Gunship Recruit Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut For 'DooM Dance'


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Gunship Recruit Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut For 'DooM Dance'

(Atom Splitter) Synthwave pioneers Gunship have unveiled colossal electronic-rock banger "DooM Dance," featuring two legendary collaborators: Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut.

The track is the third single taken from the band's third album UNICORN, due out September 29. "DooM Dance" is a bass-driven, industrial-rock offering that blends EDM influences and the band's signature synth-heavy style to create a vivid sonic experience. On the track, rock icon and frontman Gavin Rossdale of juggernaut rock act Bush delivers searing vocals, while synthwave powerhouse Carpenter Brut serves up some devastating electronic riffs.

Gunship make a name for themselves by linking their music and video releases with popular culture, whether that be film, like the Blade Runner x The Terminator dystopia in the new era's first release, "Monster In Paradise," or the gaming world, as with their previous release "Taste Like Venom," which paid homage to Sega's classic arcade game Outrun.

In a similar vein, "DooM Dance" is a reference to the now-legendary video game, DooM, and is inspired by the frenetic "dance" gamers perform when vastly outnumbered and battling waves of enemies in the game. Together with their collaborators, Gunship administer a shot of neon adrenaline to rock, metal, electronic, and gaming fans the world over.

A salute to '90s-era VHS anime releases, the cover art shows Miku and Maka - the two femme fatale protagonists starring in the upcoming "DooM Dance" video. In keeping with Gunship tradition, live action footage of Gavin Rossdale, Carpenter Brut, and Gunship will be featured alongside an unforgettable anime experience straight from the heart of the 1990s.

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Gunship Recruit Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut For 'DooM Dance'

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