Fashion Zombies Beware

(antiMusic) Let's face it. For kids who idolize their rock and roll heroes, can you really look up to a bunch of skinny little guys The Vines? Wouldn't be better to worship at the altar of some REAL superheroes? Then look no further than The Aquabats. This California band is one of rock's best kept secrets. Combining great music with superhero alter-egos, The Aquabats are busy saving the universe, one set of ears at a time. Morley had the opportunity to interview the band's vocalist and de facto leader, MC Bat Commander. In this excerpt they discuss Fashion Zombies.

antiMUSIC: Is Fashion Zombies a message to the Goth kids of the world to lighten up?

MC BAT COMMANDER: Kind of. Fashion is funny. When I was younger I was kinda into punk, so I dressed like a punk...what punks looked like. I look at old pictures, and I'm just like "Oh man, I was such a kook." And I just hope that in ten years, if they're zombies now, with their flat ironed black hair, crazy dark circles under their eyes, I hope they can say why they looked like that and why they liked it. I hope they can say that. It's not just about the Goth kids. I think fashion can be fun. Like doing your own thing is fun. If you follow a trend too much, you're kinda in danger. It's a warning, fashion alert. Too many flat ironed hair. In nutshell, on a grander deeper message it's kinda like, be careful of fashion trends: you may not make it out alive. (laughs) You know what I mean? Cause nowadays fashion is a lot more permanent, of course tattoos are really popular now. And I know a lot of friends who got tons of tattoos a few years ago and now they're like "Wow. Why did I get this wizard holding a crystal ball on my back? Can't even remember WHY I did it." And they kinda regret it. Painting yourself into a fashion corner, can be dangerous. [read the full MorleyView at the full story link]
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