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Kid Rock Makes Move Towards Possible U.S. Senate Run

Kid Rock confirmed via social media that a new U.S. Senate campaign website is real but has not confirmed if he will actually be running to represent his home state of Michigan.

The website contains title banner Kid Rock 18 For US Senate, along with flashing slogans like "Get In The Senate and Try To Help Someone," "Pimp The Nation," "Welcome To The Party", "You Never Met A Politician Quite Like Me," "In Rock We Trust, "Born Free" and "Party For The People" and more.

The music star, real name Robert James Ritchie, took to Twitter on Wednesday to address speculation about the website. He tweeted a photo of a campaign yard sign and said, "I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real… The answer is an absolute YES."

He then followed up with "Stay tuned, I will have a major announcement in the near future - Kid Rock." A WhoIs search revealed that the website domain was registered on February 17th of this year.

Rock has not confirmed if he is really running for office or if this may be a publicity stunt similar to Alice Cooper's run for president last year. See the website here.

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Eagles Playing Without Glenn Frey Surprises Fleetwood Mac Star

Fleetwood Mac are gearing up for their set at Los Angeles portion of The Classic East and West bi-coastal music festivals which they are coheadlining with The Eagles.

The west coast edition will be taking place this Saturday (July 15th) and Sunday at Dodge Stadium with the Eagles headlining the first night that will also feature Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers.

The second night will be lead by Fleetwood Mac and will include sets from Journey and Earth, Wind & Fire. Mac stars Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham sat down with Billboard to discuss the event.

During the conversation, McVie revealed that she was surprised to learn that the Eagles would be performing following the death of cofounder Glenn Frey. The band has recruited his son Deacon and Vince Gill to fill his shoes at the events.
She told the trade publication, "I was quite surprised, actually, but I'm proud of them for doing it. I think they've got a good replacement for Glenn". And Buckingham added, "It was just a sad thing, Glenn's passing, so I don't know what you do in that kind of situation.

"I don't really have any preconceptions. They're smart guys; I'm sure it all works on some level, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. But, you know, it's just such a loss in the sense of Don and Glenn for all those years -- and other people kind of floating in and out of the band, but that always being the center. So anything [else] you do is going to seem a little foreign, at least initially."

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Foo Fighters Parking Lot Meeting Leads To Unusual Collaboration

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that a chance encounter in a parking lot lead to an unexpected collaboration on their forthcoming album "Concrete And Gold," which will be released on September 15th.

Grohl told BBC 6 Music (via Radio.com) that the heaviest song on the new effort features a guest appearance from Boyz II Men star Shawn Stockman and he explained how it came about.

"The guy from Boyz II Men walking through the parking lot and me saying 'would you sing on our record?' And he does - on the heaviest song on the entire record". He went on to describe the track as follows, "It sounds like Sabbath and Pink Floyd. It's heavy. It's the last song on the record. He built a choir - it's like 40 vocals stacked. It's insane."

Drummer Taylor Hawkins also said 'Every time we start a record, Dave goes 'we need to get weird on this record.' Then we always kinda pull back a little and go, 'let's just make a good rock n' roll record. This is the weird record."

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David Gilmour Previews New Live At Pompeii Concert Film

(hennemusic) David Gilmour has released the trailer for his new concert film, "Live At Pompeii", ahead of its debut screening in theatres worldwide on September 13.

The project captures the guitarist over two nights in July of 2016 at the Pompeii Amphitheatre in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, where he delivered the first-ever rock performances played to an audience in the ancient Roman amphitheatre that was built in 90 BC and entombed in ash when Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.

Gilmour's 2016 shows at the venue - in support of 2015's "Rattle That Lock" - marked his return to the site 45 years after he first played there for Adrian Maben's classic film, "Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii."

Recalling the 1972 concert documentary that was filmed over four days in the fall of 1971 and recorded without an audience present, the guitarist spoke about the uniqueness of the two experiences while remembering his friend and late Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, who died from cancer in 2008 at the age of 65.

"It's a magical place," explains Gilmour, "and coming back and seeing the stage and the arena was quite overwhelming. It's a place of ghosts and I couldn't help but think of playing there - with Rick - it's a sense of revisiting history.

"What I like to do is to play in beautiful places where people have a sense of the majesty of the building that is being performed in and that will add to the memories they take away and retain thereafter."

Filmed in 4K by director Gavin Elder, "David Gilmour Live At Pompeii" features highlights from both shows and will be screened in more than 2,000 cinemas worldwide. Watch the trailer here.

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David Bowie A New Career In A New Town Box Set Announced

(hennemusic) David Bowie's "Berlin trilogy" and other projects from the late 1970s are featured in the forthcoming 11-disc box set, "A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)."

Due September 29, the project focuses on Bowie's three collaborations with musician Brian Eno and producer Tony Visconti - 1977's "Low", "Heroes", and 1979's "Lodger" - following the singer's move to West Berlin in late 1976.

The package delivers remastered editions of the three records alongside the "Heroes E.P." - which features German and French versions of the title song - a 2017 Tony Visconti mix of "Lodger", the 1978 live album "Stage" and a 2017 version with two unreleased live tracks ("Jean Genie," "Suffragette City"), and 1980's "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)."

The box also includes "Re:Call 3", a compilation of singles, non-album singles, b-sides and soundtrack material alongside Bowie's recording of the German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht's "Baal."

"A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)" will be available as an 11-CD, 13-LP and digital release. here.

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Singled Out: Integrity's 7 Reece Mews

Integrity are releasing their new album "Howling For The Nightmare Shall Consume" this Friday (July 14th) and to celebrate we asked Dom to tell us about the song "7 Reece Mews". Here is the story:

Named after the address of Francis Bacon's painting studio, this song originally came about as a slow and mean eight-minute blues jam inspired by Led Zeppelin's 'Since I've Been Loving You' fused with CCRs version of 'I Put A Spell On You'. I really wanted the minor chords to shimmer the way they do in the CCR song (which is my favorite quality of the finished song). It was cool but didn't really go anywhere, so it was moved to the back burner while we worked on other songs.

Months later I had acquired a weird echo pedal called 'Misty Cave' (Last Gasp), and was messing around with it as I came up with the pretty part that appears in the middle break of the song. It was lofty/dreamy almost surfy…which made me think of being at the beach. This got me thinking about being a kid and how much I loved when The Honeydripper's version of 'Sea Of Love'. One of my favorite slide guitar solos ever... and by who better than Jimmy Page himself?!

Anyways, I was sitting on my bed inspired by that Honeydrippers song and messing around with a lap-steel guitar that I had just purchased. Out of the blue I came up with the lap-steel solo that appears on the record. It just came and went just like that, like an out of body experience. Thankfully I was recording at the time, as I was never able to capture the feel of that first attempt. When it came time to record the final version, we actually used the demo solo.

Eventually I came back to the slow meandering blues jam and decided to give it a dramatic facelift, and approach it as if was the soundtrack to a movie. Once I popped the 'Misty Cave' part into the middle it was too perfect. I played around with the arrangement for a while, sewing in a few other riffs and transitions before finally revisiting the second verse theme as a clean 12-strong intro complete with a homemade dungeon stomp pedal. Frankenstein's monster had come to life.

Dwid and I had the idea to track down John Christ (Danzig) and ask him to play a guest solo on this song, since we both are huge fans. Things didn't pan out with JC (and I hope I didn't scare him off with my obsessive stalking) so I laid down a solo over the ending as an homage to the man himself, asking myself the question 'What would JC do?'.

Now with all of that out of the way we were faced with the final piece of the puzzle: What was going to happen with the vocals on this song? Anyone familiar with Integrity's body of work would wonder the same thing. I was left in suspense while Dwid finished the rest of the songs / left this one until last. Once he sent me his takes I was blown away. It had all the powerful stuff you expected from him during its heaviest moments, but it was his eerie narration that took this blues jam and turned it into something you might hear on Twin Peaks. I was absolutely floored.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Rolling Stones Musical Rumored For Broadway

(Gibson) A stage production with Rolling Stones songs is reportedly being plotted for London's West End and Broadway, according to U.K. newspaper The Sun. The paper states that secret workshops are being held in London to find performers to star in the show.

"The workshops are being kept very much under wraps and only incredible talent is being invited to attend…The idea came from top theater execs who know the concept of a Stones musical has the potential to be a worldwide hit," a theater source told The Sun.

The theater source added that the executives "know the show has to be outstanding for the band members to back it…Only then will it ever see the light of day." Read more here.

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Reunited L.A. Guns Release First Video From New Album

Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis have released the first music video from their forthcoming L.A. Guns reunion album "The Missing Peace", which is scheduled to hit stores on October 13th.

The band's founding guitarist and classic era frontman reteamed for this incarnation of the group which also features bassist Johnny Martin, drummer Shane Fitzgibbon and guitarist Michael Grant.

They are giving fans their first taste of the new music with the release of a music video for the track "Speed" which can be streamed here and Tracii shared these comments about the new album, "'The Missing Peace' is truly an album by definition. It's a collection of music that I have been working on for about 12 years with various styles of rock music." Read more and see the tracklisting here.

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Queen's Brian May 'Queen in 3-D' Book Release Date Announced

(Radio.com) Queen's guitarist and songwriter Brian May announced a August 24th release date for the Queen in 3-D book. The book will feature over 300 previously unseen 3-D images, showcasing the band's history from the early 1970s until present day.

According to May's official site, the 3-D illustrations were all captured with his stereoscopic cameras. From an early age, May traveled with a 3-D camera, allowing him to capture rare behind-the-scene moments on Queen Tours and during recordings.

"The whole process of writing this new kind of book was almost subconscious," May said. "As I looked at the 3-D photos, memories were triggered and the stories poured out." Read more here.

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alt-J Live Out Historic Fantasies With 'Deadcrush' Video

(Radio.com) alt-J has released another haunting, beautiful, music video, this time for their single "Deadcrush" off their recently released studio album Relaxer. When writing "Deadcrush," the trio started with imagining what historical figure they would go on a date with.

Frontman and vocalist Joe Newman chose Lee Miller and drummer Thom Sonny Green selected Sylvia Plath, while keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton decided upon Anne Boleyn.

Keeping these choices in mind, three androgynous, waxy-looking woman dance around an apocalyptic bunker in the video, each representing the aspects of their historical crushes.

The video was directed by LA-based Young Replicant (Alex Takacs), who the band had previously worked with on 3WW's Mexican funeral video, and was choreographed by Darcy Wallace.

"Darcy took the lyrics first and choreographed it after researching each character," Newman explained. "She looked at Lee Miller's photos and the Tudor style and famed beheading of Anne Boleyn. She did her research and she came up with this beautiful, collaged choreography that we then took to Alex who worked out a story to go around the dancing." Watch the video here.

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The Killers To Show A Different Side On New Album

(Radio.com) The Killers' upcoming project Wonderful Wonderful isn't due out until September, but frontman Brandon Flowers wants fans to know that the record will reveal "the more tender side" of the band.

In addition, the singer said the lyrics will be personal and will showcase Flowers in a way that he describes as "more bare than I've ever been." Flowers told NME, 'I'm turning the pen around on myself.

"I'm looking in the mirror on this record and focusing a lot on my own personal experiences. Instead of just drawing upon all these experiences and maybe using them in other songs, I am going straight for it with this and singing about my life and my family and that's something different for me." Read more here.

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Suzi Quatro Announces New Compilation Album

A new 20 track compilation called "The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend" is set to be released on September 22nd. We were sent the following details: The album has been personally curated by Suzi Quatro featuring digitally remastered versions of all her biggest hits including "Can The Can", "48 Crash", "Devil Gate Drive", and "Stumblin' In". The album will be available on Gold Coloured Double Vinyl, CD and digitally.

For the very first time, Suzi's four RAK studio albums, that she originally released between 1975 and 1979, will be digitally remastered and available to download and stream across all digital platforms. The four studio albums include "Your Mamma Won't Like Me" (1975), "Aggro-Phobia" (1976), "If You Knew Suzi" (1978), and "Suzi… and Other Four Letter Words" (1979).

Says Suzi - "I'm excited about my new compilation, it's not just the hits, which I love, but it also features favourite and important tracks from my albums, with an extensive Track By Track on the liner notes. Enjoy one and all." Read more

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Satyricon Announce New Album 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep'

Satyricon have announced that that they will be releasing their brand new studio album, which will be entitled 'Deep calleth upon Deep', on September 22nd.

Frontman Satyr had this to say, "Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it's gonna be my last record. If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special. If there are more records, then I'd better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning. I think it's really, really dark, very spiritual and filled with confidence and energy."

'Deep calleth upon Deep' is a profound statement about the essence of Satyricon's music and the eternal value of art itself. Satyr continues, "The way that I see it is that for any art, be it Satyricon or any other form of art with substance, in order for you to be able to inhale and completely understand it, it will take a little bit of you as well." Read more here.

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Joe Bonamassa Announces 2018 UK Tour Dates

Blues rocker Joe Bonamassa has announced that he will be heading across the pond next March to launch a short UK tour in support of his latest album "Blues of Desperation".

The seven date trek will include shows at the following venues beginning with Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (March 9), followed by Manchester Arena (March 10).

The remaining dates include Carlisle Sands Centre (March 11), Aberdeen GE Oil & Gas Centre (March 13), Gateshead Sage (March 14), Birmingham Genting Arena (March 16) and Brighton Centre (March 17).

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