Ida Mae Share 'American Cars' Visualizer As New Album Arrives


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Ida Mae Share 'American Cars' Visualizer As New Album Arrives

(MPG) After exploding back on the scene with their stunning singles "Lost On Your Time", "My Whispers Are Wildfire", "Thunder Above You" and "Wild Flying Dove" in recent months, British duo Ida Mae now release their long-awaited new studio album Thunder Above You, alongside its swaggering, riff-laden focus track "American Cars".

Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean of Ida Mae reflect on the collaborative process behind the album's creation: "We convinced our closest musical collaborators (Ethan Johns; Drums, Nick Pini; Bass) to join us in Norfolk, explaining that we wanted to build a makeshift studio in the entrance hall of an Arts & Crafts era Mansion House and self-produce our new record in 7 days. Thankfully they agreed to sail with us into these uncharted waters...no one knowing what would happen.

"Thunder Above You" is the collection of songs we wrote before we became parents. These songs are vignettes, some of the last burning images we have of our lives on the road, driving through deserts and mountains ranges, following in the footsteps of the musical dream we'd had when we were 15 years old.

"They are songs from the perspective of an avaricious lover, from the haze of derealisation and fake news, hymnals, algorithms, trash, they are lost space between cities, spirituals, they are clippings of British folk songs, arguments in prohibition bars, forgotten moments of border ballads, 4am mania, crippling doubt, crying in hotel elevators, what you want to leave behind, they're standing outside 4339 South Lake Park Avenue in the rain, they're messy, improvised echoes in the alleyway, left exactly as they were cut live."

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