Joy Division DVD

(PR) MVD Visual and Sexy Intellectual are pleased to announce the home viewing release of a new DVD title in the "Under Review" Series on October 31, 2006. This 70-minute documentary covers the entire career of Joy Division, one of Manchester and Post-Punks most respected bands. It charts the entire short lifespan of the group, from their origins in their days as Warsaw to the more well known incarnation of Joy Division.

Includes: Rare musical performances, Obscure footage of rare interviews and rarely seen photographs; Review, comment, criticism and insight from; Mick Middles, co-author of Torn Apart: The Life Of Ian Curtis; former NME and Melody Maker journalist, Barney Hoskyns; Ex-Mojo Magazine editor, Pat Gilbert; Manchester punk musician and author, John Robb; music journalist and author David Stubbs; and more.

Tracklist: Live and studio recordings of Joy Division classics such as: Transmission, Shes Lost Control, Atmosphere, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Shadowplay. Bonus Features: Rare transcribed Ian Curtis audio interview, 'The Hardest Joy Division Quiz in the World Ever,' Contributor biographies, and 'Beyond DVD' section.

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