Virtual Band

(PR) Bolt Media is holding auditions for a new band as user-generated content enters its next phase: creative collaboration.

Each week Bolt will hold auditions for a new member to join the band. The best and most original compilation will be added to the mix and the new track will then be used for the next round's instrument. By the end of the competition there will be an original song by band members from around the world - including, drums, bass vocals and guitar - created entirely through online auditions.

"Forming a virtual band online is a natural progression in the user-generated content movement," said Aaron Cohen, CEO of Bolt Media. "Today's Internet users are creating, collecting and consuming content, and online collaboration in music, video and photography will be a big trend in the next year."

Musicians are encouraged to submit as many entries for as many different instruments as they like. At the end of each week, Bolt's music gurus as well as the band "Three Days Grace" will judge each round picking a member for each slot in the band.

To date, many of the auditions are linking from Bolt to MySpace.com and YouTube.com. Bolt members create and proliferate content throughout the Internet in order to expose their work to large audiences for feedback.

Bolt members will vote on the name of the band once all of the members have been assembled. The contest runs during the entire month of June and is exclusively sponsored by Wendy's.

"This partnership illustrates Wendy's commitment to reaching 16-34-year-olds on the web. Bolt amplifies the creative energy that has become a defining characteristic of this generation. Wendy's partners with companies that integrate our brand with dynamic programs that foster community and collaboration," said Robyn Simburger, Director of Media, Wendy's.

To enter, musicians simply visit http://www.bolt.com/contest/boltband/ and record their best drum, guitar, or vocal solo over the track using a multi-track recording program. For those looking for a new way to record, Bolt recommends checking out Audacity� - a simple audio recording and editing freeware for both Mac and PC.

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