Dr Pot Calls Dr Kettle Black Over Britney PR Seeking

(antiMusic) We're as sick of BS news as you are but this story is too funny to pass up. One TV doctor is mad at another TV doctor over butting into the Spears mess. Contact Music has the story: Celebrity doctors DREW PINSKY and PHIL MCGRAW are sparring over the treatment of troubled superstar BRITNEY SPEARS.

Pinsky, who recently treated American Idol singer Jessica Sierra, has attacked the advice MCGraw gave Spears when he visited her in hospital following her recent stand-off with police - and challenged the TV talk show host's right to call himself a doctor. The addiction specialist claims by getting involved, MCGraw has made the situation worse.

He says, "It's never good for an addict when there are multiple sources getting involved. You have to have a unified front. Addicts love a split. it helps them maintain the chaos.
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