Singled Out: Vera Bloom's Eyes On You


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Singled Out: Vera Bloom's Eyes On You
Promo photo by Erica Avi courtesy Press Here

Emerging rock artist Vera Bloom released her new EP, "It's Me" today (Sept 29th). To celebrate we asked her to tell us about the EP's latest single, "Eyes On You". Here is the story:

"Eyes On You" was originally a love song. When I was first writing this song, the chorus started out as "I only have eyes for you," but these words didn't fit well within the melody so I leaned into the possessiveness that can sometimes be found in a relationship and changed it to "my eyes are always on you." Over time, the lyrics started to change meaning for me; a lot of my songs end up being this way. What was once a verse talking about the mundane days of a relationship after the honeymoon phase is over, eventually became the realization that I was missing the childhood innocence that gets lost as we grow into adults. What was once the possessiveness in love became the admission that I want eyes on me as I mature and grow as a rock artist.

The recording process for "Eyes On You" was a little different than with most of my songs and I think that's why it ended up being my "bop." I call it my dance song. Usually I write my songs with a guitar but this one started out with the bass guitar. I wanted the lyrics to be sexy, too. I'd never tried to write sexy lyrics before so I was experimenting with something new for me. "I miss those early days, the curiosity in the touch of skin. I'll be your angel now but I need moments fueled by sweat and sin." I made the demo for the band and we played this one live for about a year before going into the studio to record it. I love how the studio version turned out!

I made the music video with these simple elements in mind: fun, sexy, and conveying the energy of live rock and roll. I love keeping things DIY so that's definitely an element as well. You should watch it...I hope you like it!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and find out more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Vera Bloom's Eyes On You

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