Ludacris Plays Race Card Against Bill O� Reilly

11-13-03 Keavin
Ludacris must have made the self-promoting Bill O� Reilly�s day when he named the talk show host in two of his new songs. (There is no such things as bad publicity and it might help O� Reilly sell a few more books or those must have �No Spin Zone� doormats. )

The appropriately named rapper came under fire from O�Reilly after he inked an endorsement deal with Pepsi. O�Reilly made a stink about the endorsement deal because he felt Ludacris sent the wrong message to kids. Under pressure, Pepsi called the whole thing off. 

Ludacris fired back at O�Reilly in two songs on his latest CD "Chicken & Beer".  In the song �Blow It Out�, which is basically the rapper bragging about his success (a typical rap song formula these days), Ludacris included this line �Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'ma throw you a curve / You mad cause I'm a THIEF and got away with words / I'ma start my own beverage, it'll calm your nerves / Pepsi's the New Generation - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!� 

The second song that includes a stab at O�Reilly is the new family classic "Hoes in My Room". In that song Ludacris raps, �I know who let 'em in [the hoes], it was Bill O'Reilly / f*ggot /  Ya' white bread, chicken-s*** ----!� 

The fun doesn�t stop there. Ludacris recently spoke with MuchMusic about these songs and his battle with Bill O�Reilly, which he says has just begun.  "I still haven't gotten the last word. He still talks about me on his show," Ludacris told MuchNews. "There's still racism in America and he's a hypocrite but there you have it. It was just me coming back and stating some things that I thought I needed to say. Me staying successful, that's what's really going to get back at this individual. Whether I talk about him or not as long as I stay in his face and continue success that's what's going to get on his nerves."

The irony of the rapper�s statements is readily apparent, especially when he plays the race card and calls O�Reilly a hypocrite ��There's still racism in America and he's a hypocrite..� Once you read over the rapper's lyrics, it seems like a classic pot calling the kettle black especially the slurs in �Hoes in My Room� like �f*ggot� and �white bread�. 

�Blow It Out� also contains what may be considered racist statements like the following, �Plus I'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass� and �I eat dinner with Jews but don't talk to strangers�.

It does appear that there is something in a name because the hypocrisy here is indeed ludicrous. 

Be sure to check out the antiFactor antiMUSIC's spoof on Bill O'Reilly's hit Fox News program (Ludacris is included with classic "racist" stereotypes) -Fun for the whole family!

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