The Iron Maidens' Nikki Stringfield Announces New Album 'Apocrypha'


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The Iron Maidens' Nikki Stringfield Announces New Album 'Apocrypha'

(RFPR) After gaining notoriety internationally touring with renowned tribute band The Iron Maidens and original newcomers Heaven Below, female rocker from Dallas, Texas Nikki Stringfield is set to release her first full-length album featuring her solo work.

Described best by Nikki herself, "Apocrypha" is "hard rock with touches of metal" featuring varied harmonies, catchy hooks and riffs, and vocals that introduce something entirely new for Stringfield. While most know her as just a pure guitarist, this new album has allowed her to showcase not just her instrumental skills, but her writing and singing skills as well, as she is the frontwoman and vocalist on this new album.

"Most people know me as the guitarist for The Iron Maidens, a well-known all-female tribute to Iron Maiden. I've been known as a shred/lead guitarist for bands up until this point." - Nikki Stringfield

With influences ranging all the way from Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, Pantera, to System of a Down, Nikki's sound is a unique combination of brooding metal with upbeat, anthemic nature. Of the twelve songs in the new album, each contains a new layer to the record, some slower and dark, while some energetic and fast-paced. As a whole, the album combines many different influences (including an unexpected cover of Seal's "Kiss from a Rose") to convey Nikki's true, authentic, and eclectic artistry.

"Nikki is one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking musicians I've had the opportunity to collaborate with." - Patrick Kennison: producer, guitar and backing vocals

"We've been working hard on Apocrypha for years now, and words can't express how ecstatic I am to finally share it with the world. The writing process started during the pandemic when the future was unknown, especially for the music world, and I had a lot of time to really focus and pour my heart into these songs. This album truly represents me as an artist in every way." - Nikki Stringfield

Nikki will be releasing a killer music video for "Where The Demons Lie" and a single release on September 21. Nikki shares, "Where The Demons Lie" actually started out as our least favorite, but after we finished the vocals it became the choice for the first single. I love horror movies, so a lot of that comes across in my lyrics with a touch of creepiness in the music. Patrick and I are both huge "Alice in Chains" fans, so that had a lot of influence on the haunting backing vocals/harmonies."

"Apocrypha" will be out on Friday September 29th with a release show at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach on September 28th.

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The Iron Maidens' Nikki Stringfield Announces New Album 'Apocrypha'

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