Indie Bands Invited To Rock Against Diabetes

(PR) To celebrate the bringing of music to a global audience, in an online HD broadcast, Rock Against Diabetes has decided to find the opening act where else, but on the music Social Networks of the internet.

Myspace, Facebook, Garageband, PureVolume and the multitude of other musical communities will be invited to submit their music, and videos to Rock Against Diabetes to be judged, and pared down to a Top 10, that will be judged by a panel of musicians, promoters, television personalities and industry giants.

The winner of the contest, that will begin May 20th, 2008 and conclude with a winner on July 26th, 2008 will receive the following: 1) A slot in the kickoff pre party in Las Vegas at Club ROX on Friday August 22nd, 2008 playing with KARNEVAL, featuring Dario Lorina, MAGNETICO, featuring Rafael Moreira, Bumblefoot of Guns N Roses , and MORE!!!!

2) The opening slot for the worldwide broadcast of Rock Against Diabetes 2008, with LA GUNS, CLIFF MORRISON (Son of Doors singer Jim Morrison), Y&T, LEATHERWOLF, BUMBLEFOOT AND HIS ALL STAR BAND, and a few other acts.

3) To promote your band before, during and after the broadcast on August 23rd 2008

4) A musical prize package, including band gear, and other critical items to help a new band succeed.

5) The DVD ready HD footage of their entire performance

6) Full billing as an act on the show, and a share in all PR and media releases and advertising

There will be many more things included to sweeten the pot as sponsors come on board.

How it works.

Bands will add Rock Against Diabetes and Deep Rock Drive on Myspace, and Top Friend both.

http://www. myspace. com/rockagainstdiabetes and http://www. myspace. com/deeprockdrive

The bands will then email submissions@rockagainstdiabetes.org with the link to their Myspace profile and intent to participate

The bands will upload their tracks and videos to Myspace, and will be judged on ALL content that is on the Myspace to listen to and watch.

A list of ALL the participating bands and links will be put on www. rockagainstdiabetes. org

The panel of judges will trim the list down to the top 10 choices, with those 10 being added to a voting page on http://www. rockagainstdiabetes. org once the Top 10 are determined.

This page will be available by June 1st, 2008

Confirmed judges to date:

Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot - Guns N Roses guitarist.

Danny Socolof - Founder of Deep Rock Drive.

Marc Minarik - Designer and Co Founder Minarik Guitars.

John Ostronomy - Co-host from Talking Metal dot com.

The final judge will be announced when they commit to the contest.

There will be a voting system for ALL people to come and vote on the Top 10 bands. These people will all be given the opportunity at that time to get a free online ticket to watch Rock Against Diabetes 2008 live on Deep Rock Drive.

http://www. deeprockdrive. com/event/5462/rock_against_diabetes_2008

With the public voting accounting for 50% of the decision, and the judges making a decision based on that voting, a winner will be awarded on July 26th, and will share in all PR and media releases regarding this years events.

At this time, it is only open to bands in Continental North America,(unless out of country bands want to arrange for their own travel expenses) and Flights are NOT included until sponsorship is found to cover that expense. All prizes mentioned above and hotel/food will be provided for August 22nd and August 23rd. As more sponsors come on board, and prizes available, they will be announced.

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