Singled Out: SWF's Black & Golden

Today SWF tells us about his song "Black & Golden" which Team Coco debuted the music video for last week. SWF's debut album "Let It Be Told" will be released on October 8th. Here is the story:

The defining moment for "Black & Golden" came when we were recording in the studio in Memphis. I was playing a totally different version of the song live, to a beat I had made on an SP-404 sampler, that was weird and syncopated, inspired by a Haitian drumming class I was taking at the time.

When I sat at the kit to lay down the drums, Jake Rabinbach, who produced the record, asked me to instead play a super simple, Moe Tucker-inspired beat, digging into the floor tom instead of the hi-hat. What we ended up with was a driving, rock & roll rhythm that really captured the sound and spirit of the song.

Dropping out the beat at the end was always how I heard the song in my head, with the harmony lines coming in one at a time, but adding that big kick drum really brought the song home.

It took us an entire year to shoot the music video for "Black & Golden", starting in Chinese New Year 2012 and ending on New Year's Day 2013.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and check out the video (see if the song doesn't get stuck in your head) right here!

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