Cydnee With a C Reveals 'Confessions of a Fangirl'


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Cydnee With a C Cover art
Cover art

(Biz 3) Atlanta-raised, LA-based singer Cydnee With a C releases her playful and imaginative new EP Confessions of a Fangirl. Deeply passionate and colorfully inventive, the anticipated project is laced with bubblegum-electric dance-infused pop for a breathtaking exploration of love and longing. Intended as a nod to her own "fangirl" tendencies, the 6-track EP harnesses wavy synths and hypnotizing drum and bass treatments that shimmer with an obsessive drive-the sort of relentless passion only a true "fangirl" could emulate.

Confessions of a Fangirl follows the release of Cydnee's hopelessly romantic single "As Long As You Love Me" which premiered via PAPER Magazine who said, "Confessions of a Fan Girl, synthesizes old and new, setting the stage for Cydnee to explore this newfound genre with everything she's built up over the years, cherishing the intensity of pure fangirl devotion." "As Long As You Love" followed previous singles "TEST ME" and "Cry Alone", a glittery Aktion Jackson-produced track that dropped with a fantastical wizard-of-oz-inspired music video. The imaginative universe Cydnee began illustrating with previous singles is further expanded with brand new tracks such as "Don't We Always"-a bubbly bass-infused love song that whimsically interpolates Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi".
Confessions of a Fangirl comes from a personal place, with Cydnee identifying as a self-proclaimed "fangirl" of K-pop and Korean culture (she has a YouTube following dedicated to her obsession, taught herself and even sings in Korean). As she tells it, her K-pop fandom is about more than just a passion for the music: "I used to feel so lonely fangirling about K-pop all by myself until I found a community of fangirls and fanboys." Next month, Cydnee will be selecting a local fan to attend an NMIXX show on their Nice to Mixx You tour with her in Los Angeles at The Wiltern.

Reflecting on the project, Cydnee says: "'Confessions of a Fangirl' represents a world that fills any void. For me, it's feeling alone and I feel complete knowing I can relate. A fangirl is an individual that is a part of a community of like interests. I wanted to make a project both relatable and sonically pleasing."

Cydnee with a C started singing at a young age, training her voice by doing Usher and Missy Elliott covers with her cousins in Atlanta (one of whom was the daughter of singer-songwriter and producer, Gerald Levert). Cydnee later joined a girl group called AZ1 that would go on to make an X Factor appearance and tour across the southeast. Upon her relocation to LA, Cydnee began crafting her own unique sound, learning to play guitar and combining K-pop influences with the drum and bass rhythms frequent collaborator, producer Aktion Jackson, introduced her to. Her whimsical sound, which blends glitched-out sugar-sweet vocals with hypnotic dance-pop beats, has garnered praise from BET, COLORS, and BBC 1Xtra's Alternative Selection, with "Cry Alone" being highlighted as their "10/10 Recommend''. Following her headline performance at the LA club Adults Only in January, Cydnee is set to re-grace their stage tonight to celebrate today's release. On April 10, Cydnee will play at LA's Club Tee Gee, and on April 22, she'll play a live session at Bandcamp's headquarters in San Francisco. With Confessions of a Fangirl, Cydnee with a C is expanding her opulently fantastical world and finding her community along the way.

Stream/purchase Confessions of a Fangirl here.

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Cydnee With a C Reveals 'Confessions of a Fangirl'

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