Van Halen Plan New CD, Deny Breakup Rumors 

(antiMUSIC) Two members of Van Halen have come forward to refute recent rumors that the band would once again split after their success reunion tour.  Alex Van Halen goes further and indicates what the band plans to do next. 

Alex told Travis Heying of The Wichita Eagle that Van Halen plans to take a rest after their tour wraps up later this month but will then enter the studio to record a new album with Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. 

Sammy reportedly made comments during a recent interview that many believed hinted at the end of the reunion. At least that was how it was reported; direct quotes from that interview were not used in many stories.  Sammy took to his official website to refute those rumors. 

"Listen here, all these crazy rumors flying around cyberspace are that. Plain and simple, I never said I was quitting VAN HALEN," Sammy wrote on his website. "There has been no discussion as to when or where we're going to pick this show up on the road and do it all over again cause quite honestly, 80 shows since June 11. Wow, I'm bushed ...HA! 

"But baby, we are rockin'. The adrenalin in pumpin'. We're having a blast and you need to come check it out for yourself. If you ain't jacked when you get there, I guarantee you you'll be jacked when you leave." 

Then Sammy gave fans an indication of his immediate plans after the Van Halen tour wraps up and also told fans about an upcoming appearance on Oprah. Sammy writes, "Come November 20th, I'm looking forward to taking some time off, chill with Kari and the kids and head down to Cabo. 

"Of course New Year's Eve with the Wabos down in Cabo. Our show dates will be December 31, January 2 and January 4. 

"And then, yes, here we go again. Hard to believe, but the one year anniversary of the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Tahoe is May. Get ready for 555.Cinco.Cinco.Cinco. That's right May 5, 2005, Cinco de Mayo in Tahoe. It's '55' with an extra '5' for good measure. 

"Be sure to check out Oprah's show next Friday, November 12. Kari and I were guests in the audience, but of course, the talk got around to tequila. You may not recognize me. No sunglasses. No hat. But my beautiful wife, Kari, just check her out."

As with anything dealing with the Van Halen camp which is infamous for keeping a tight lip, fans will have to wait and see what the future may hold for the group.  But if the plans that Alex spoke about pan out, then fans will have a brand new album in the not too distant future. 

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