Another Emo Suicide

(Blabbermouth) According to the Daily Mail, a 13-year-old British fan of Bullet For My Valentine and My Chemical Romance hanged himself after being bullied on Internet social networking sites for his clothes and love of "emo" music and punk rock, his parents believe.

Sam Leeson killed himself in his bedroom after suffering months of "sickening" abuse from cruel youngsters who bombarded his home page with offensive emails.

The schoolboy was tormented about his love of heavy metal, "thrash" metal and "emo" music a style of hardcore punk whose fans wear dark clothes and have long hair. [that was the mail's definition not ours or Blabbermouth's. We can't speak for Blabbermouth but we're pretty sure they know the difference between hardcore punk and depressing pop with guitars a.k.a. emo. But back to the seriousness of this article, - read more here]

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