Slipknot Frontman Radio Take Over

Our friends at Rock Radio had some exciting news for Stone Sour and Slipknot fans: Corey Taylor will guest host a five-episode series shows on Rock Radio next week. Tune in every weeknight at 1800BST to hear tracks from the new Stone Sour album, Audio Secrecy and find out just how eclectic Corey's taste can be.

Through the week you'll find out what he thinks of Kim Wilde, Debbie Harry, Barry White and Elvis Costello. He's not abandoning his heavy roots far from it, there's plenty of dark-end noise to be heard. But as Corey says himself, how many radio presenters will follow Metallica with Tom Petty?

He's made notes in his Hello Kitty diary and he's getting ready to drink Rock Towers dry of coffee. To find out more, listen to the man himself as he becomes the latest in a long line of world-class Rock Radio takeover shows - here

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