Singled Out: Jordan Asher's Everest


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Jordan Asher News Everest single art August 23, 2023
Everest single art

Jordan Asher recently released his new single "Everest", and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Life is a pilgrimage. Our journeys are separate, and our obstacles are our own, but the one thing we all have in common is the power to move forward and change our view. Everyone's version of Everest is unique, but nothing is insurmountable. I want this song to inspire you to keep going and serve as a reminder to anyone who needs to hear it, YOU MATTER and YOU ARE WORTH IT!" - Jordan Asher

How Everest was born: During a writing session, a songwriter I often work with (Joie Scott) had an idea she wanted to look at together. As I read through the lyrics, I had a strong feeling and connection to the message. I was dealing with some personal hardships at that time and being really hard on myself. So, for me, the lyrics were an immediate hug and encouraging nudge in a better direction.

I picked up the guitar as we were going through the outline of the lyrics, I started strumming through some chords and humming the melody you hear now. In that moment I knew I needed to record this song. We laid out a rough demo within the hour. That very night I called Alan Parsons and Noah Bruskin very excitedly to go over available dates for the recording studio. Once in the studio all the magic started coming together piece by piece. The vision for the song emerged in the writing room.

In that studio session, the big intro vocal hook came to me. As we were listening back to the arrangement and scratch vocal I had just recorded, I could just hear it. I immediately announced I had an idea and wanted to record it quickly for texture before we wrapped for the day. I honestly thought it might be tucked away in the background of the mix or something, but it was so addicting to hear for all of us that it just became a prominent hook, and that is how it was born. The big outro vocal hook was conceived and improvised on the spot at Blackbird Studios during the final vocal session within the last 30 minutes of recording. Sometimes, magic just happens.

I am truly grateful to everyone I worked with on this recording. Joie Scott, Noah Bruskin, Daniel Xander, Tabitha Fair, Tabitha Parsons and Alan Parsons. It was a village endeavor and I always find those to be the most rewarding. One thing I have learned from making music is that collaboration is key to connecting with feelings and experiences that are larger than your own.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Jordan here

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Singled Out: Jordan Asher's Everest

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