Bon Jovi Fan Club Protester Backs Out

(antiMusic) We ran a story last week after a fan came to us asking us to get the word out about a petition to Jon Bon Jovi over the Bon Jovi fan club because members had issues with how things have been run since Jon's mother retired and turned the club over to his brother. The article struck a chord and became the most read news article this month. It also appeared to help get the word out to members about the petition who had no way of knowing about it because of the heavy censorship of the message board within the club. We were told about this petition a couple weeks ago and when we checked it at that time it only had 12 signatures. By the time we ran the article it had a handful more. But once we ran our story the person that started the petition backed out because of "bad publicity" and killed it, but it did reach 142 signatures before it was closed.

Somehow we became the bad guys because we made some fan concerns public. How that logic works, who knows? It must be better to suffer in silence and take your lumps. Many members of the club did email us after our story ran. Most had some major complaints and some with even bigger issues then the person that originally contacted us. A couple of people defended the club and said some members are overreacting. We will run two letters from each side this week in a special "letters to the editor" article, so both sides can state their case and you can draw your own conclusions. Hopefully, the public scrutiny will do some good and someone within the Bon Jovi empire might take notice and give the fans more of what they want (or at least what they were promised if what some members have told is true). Perhaps this public address of those concerns can do a lot more than an online petition with a dozen signatures. Maybe it won't make a difference because people will still be willing to empty their wallets for their favorite band and the band knows it.

Here was the retraction from the Bon Jovi Fan Club member that started the petition: With regret I have now closed this petition. The purpose of this petition was to bring the grievances of fan club members to the attention of Jon Bon Jovi to allow him the opportunity to make changes. It was never intended to create bad publicity for Jon or the band. Jon has offered his fans generosity and respect for over 20 years. I am very disappointed that this important fact has been overlooked by the individuals who brought this petition and their complaints to the attention of the media. Hopefully Jon has by now become aware of the problems facing the new fan club. I have no doubt that once he is fully informed about the issues, he will ensure the necessary changes are made. - Read our original article here

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