Unholy Three's Lost Scene

(PR) Don't miss The Unholy Three for TCM Underground with Rob Zombie. The film airs on Friday at 11PT/2AM ET Sat on TCM. But you can check out the "lost scene" at the full story link which takes off where the cult film ends.

Here is a little about the film but click the full story link for the lost scene: Lon Chaney stars as Professor Echo, a dime museum ventriloquist who forms a bizarre crime syndicate with the help of a midget, Tweedledee (Harry Earles), Hercules the strong man (Victor McLaglen), a beautiful pickpocket (Mae Busch) and a giant ape. Echo dresses up as a kindly grandmother, while Tweedledee assumes the guise of her infant grandchild. When a Christmas Eve burglary ends in murder, the trio turn against one another while hiding out in a remote cabin. - Click here for the Full Story

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