The Day In Rock 7/26-27: No Led Zep Reunion, Linkin Park Still Illin�, Ozzfest Death,  Slash Gershon BS, New Slayer In 04, Frehley KISS Off. 

07-26-03 Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Weekend- antiMUSIC's look at Top Rock News Stories From the Past 48 Hours.

No Led Zep Reunion
Blabbermouth.net reports: In an exclusive interview with Britain's Sun, LED ZEPPELIN guitar legend Jimmy Page made it clear that while he feels that rock is back,  its revival won't include a reunited ZEPPELIN � at least for now.

"The group members have not actually discussed [a possible reunion]," Page said. "Everyone thinks we're doing it and it's really aggravatingbecause if there was going to be a tour, we'd make an announcement. It's got nothing to do with us and it's absolutely annoying. It won't  happen until such time as we've had a chance to talk about it musically.  We'd do it quite clandestinely and see whether it's a going concern. Just    because the last project has been a success it doesn't mean we'd be more inclined to do it." - Click Here for the Full Story

Linkin Park Still Illin�
Linkin Park�s Chester Bennington is not out of the woods yet. Despite having apparently overcome the mysterious stomach and back illness that landed him in the hospital, it has been discovered that he has a hiatal hernia.  

MTV.com reports: After the band finishes touring behind Meteora, Bennington will undergo surgery for a hiatal hernia, a condition that occurs when part of the stomach slides above the diaphragm, allowing stomach acid to flow freely into the esophagus.

"I'm kind of queasy all the time," Bennington said Wednesday during a break from the Summer Sanitarium Tour. "I'm basically gonna be sick to my stomach until I have the surgery done. Every night when I sing, it kind of pisses off the hernia. Last night I was vomiting when I was singing."

Hiatal hernias are fairly common, causing burning pain and nausea. Most of the time they can be controlled with antacids, diet regulation and inclining of the head and shoulders. But sometimes, as with Bennington, they require surgery. - Click Here for the Full Story

Ozzfest Death
Launch Reports: OzzFest was in mourning on Thursday (July 24th) in suburban Detroit as word spread through the tour about the death of Ozzy Osbourne's longtime tour manager. Bobby Thomson, 50, who had worked for Osbourne since 1983, died in his sleep on Thursday night (July 23rd) at the Townshend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan, after an 18-month battle with throat cancer. Thomson, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and a resident of Los Angeles, was discovered in his hotel room on Thursday morning.

In a statement Thursday, Osbourne said, "We are devastated by the loss of our dear friend Bobby. He has been a part of our family for 23 years and loved very much. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Our sincerest sympathies go out to the Thomson family." - Click Here for the Full Story

Slash Gershon BS
Here is a follow up to a story we reported on Thursday�s Day In Rock. (see story )  Turns out that a related story  that we printed early last week about Rolling Stone rehiring a writer that had a tendency to submit fiction stories as fact comes into play here with another reporter who submitted a story this week that reported that Slash was on tap to collaborate with actress Gina Gershon.   

Blabbermouth Reports: A spokesperson for former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash has dismissed as "fiction" a Rolling Stone report indicating that the current VELVET REVOLVER axeman will be collaborating with actress Gina Gershon on an original song for the "Prey for Rock and Roll" soundtrack. "Slash is totally committed to VELVET REVOLVER and is ONLY collaborating with [VR bandmates] Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Dave Kushner and Scott Weiland," the  spokesperson, Arlett Vereecke, told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. - Click Here for the Full Story

New Slayer In 04
MTV reports: Slayer already has 10 songs written for its next LP, which should be out by April.

Five of the songs have been jammed out by guitarist Kerry King and drummer Dave Lombardo. Guitarist Jeff Hanneman penned two and recorded them with a drum machine. The rest are less developed. The band hopes to finish the tunes before embarking on the Jägermeister Music Tour with Hatebreed on October 10. If all goes according to schedule, Slayer will enter a Los Angeles studio in early December.

"It's gonna sound like a band that starts with the letter 'S' and ends with 'R,' " joked singer/bassist Tom Araya.

"The songs that me and Dave are working on are very traditional, thrashy stuff with breaks that come out of nowhere," King said. "Most of it's really fast. The other day, we started working on a song that had a groovy, almost rock and roll chorus, and it kind of concerned me. Now there's a fast part there." - Click Here for the Full Story

Frehley Solo Again
Don�t expect the real Space Ace on tour this summer with KISS. When the band embarked on their retirement tour in 2000, the original KISS axeman took the name to heart and doesn�t plan on continuing with KISS. 

Pollstar Reports: When KISS announced they were going on tour without founding guitarist Ace Frehley, many fans were left scratching their heads, wondering what was going on. No explanation was offered until recently when Frehley dished the scoop. 

"I love my fans, and so there is not confusion, I took the Farewell Tour (in 2000) for what it was billed for," Frehley said. "We had a great final leg in Australia and, as far as I was concerned, my career with KISS was over. It was called the Farewell Tour and that's what I was told it was.

"When I returned from Australia, I did what any person whose job just ended would do - I started planning for the future. I bought a beautiful seven-and-a-half-acre estate, built an extravagant multimedia recording studio, and decided to jump start my solo career by recording my seventh solo album.  "I'm very excited for me and my fans, and what lies ahead. Make no mistake about it - I will kick your ass." - Click Here for the Full Story

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