Hayden Joseph Delivers New Album 'Country To Me'


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Hayden Joseph Cover art
Cover art

(Publicity Nation) Country artist Hayden Joseph releases new album Country to Me, featuring viral singles "Backwoods Bougie," Out.," and more. The album is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Within the LP's first minute, Hayden answers a question industry insiders have danced around for decades: what is country? Singing, "I'm syncing life to a beat... and that's 'country' to me," he explains, "For me, country music has never been about looking or sounding a certain way, it's about telling a story that resonates with listeners. Country to Me does just that, exploring the inner workings of a man in his mid-20s facing multi-faceted crossroads: seeking fulfillment, navigating relationships, and struggling with the cruel realities of the world. If those topics aren't "country" enough, then what is?

The album makes a simple statement throughout its 12 tracks: Country music is bigger than one sound, one image, or one narrow set of topics. It's applicable to many walks of life - not just the select few country radio has catered to in recent years. "There is no 'one size fits all' approach to telling one's story, and that shouldn't be a controversial statement. 'Country' music is, and always has been, universal."

Country to Me premiered exclusively with All Country News, which called Joseph's album "barrier-breaking," stating, "The fact that Hayden is aware of country fans from all walks of life, makes him a true star."

"Country to Me ain't your grandma's country music... and that's ok," Hayden continues. "While country purists are sure to scratch their heads during portions of this 12-track narrative, the album aims to experiment with sounds, tempos, and sentiments to tell a universal story of a young adult trying to find his place in this world. I have always been a lyric-forward artist, but my collaborators challenged me in ways on this LP, both lyrically and melodically, I could have never imagined. The result is a charmingly chaotic representation of my last 3 years following dreams, navigating relationships, and forging my (often unpaved) path."

Stream the album here.

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Hayden Joseph Delivers New Album 'Country To Me'

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