in bars much longer than anybody thinks - and that's how you get good." Hagar said of the show: "Something that's always bugged me is that fans get to see us either onstage in concert or in interviews, and that's about it. There's so much cool, history-making stuff that happens off stage that fans have never really had access to, but I do. And that's where this show takes viewers." Check out the promo clip for the episode here.

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Pepper Keenan Forgives Phil Anselmo For Outburst

(Classic Rock) Phil Anselmo's Down bandmate Pepper Keenan says he forgives the singer for his controversial outburst at last month's Dimebash event in honour of late Pantera guitarist Darrell Abbott. While strongly condemning his friend's actions, Keenan says in a lengthy statement on social media that he believes the vocalist can redeem himself.

Pepper's comments come as Down's scheduled show in their hometown of New Orleans' Civic Theatre on February 8 was pulled by organizers who say they "do not tolerate intolerant behavior, and there is no room for that in our venue or our city."

Guitarist Keenan says: "I am saddened and confused by the behaviour of Philip Anselmo last week. I do not condone what was gestured and said. This lapse in judgment of 'making a joke' was in terribly poor taste and unacceptable.

"That philosophy is the opposite of what I am about. My heart follows love and soul and my music has been inspired from people of all walks of life and musical styles. I view music as a gift that is universal and intended for all of humanity. As a proud New Orleanian, life is about celebrating diversity through music, it's about bringing people together, not tearing apart." Read more here.

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New Tarantula Species Named After Johnny Cash

(Classic Rock) A new species of black tarantula discovered in Southern California has been named after the late Johnny Cash. Aphonopelma johnnycashi was discovered living in the wild near Folsom Prison, California - the jail which inspired a song by the iconic singer.

Cash also performed a series of concerts for inmates there during the 1960s, even recording live album At Folsom Prison in the facility.

The breed is one of 14 new types of tarantula discovered by biologists in the southern US. Dr Chris Hamilton tells the BBC: "It's found along the foothills of the western Sierra Nevada mountains, and one of the places that's there is Folsom Prison. It's a perfect name. It fits the spider - it's found around Folsom and the males are predominantly all black, so it fits his image.

"I have a Johnny Cash tattoo so I was very happy that it worked out that way." Read more here.

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Handwritten Radiohead Lyrics To Be Auctioned

(Classic Rock) Lyrics to Radiohead's track Airbag handwritten by frontman Thom Yorke are being auctioned to raise money for charity. The vocalist penned the lyrics to the track on the inside cover of his copy of William Blake's Songs Of Innocence And Experience, which he donated to his local Oxfam shop in Oxford.

The book is being auctioned by Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions on March 18 at their London base, with proceeds going to help Oxfam's work to tackle poverty around the world.

A spokeswoman for Dreweatts says: "Throughout the book, Yorke underlines words and annotated the margins, especially to Nurse's Song, A Cradle Song and The Divine Image, with corrections and revisions. Read more and see a photo of the lyrics here.

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The Winery Dogs Release 'Hot Streak' Video

(Classic Rock) The Winery Dogs have released a video for the title track from latest album Hot Streak. The promo sees the group in live action and also strolling through a casino. It was directed by Vicente Cordero.

Ahead of the release of Hot Streak, released last year, frontman Richie Kotzen said: "I feel we've taken the band to another level. The compositions are stronger on this album.

"I feel more connected lyrically and musically to what I did on this record than on the last one. We've widened the musical scope of the band on this record and moved it forward."

The Winery Dogs released a cover of David Bowie's Moonage Daydream in honor of the late star who died last month at the age of 69. Watch the video here.

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Download Festival Announce Lemmy Stage and 36 More Bands

(Classic Rock) Another 36 bands have been added to the bill for this year's Download festival. Among the latest confirmed acts are Jane's Addiction, NOFX, Sixx:AM, Alien Ant Farm and Amon Amarth.

They'll join headliners Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and many others at Donington Park on the weekend of June 10-12. The event has also revealed plans for a tribute to late Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away at his Los Angeles home on December 28 just four days after his 70th birthday.

Organizers Live Nation say: "Whilst we're saddened to say Motorhead will no longer be performing at this year's Download Festival, we will honour a true rock'n'roll icon who inspired so many others on the bill, Lemmy Kilmister." Read more here.

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Donovan Announces 70th Birthday Concert

(Classic Rock) Donovan will celebrate his 70th birthday with a show at The London Palladium on May 6. The 60s star says he'll treat fans to a best-of set featuring the likes of Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Hurdy Gurdy Man and Jennifer Juniper.

The show will see him perform on a stage set up in the mould of a 'Beat Cafe' with his band, bassist Danny Thompson, pianist John Cameron and drummer Gavin Harrison.

Donovan says: "With no hint of modesty, my muse Linda, Gypsy Dave and I succeeded in our mission back in 1963 to invade popular culture with The Bohemian Manifesto, and not only change the charts but enter the private creative lives of the most creative artists of pop.

"The Beatles, Stones and everyone in-between, we showed you how to break all the musical rules and enter your inner space. Sure we suffered for it. First to be busted and ridiculed, but hey, we three are invincible." Read more here.

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The Struts Expand 'Everybody Wants' Album For Reissue

(Classic Rock) The Struts have announced the details of a new version of their debut album, Everybody Wants. It'll be released on March 4 via Polydor/Interscope, and features several new tracks, plus remasters and re-recording of songs from the 2014 original.

"Everybody Wants is a collection of songs for the disenchanted," says frontman Luke Spiller. "When putting the album together we have approached it with the mindset that when listening, you are taken on a journey. You can even hear the album title in the chorus of the opening track Roll Up. This song gives you the insight to a larger than life character that opens the door to the rest of the album.

"I think anyone who listens to this album will hear our journey and feel our ambition. We truly have put our hearts and souls into it and I hope you love it as much as we do." Read more including the tracklisting here.

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Graham Bonnet Band Release All Day And All Night Long Doc Online

(Classic Rock) Graham Bonnet Band bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone says she met the former Rainbow singer for coffee after they discussed music, work and their kids over email.

Heavenstone admits in the first part of Bonnet Band documentary All Day And All Night Long that she "didn't know anything" about him before he got in touch via professional networking site LinkedIn.

She says: "I knew All Night Long and Since You Been Gone but I didn't know anything about his rich litany of work. His email said, 'I'm always looking for new bands to work with.' I thought, 'Oh, maybe he produces now.'

"Even though it was really casual for me, I was in two bands at the time and I sent him links to both, and he got back and said he liked it. We had a few back-and-forth exchanges. It was very pleasant and I liked the way he presented himself.

"In one of my emails I said, 'It's very difficult for me to find the time to do this. I'm a single mom with two children and one of them has autism.' He wrote back to me, saying one of his children had autism too. That piqued my curiosity and I wanted to get to know him too.

"After a few more exchanges, we agreed to meet for coffee and I instantly liked him and loved his self-deprecating humor. He was just a geek and a goofball." Read more and watch the documentary clip here.

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Dave Grohl Believes Nirvana's Success Came Too Fast

(Gibson) Dave Grohl recently was the guest on photographer-director Sam Jones's interview series Off Camera, where he discussed Nirvana's quick rise to fame, the pitfalls involved and his transition from band drummer to frontman for Foo Fighters.

Grohl says, "Unfortunately, Nirvana became too big too quick. Bands are like families that go through uncomfortable growing pains, and if it happens all at once, it's just too much to handle."

Grohl also remembers how he felt immediately after Kurt Cobain died and how that led him to create Foo Fighters. He explains: "When Kurt died, I woke up the next day and thought, 'I'm lucky to be alive' It was a profound revelation I had the day after he died and it changed everything. It honestly changed so much of my life that I felt the most important thing was just appreciating being alive, good day or bad day. But after Kurt died, I really felt that way, like, 'Okay, I'm gonna try this. What do I have to lose? I'm gonna start this band and then I'm gonna be the singer.'" Read more here.

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Toundra Announce Spring Tour

(Prog) Toundra will play a string of dates in the UK and mainland Europe in May. The Madrid band will play 19 shows in total, with three scheduled in England and Wales, on the back of their latest release, IV.

They say: "After a very intense year, we head back to the European roads before we lock ourselves in to start walking the long and intense road of composing a new album.

"This is our fourth Euro tour and on this occasion we will be visiting some of the cities where Toundra have grown bigger, like Berlin, London and Paris. But we are also very excited about visiting places where our music has never been before, like Hungary, Slovenia or Slovakia. See you all there." See the tour dates here.

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Nad Sylvan Releases 'Where The Martyr Carved His Name' Video

(Prog) Nad Sylvan has released a video for his track Where The Martyr Carved His Name. It features on the Steve Hackett collaborator's solo album Courting The Widow, launched last year via Century Media.

Sylvan says: "The most interesting aspect of prog-rock, is that you're never safe - not musically or lyrically. This is where funk, soul, rock, symphony and musical get new life in the prog melting pot."

The singer is joined on the album by a variety of artists including Hackett, Nick Beggs, Roger King, Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold. Last month, the singer revealed his 'Vampirate' stage persona came about as the result of an off-the-cuff remark from a friend. Watch the video here.

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Knifeworld Reveal 'Bottled Out Of Eden' Album Details

(Prog) Knifeworld have released the tracklist for their upcoming album Bottled Out Of Eden. The follow-up to 2014's The Unravelling will be issued on April 22 via InsideOut Music.

Frontman Kavus Torabi says: "One aspect of Bottled Out Of Eden is the idea of a self-made heaven or a self-imposed hell, that agony or ecstasy are often a choice.

"I look back on the 25 years of making the kind of music I do, particularly the last six with Knifeworld and just feel so fortunate for the friendships, experiences and absolute joy it has brought.

"I wanted the album to be as much about that, a celebration of this all too fleeting life, as it is a reflection on death and its impact on those left behind in its wake." Check out the tracklisting here.

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Charles Bradley Streams New Song 'Change For The World'

(The Blues Charles Bradley has made his single Change For The World available to stream. The track is taken from upcoming album Changes, released on April 1 via Daptone/Dunham. The record's title track is a cover version of the Black Sabbath song.

On Change For The World, Bradley says: "This world is in turmoil. Guns, violence - people are feeling like they have no way out. Young people don't know which way to turn.

"This song is about opening up our minds to understand, talk with the young people, hear what they have to say. We've got to change for the better of our souls. We've got to change our love. Get back to the golden rule and people's sense of humanity." Stream the song here.

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Treetop Flyers Release '31 Years' Video

(The Blues Treetop Flyers have released a video for their track 31 Years. It features on the London outfit's second album Palomino. The follow-up to their 2013 debut The Mountain Moves will launch on March 11.

The record is said to have been inspired by "the grief for lost parents, broken marriages, the near-death of a close friend, the departure of long-time bassist Matthew Starritt and the loss of numerous behind-the-scenes personnel."

Vocalist and guitarist Reid Morrison adds: "Coming together to make this record was very therapeutic for us, in a sense. It brought us closer and allowed us to let go of a lot of the bullsh*t that we'd had to endure and negotiate in the past." Watch the video here.

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