Sisters in Country Release 'That's What We Do' Video


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(Key 2) As a follow up to their hit 'Hey Jolene' comes the next release from Sisters in Country (Jodi Vaughan & Aly Cook) - 'That's What We Do'. The song was released this past Friday, April 7th.

'That's What We Do' is written by Jodi Vaughan & James Ray Still, produced by Jodi Vaughan & Aly Cook and engineered by Dan Cosgrove in his Hamilton DC Studios. Dan also played guitars and created the music, along with some slide guitar from Bill Bassett and percussion from Jeremy Hantler.

'That's What We Do' is a fun upbeat and uplifting country track, about having strength in times of adversity, and just getting on with what has to be done, not quitting when the going gets tough and about coming together despite differences of opinion or views or whatever one is facing.

Aly Cook who is currently working as the tour manager and promoter of the NZ Highwaymen Tour, organising 20 shows across New Zealand, said "New Zealand has been through some adverse times in the last few years and this song really reflects a 'Can Do' attitude that is instinctively Kiwi. Our nation has also been divided and this song represents a "coming together" to just get it done, as 'That's What We Do'. And that is what I take as the deeper message from what is essentially a fun song"

Jodi Vaughan "For me as an Australian, it reminds me of all the farmers across the great southern land who have risen to some extreme challenges with fires, droughts & floods. I realised very quickly, that even if people were not directly affected by the drought and the fires, they were so willing to help and go beyond the call of neighbourly duty. Why?? Because "That's What We Do." We don't quit. We do what we have to do to help each other. No matter what the circumstances, big or small, we stick together and lend a helping hand here and across the ditch. Legends !!!"

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Sisters in Country Release 'That's What We Do' Video

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