Weiland WannaBes

(Blabbermouth) Velvet Revolver's search for a new lead singer to replace Scott Weiland has led several potential replacements to actively campaign for the job through web sites such as YouTube, according to MTV.com.

A couple of these would-be stars even claim that they've got the inside track for the job, although none of them have apparently been officially contacted by anyone in the VELVET REVOLVER camp.

One of the biggest self-promoters is a singer named Brian Phyll Miller, whose online video audition features him "singing" Velvet Revolver's "Slither" and "Fall to Pieces", as well as AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie". Miller also discusses his love for "vodka, cigarettes and Jack (Daniels)," apparently unaware that Velvet Revolver is now a sober band. A lot of support for Miller has been generated online, although it is difficult to verify whether it's real or has been created by the singer himself. - grab some ear plugs and check out his and other wannabes out here

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