K.Flay Shares 'Shy' Video To Announce New Album 'Mono


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K.Flay Shares 'Shy' Video To Announce New Album 'Mono

(Stunt Company) K.Flay returns today with the news of her new full-length studio album MONO, due out September 15th via GIANT Music. K.Flay co-produced the entire LP, co-wrote with a number of talented folks, including Jason Suwito, Jeoff Harris, Dave Hammer, Pink Slip, and Paul Meany, who executive produced the album. MONO is also the first full-length for GIANT Music and with today's news, K.Flay is dropping "Shy," the second single and video from the forthcoming LP.

"In my music, I'm so comfortable being loud and brazen, but in my personal life, I can be a bit shy. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. I wrote this song after I'd just met my (now) girlfriend. And I sent it to her out of the blue. I guess I only know how to flirt through songs? It worked though.

Dave Hammer produced this one and he and I have this crazy energy between us. I think when we get together to make music we're able to disregard the 'shoulds' and be purely creative together. A lot of the guitar parts were just freestyle takes, us messing around. but there was a wildness to them that hit us both in the right places." - K.Flay (on "Shy")

"Shy" follows the previously released and riveting lead single "Raw Raw," which has more than 1 million streams and is currently making it's the way up the alternative radio chart, where it just cracked the Top 35.

The album title MONO is a nod to K.Flay's new sensory reality, having gone completely and suddenly deaf in her right ear at the end of last summer due to a rare condition called SSNHL (Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss) and Labyrinthitis. She was forced to cancel her fall tour and contemplated not making music anymore. After undergoing a variety of unsuccessful treatments, she embraced the difficult journey ahead, and through the process, discovered a renewed sense of creativity. K.Flay went to work and, in a matter of months, created what she considers to be her most experimental and realized studio album to date. In addition to "Shy" and "Raw Raw," the new LP delivers honest and thought-provoking songs such as "In America" which tackles guns, drugs, and police violence in an upbeat pop tune. Other noteworthy songs on the 14-track MONO are the industrial electronic rock banger "Irish Goodbye" featuring Pierce The Veil's Vic Fuentes and "Punisher" - which has K.Flay exploring the demons inside her own psyche.

"I started making this record as a person with two working ears. I finished it with only one. This is also the first record for which, from start to finish, I was sober.

'MONO' is about navigating loss, about looking your aloneness in the eye and deciding not to drink or vape or have sex or watch a television show, but to stand there and accept it, to understand its power there is only one person on this earth with your mind, your creativity, your perspective. You're a first and last pressing. A 1 of 1 and 1 is a scary number but life is scary and funny. And sad. And beautiful. I hope this record is a reminder of that, and how we are all experiencing our aloneness together." - K.Flay (on MONO)

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