Hard Rock Is Going To Come Back In A Big Way Says Alice Cooper


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Hard Rock Is Going To Come Back In A Big Way Says Alice Cooper Photo by antiMusic's Rob Grabowski

Shock rock legend Alice Cooper said in a new interview that he believes that hard rock will be coming back in a big way because today's popular music does not have "any edge to it".

Cooper made the comments during an interview with The Messenger to discuss his brand new album, "Road". He was asked during the chat about his previous comments that rock is not supposed to be for the "popular kids".

They asked, You've said that the decline of interest in rock & roll is actually a good thing - that rock & roll isn't supposed to be at the popular kids' table." Alice responded, "Yeah, I think that's really true. That's what rock & roll should be - the kid that doesn't fit in, the rebel, the outlaw.

"We were getting so popular that we were the standard. And I don't think rock & roll can live there. You need to be that outlaw looking in. So I think it's healthy for rock & roll to be in this place. Young bands now have something to feed off of.

He was then asked is he saw a rebound coming and Alice answered, "I think you're gonna see a total revolution. If you go to one of these big pop shows, it's Vegas. It doesn't have any edge to it at all. And kids are going to get tired of that.

"There's young bands out there in garages right now and they're learning Guns N' Roses; they're learning Aerosmith. So yeah, you're going to see hard rock come back in a big way."

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