Tommy Prine Turns A Panic Attack Into A Mantra For Focusing On The Brighter Things


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Tommy Prine Album art
Album art

(IVPR) Tommy Prine turns a panic attack into a mantra for focusing on the brighter things in life with "Reach The Sun" from Prine's upcoming debut album, "This Far South"; out June 23rd via Thirty Tigers.

"I wrote this song about the first panic attack I had," says Tommy Prine about his new tune "Reach The Sun." It happened before he played his very first show. "Even though it was something I had always wanted for myself, the gravity of what I was about to do set in and it was hard to process," Prine remembers. Like the rest of the songs from Prine's upcoming debut This Far South-out June 23rd via Thirty Tigers-"Reach The Sun" feels very personal; a journal entry observation set to music. The theme doesn't end there. More often than not, Prine spins his narrative with positivity and hope, no matter how distant those feelings seem at the start. "'Reach The Sun' is about learning to ground yourself and doing something that you love is part of the brighter things of life," he says.

An emotionally complex but universally accessible debut, This Far South-co-produced by Ruston Kelly and Gena Johnson-brings together a sonic patchwork of musical influences to help tell the story of each song. "Reach The Sun" takes a cue from Prine's mother's home of Ireland, its entire first verse nothing but vocals and a digital droning tone imitating something like Uilleann pipes. Eventually, rock and roll instrumentation takes the song higher, but "Reach The Sun" never leaves the waltzing 6/8 time feel of its seemingly Celtic roots. Inspirations from groups like Outkast or The Strokes or Bon Iver sneak into This Far South as well, but Prine always sounds like Prine; honest in his emotions and impactful with his message.

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Tommy Prine Turns A Panic Attack Into A Mantra For Focusing On The Brighter Things

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