The Stone Eye Deliver New Single 'Raindrops'


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The Stone Eye Deliver New Single 'Raindrops'

(CGZ) Philly rockers The Stone Eye have released a brand new single called "Raindrops". Following the release of their latest full-length album back in April entitled Fata Morgana, the original core members of the band Stephen Burdick and Jeremiah Bertin decided to hit the studio and revisit their roots whilst simultaneously incorporating the musical experience they've gained over the years.

The end result is a perfect blend of modern Stone Eye elements mixed with the raw, heavy, and condensed sounds of the band's earlier works. "Raindrops" hits hard and will take you on a musical journey filled with odd time signatures, catchy hooks, and unexpected detours. The Stone Eye continues to bring it all together and "Raindrops" is no exception- get ready to be rocked!

Stephen had this to say, "'Raindrops' is in many ways, a return to form for the band. Following our latest LP and the departure of a couple of members, the band found itself consisting of its original two core members, Jeremiah and I (Stephen).

"Instead of rushing to fill-in the gaps left behind, we decided to try and revisit the original songwriting formula whilst applying the experience we have accumulated over the years. Thus, that's how 'Raindrops' came to be.

"The tune definitely has some 'modern' Stone Eye elements to it, e.g. odd time signatures and unexpected detours, but it also definitely hits in a way that is reminiscent of our earlier work- raw, heavy, and condensed. It's an old meets new for us, and it's pretty damn cool"'

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