Hellman Announce New Album 'Born, Death, Suffering'


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Hellman Announce New Album 'Born, Death, Suffering'

(Freeman) Prepare yourselves for an electrifying storm as Hellman bursts onto the scene, bringing the spirit of legends like Motorhead, Entombed, and Sepultura to the forefront of the modern metal landscape. With an unrelenting blend of blasting drums, raging riffs, and a panzer bass at the frontline, Hellman is set to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy music.

Founded by the Puente brothers, Hellman is a sonic powerhouse comprised of Pedro Puente on drums, a seasoned musician who previously lent his thunderous beats to the thrash metal band Conflicted in Arica.

Alongside him is Sebastián Puente on guitar, member of the acclaimed chilean band Nuclear, whose guitar prowess has already garnered significant recognition in the metal community. To top it all off we have Felipe Ferrada handling the crushing bass and vocal duties.

A true power trio if there ever was one!

Check out the Teaser for 'Born, Death, Suffering' below:

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Hellman Announce New Album 'Born, Death, Suffering'

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