Singled Out: Kate Klein's In My Mind We Are All Insane


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Singled Out: Kate Klein's In My Mind We Are All Insane

Kate Klein just released her new single "In my mind we are all insane" and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

A couple of years ago, during lockdown, I had a phone wallpaper with a punk girl holding a book titled "$1 dreams'." I kept that art cover for a while, always thinking it would make a great title for a song or album. About a year ago, a publisher contacted me offering me $1 to buy my music for film and TV use. That one-dollar deal became a joke between my producer and me and we'd laugh about the classic stereotype of the artist getting f***ed over by the industry. "Hey Mack, at least we got one dollar, should we buy a sandwich?"

A few weeks later, Mack sent me a new beat he was working on, which sounded dope - a mix of punk, pop, and dance. "It's something like Two Door Cinema Club," he said. My reaction was, "Hell yeah, this sounds amazing!" That day, I woke up feeling a bit dead; winter in London is never easy. The $1 was still stuck in my head. I thought, "Man, why is the industry full of scumbags? I'm so done with all this BS".

Still, I decided I wasn't going to stay in bed being miserable. I grabbed my laptop and my SM7 mic and headed to the studio. I was walking down the streets and I really needed to get this $1 dream story out of my brain. Maybe I was overreacting, but that's how I felt. I recorded a random first take and the first line that came out was, "One dollar dream, then buried alive, but in my mind, we're getting better and better." The more I sang, the better I felt. It gave me a soothing feeling. I was almost laughing at the situation, seeing it as just another adventure in this life.

It took me five sessions to finish the tune. I was trying to figure out what to say, apart from ranting about the dollar deal. But the narrative was clear: "Some days I feel low, some days are awesome, the music industry is f***ed, people can be fake, all my friends (me included are) insane, but whatever. In my mind we're getting better and better."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen yourself below and learn more about Kate here

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Singled Out: Kate Klein's In My Mind We Are All Insane

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